Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Journey

Dear Readers,
I have made it through the darkness, for this time and again. I know from experience that we live a cycle in which we move our consciousness up into the higher frequencies (superconscious SELF), which then then calls us down into the lower frequencies (subconscious self). I have finished the lower cycle, after much delving into the cellar to clean it out. Now, i wish to share with you what has happened since.

First of all, gloriously, I re-entered the Flow. Then, suddenly the problems that had appeared so large become a mere distraction and of little importance. Therefore, i placed little attention on them, so they remained a possible difficulty which i have chosen to release from my awareness. In other words, I have remembered that i am living in the reality store, and i only have to "buy" the experiences the i want. Of course, there are times in our life when our Soul sends us a special "initiation/challenge" because we have grown strong enough to confront it.

However, for now i am in the Flow and enjoying it greatly. The "problems" about which i have worried have not come to pass. Things that i worried about are coming to a natural solution, and things that i desired and couldn't get are easily flowing into my life. Blessing to the ONE and thank you, thank you, thank you.

I also wanted to share with you what just happened this morning. I went onboard the Arcturian Star Ship. Of course, it was in my consciousness, but it was a wonderful experience. I also have come to a much deeper realization of my Galactic Being as an Arcturian, as the Arcturians surrounded me with their love. When i first entered the ship they asked me how i wanted to perceive it. I said i wanted to see it like a redwood forest, and instantly it was. Then, i asked to see it the way they saw it. Instantly, the light was so bright that i could not see a thing.

That is when they surrounded me with their forms to assist me in adjusting to their frequency. I had many realizations that i cannot translate into words. I suppose that over time i will translate the experience into English, but i wanted to share this moment with you. I also wanted to share how i now feel even more different from humanity than i have my whole life. I know that many of you have always felt different, and didn't know why. Now, i truly know why, which is because i am not really human.

I have lived in a human earth vessel for more lifetimes than i can count. Many of these lives i have remembered, some i don't want to remember--in fact, there are many i don't want to remember. And, there likely some that will come to my consciousness now that i have had this experience. I have to tell you that it takes a great deal of courage for me to share this with you. I have kept my true SELF a secret for so long that, even thought i have shared much, i fear sharing this final part. Well, fear may be too strong, but i guess i want to say that there is still a part of me that fears judgement.

It is because of this fear of judgement that i am writing this blog right now before i lose my nerve. I have shared my many human experiences on my websites, but i have also remembered many non-human memories. I am on the cusp of coming out of the coset for that now and writing them in my newsletters and site. As i do so, i just want everyone to know that you ALL have non-human, or rather non-earthling, lives. Therefore, i hope you can all stay with me as i "crack the next cosmic egg."

If any of you remember your "off-world" (that is off-Earth) realities, please feel free to share. I know it is difficult to do. You can also email me personally at We are not "crazy," which was my fear. We are AWAKE!!

Have a great day,


  1. Sue, thank you for the post and for your courage to share your inner truth. I trust it is truly yours to share or to hold private, and by your choice shall you express what seeks to be expressed.

    I'm writing this to really give you a hug of sorts, to share with you that you're not alone in your perceptions and experiences.

    I do have glimpses of my multidimensional beingness, one in particular of my 5th dimensional self on a lightship downloading higher frequency templates to my 3rd dimensional self. This was activated by me consciously going into meditation to request the downloads. And, during the process, I was aware of myself as both the 3rd dimensional being and the 5th dimensional being and the relationship between the two.

    I personally experience frequencies as dimensions and explore those dimensions through entering meditation. I also experience that these dimensional awarenesses are occurring now outside of meditation in the ordinary activities of my life.

    I read your writings because I can relate to them and you, Sue, are not alone. I wish you blessings of comfort on all levels.

    SF, CA

  2. Dearest Sue,

    Thank you so much for being brave enough to reveal to us your true heritage! It never occurred to me that you weren't Arcturian... and I don't know why anyone who is drawn to your wonderful material wouldn't accept it as fact either. You have a clear and direct relationship with the Arcturians that I truly envy. Your experience aboard their light ship sounds really awesome! (I go up to their ships for healing during meditation sometimes, but my time there seems sort of foggy and unclear). I was told by my higher Self, many years ago, that I came from Arcturus, but I've hidden it away as my own little secret, thinking it could be just my imagination...even though I've read every single bit of information on them I could find over the years. It wasn't until I had a Soul reading in 2007 that it was truly confirmed for me. I'm pretty sure that behind the scenes, the Arcturians are responsible for helping me to reside in the higher frequencies more often, which allows for my problems to become much more effortless when I stay focused. I still swing back and forth of course, but with a lot more grace these days...

    I don't think it should come as a shock to people that those of us who are drawn to this kind of material may not originate from planet only makes sense that most of us come from the stars. I'm just waiting (trying to be patient) for the joyous moment that I can finally meet up with my beloved star family in the very near future!

    I honor you so much for sharing your truth!

    Sending love,

  3. I don't consciously remember neither my previous lives on Earth neither elsewhere in the universe, but I am 100% sure that I had them. In fact I feel inside that I had many more lives outside Earth than here.
    Much Love

  4. SiStar Sue
    I have been aboard a scout ship and had the most amazing experience & had contact with my Brothers and SiStars - The Sirians....Crazy, oh no no no....Courageous - yes yes yes!!!! I know we were chosen from our families to help Planet Earth & All her Inhabitants step into their next Level of Awareness....We're All on A Joyous Ride of Expansion and Expression and I am Delighted that me and You have found each other here!!!

    Deep Love and Respect for You Sue,


  5. Yes, I also thank you for being a courageous soul!


  6. Sue that is really awesome and beautiful. I feel like that happens to me in dreams, but the memories are never to precise , i just know that i sleep bathed in their colorful love.

    I think you should share this with everybody, its very inspiring and people could benefit from hearing about our non human neighbors that are angelic friendly and wise!!

    Here is a link to a poem that flowed through my fingers from the oneness of Arcturus

    I'll say hi to the humboldt redwoods for you!!

    Zach E.

  7. In gratitude for the reality check of everyone's sharing - especially the powerful words of poetry-artistry of intentional reality relating.

    My offer is to share a smile that I got from hearing Margaret Wheatley on a conference call this weekend --

    "If you aren't making it up as you go along, you are out of touch with reality."



  8. Thanks Suzanne. Your courage is helping me be courageous in making the changes in my life that I am being called to. I too am just coming out of a period of darkness and I am appreciating it all. I also thank you for our session last week. It continues to work on me as I move into this next phase.