Sunday, January 30, 2011

THE RETURN 1-30-11

Dear Blog,

After my last entry, I found this writing from three years ago. I share this message because I know that it applies to you, as well. I had completely forgotten this message, as well as the other ones I will now release that I got from Kepier, my stepping-stone fifth dimensional SELF, between 1994 and 1998. I am sure that you have many forgotten messages from your fifth dimensional expression of SELF. Perhaps, my messages will jar your memory to reconnect with your forgotten communications with SELF.


Dear Future SELF,

I woke up this morning with a message from you. Can you please give it to me and again, as well as expand upon its meaning.

My dearest Grounded ONE,

I will happily retell you my morning message. I was saying to you:

I am your future SELF, because I AM your infinite SELF. Therefore, I am not bound by the time that rules, or has ruled, your physical reality. I awoke you this morning so that you could remember what I have been telling you during your visit Home into the ONE of our fifth-dimensional reality. You are an awakener. It is your Purpose to first awaken to the infinite nature of our true multidimensional SELF so that you may share what you have discovered with others. Dearest Suzille, after 61 years of experience, learning, introspection and healing you are ready to share your message with the world at large. You will share your message with love, unconditional love.

When you were a child you still knew the great power of your imagination. You innately knew that imagination is fifth-dimensional thought. Using your imagination you began a lifetime of healing by connecting with your alternate realities and your Spirit Guides, some of who were your own higher dimensional SELF. These communications set you apart from many, as they gave you a truth that could not be shared without ridicule and judgment. Hence, you locked your greater world in the realms of your inner life and tried to behave like a "normal" person. Hence, your real wounding began as your hid your true nature and all your wonderful gifts so that you could fit-in to a reality which was filled with doubt and fear.

Gone from your daily life were the wonders of your Spirit World, and worse yet, as your "matured" into a teenager, these wonders disappeared from your conscious mind. It was only in times of great sorrow and fear and when you were deeply upset that you to unlock that secret door to find the unconditional love and acceptance that you so craved in your mundane world. However, your innate expanded perceptions were relegated to your dream reality, where no one else could taint them with their superstition and ridicule. It has taken you this long to be confident enough in your SELF that you can begin to share your expanded nature with others.

Why do the awakened feel they need to hide from those who still live in the fears and illusions of the third-dimensional reality? Because they, too, are so afraid that cannot truly surrender all control of their physical reality to their Soul. Fortunately, as one-by-one, the awakened ones stand tall in their expanded perceptions the tide of fear and devolution is gradually turning toward love and evolution. As each one openly shares with the world their innate instincts, empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telekinesis and illuminating communications with the ONE, they make the world safer for others to “come out” from their hiding to openly BE their true multidimensional SELF.

As always, the first way showers will receive the most flack, but their courage will pave a way for others to follow. And follow they will, for only our greater SELF will be able to face the challenges that lie ahead. Remember, my dear Grounded ONE, what is impossible for your ego is simple for your Soul.

I will return to communicate with you more, for in fact, I have never left—how could I. I am YOU!


I AM your Present and Future SELF

I also include this 2001 communication in this entry.



Please tell me more about how you are my future self.


I am pleased to explain to you how my transition was accomplished. However, there is the time line to be considered. If I tell you too much about my past then I will be telling you too much about your future. Therefore, there are certain “collective facts” that I may not be able to share with you. Of course, time travel is far more common than the general public is allowed to know. Because of this, there are many dispensations that have been released to allow for the fact that many of the Lightworkers are beginning to merge with their future, fifth dimensional selves.

I say future fifth dimensional self because we all have many fifth dimensional selves. However, there is only one future self that we each will merge with at the time of ascension. In your case Suzille it is myself, Kepier. I will begin my answer to your question with a brief explanation of how my past and your future are interlinked. What I am about to say may seem impossible, but it is the reason for your fatigue. Yes you are doing too much, but you are doing less than you have done in the past when were less fatigued over.

During your process of our merging you must allow yourself much love and forgiveness for any uncomfortable or unusual feelings you may be having. When you finally share these messages, you will find that there are others who are undergoing the same process. They will find comfort in your story as you will find comfort in theirs.

(I would LOVE to have any of you on the blog to share your experiences!)

Now for my story:

I will begin with my childhood. The future Earth that I came from is quite different than you can imagine. This is one of the things that I cannot share with you yet. However, I do have permission to tell you about my personal story—our personal story. I will tell it in first person:

One morning I awoke very early before the suns were up. We live to be much older than in your time and age does not mean much, but I would say that I was an early adolescent. My body was changing and so was my consciousness. I had been having a reoccurring dream in which I was playing with another girl about my age. I felt very close to her and her to me.

She had shared with me that, although I could remember my dreams of us, she could not. She shared that in her world, people did not believe that we had other parts of our selves. The force of this Collective Consciousness was too much for her to battle, and she already felt like she was too different from everyone else. Therefore, she was unable believe that our joint dream could be real.

In my world, on the other hand, it was a common event to mind travel to other realities, times, and to visit with other portions of our total SELF. I had done so since I was quite young. This young girl, however, felt very different. She felt closer to me than anyone I had ever met in my mind journeys. She said her name was Sue, and I told her that I was known as Kep. I also had a masculine side of myself that I could present, but that frightened Sue. She could only be close to me when I displayed myself as feminine—so that is what I did.

For many years, we met in the dimensions between us—the fourth dimension. She lived in the third dimension and I lived in the fifth. Our favorite place to meet was in Faerie. In fact, it took a very long time for her to learn to raise her vibration above that plane. However, when we first met she was in the lower Astral. I was mind traveling in Faerie when I heard a distant cry. It was a cry so filled with terror that it caught my attention. Usually, I would not have had any awareness of the Lower Astral Plane, and I was told never to go there. Yet, this cry was so familiar that I could not resist investigating it.

I surrounded myself with the Violet Light so that I would be protected from the low vibrations of that place and left a trail of Light connecting me to my Faerie self so that I would not become lost. Down, down I went into the dark lands of the Lower Astral. I could not see too much through my Violet cocoon, but I could hear cries of agony all around me. On and on I traveled, following the cries of the familiar voice. At last I came to what appeared as a jail. We no longer had jails in my home, but I had seen pictures of them at our learning post.

On the other side of the jail was a small girl who was crying and screaming because a big monster was trying to get her. I entered the jail cell with her and filled it with Violet Light. It took a while for the girl to realize that the Violet Light was around her because she was curled up in a ball with her eyes closed. Finally, she stopped crying and saw that she was enclosed in a violet cocoon. It was then that she realized that someone was in the cocoon with her. She looked at me as if she too recognized me and said,

“Who are you? You don’t feel like a monster. In fact, you feel familiar.”

“Yes, I answered your call because it felt familiar to me, as well. Do we know each other?”


(I guess I had to sleep on the above information before I could continue.)

“I don’t remember,” answered the little girl as she stood up and faced me. “Hey, where is the monster? That is a need trick with the light. Is that what made the monster go away? Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Hey wait,” I stopped her. “You are asking too many questions. How can I answer them all? No, I can answer them all, but not with words. Would you like to go with me? I have a wonderful reality that I visit all the time.”

“Are you asleep too?”

“No, and neither are you. They just tell you that you are asleep when you are mind traveling so that you won’t forget that you are human now.”

“Yeh,” she frowned. “They tell me a lot of things so that I won’t forget that I am human, but I still don’t feel like it. I mean—I know that I am a person, but I am not like them. I don’t believe in their world, and they don’t believe in mine.”

“Well, I believe in your world, and I believe in you. My name is Kep. What is yours?”

“I don’t remember. I know that I have a name down there, but I forget it when I come up here. Also, sometimes I forget who I am up here when I am down there.”

“In my time frame, the adults teach us how to mind travel so that we don’t get confused or forget.”

“In your time?”

“Well, I am not really sure who you are. I will have to ask my teacher. However, I think that you may be a part of myself from an earlier time period. When are you from?”

The child looked confused. “I don’t know. I don’t know what my name is down there, or what time period it is. I only know that I am a kid, and I don’t like being a kid. I also know that I have a lot of scary feelings down there that I can’t talk about. Then, when I come up here the feelings turn to monsters, and I can’t get to Faerie.”

“Faerie—that is where I want to take you. Here take my hand,” I say as I reach out towards her. “I will show you a way that NO monsters know about. Maybe someone in Faerie knows your name.”

The child happily reaches out to take my hand. All of her questions were gone as soon as she knew she was going to Faerie. I wonder why I had not seen her there before.”


  1. Thank you Sue, this is awesome. I dont know if I have had any dreams/encounters like this...none have come back to me if I had.
    I support you completely and believe in you.

  2. Beautiful...thank you for this.

  3. Dear Suzille
    Your Blog brings back memories of a dream where I experienced myself and my female part staring a game of splitting ourselves into innumerable parts and then trying to remember our unity. After some time, we found ourselves in a large auditorium where we needed to remember our oneness, but none of our parts could trust the others because we had all learned to lie and deceive each other. The dream ended with a hopeless feeling, for resolution of the game seemed impossible.

    Reading your story brought tears of joy to my eyes, for in my heart I feel that we are starting to awaken and remember our Unity.

    With Love, Vello

  4. Dr. Kornkarn, Bangkok.

    We have a phenomenon here where we acquired quartz crystals then higher consciousness came and resided in each crystal. One teenager received real time (while awaken) universal information from his consciousness in the crystal, but physically drained when the session was over. I myself fell asleep at the wheel after an "assigned trip" but got home unscratched. Is there a way to lessen the fatigue impact from these energy intense meeting of information exchange?

    Thanks for your Archurian post + everything.