Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morning Messages

Our Dearest Ones,

Yes, we do have a message for you today. We ask that you put it on your blog. We know that you have no idea what this message is, so we suggest that you relax into our transmission and allow the pen to flow to the rhythm of your consciousness

We wish to tell you ALL that we Arcturians are about to begin a very important transmutation to assist you to move into Lightbody. When we say “we are about to begin,” we mean that when the grounded ones are ready to receive our message, the transmission will begin for that person. We Arcturians are not bound by time/space, as we resonate to the NOW of the ONE. Hence, our transmission is much like a radio station that always transmits, but you only receive it when you turn on your radio and calibrate to our “station.” Therefore, whenever you can return to their fifth dimensional and beyond consciousness, even if it is only for a brief moment (remember we do not exist in time), you will receive your transmission of energy.

This energy that we are sending is going out on a constant beam for all those who can raise their resonance to “catch a ride.” This ride is much like your surfing. First you must go the ocean (take the time to be receptive), swim out into the water with your surfboard (meditate) pay close attention to the flow of the water (energy patterns), then stand on your surfboard (find your balance) so that you can catch a ride. Your ride (flow within our energy) will last as long as you can maintain your balance. The balance that we speak of is the balance between thought and emotion, right and left, up and down. In other words, your balance is found in the core of your High Heart, where you are most receptive to the flow of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is, unfortunately, a very unique energy in your third dimensional reality. Our channel has found that it is difficult for many of those to whom she speaks to even imagine the feel of unconditional love, much less accept it. We wish to perform a service to those who can align their consciousness with ours, to serve as an amplifier for the unconditional love that flows freely and constantly within the higher dimensional realities.

We know that many of our grounded ones can become frightened by unconditional love, for it is so unknown to them. And, humanities greatest fear is fear of the unknown. We wish to give this service now, for when Earth is in it’s direct alignment with the Galactic Center in 2012, the force of this unconditional love will be greatly amplified! This intense flow of unconditional love could be frightening to those who have never experienced it. An example of this is much like swimming the ocean with the waves. If you are accustomed to swimming in the ocean, it is a beautiful and glorious experience. The flow of the waves offers you more enjoyment for you have come to understand how they move. On the other hand, if you have never even seen the ocean, as millions have not, then the thought of entering it could be upsetting.

All you need do to accept our gift is to call to us directly. Even though you usually cannot perceive us, we see you very clearly. Then, allow yourself to get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathe IN Peace and breathe OUT Calm. Do not “desire” our gift or put out any effort. If you can Surrender to the Knowing that we have a gift to share with you, you will best prepare your consciousness. With this exercise, not only will you gain a great healing, for unconditional love is the healing force of the Universe, but you will also be partaking in a Dress Rehearsal for 2012.

Beyond the Dress Rehearsal, will be an added benefit. Unconditional Love is not only the healing force of the Universe; it is also the creative force of the Universe. And, as we have said, right NOW you are ALL creating (pregnant with) your Lightbody. This “pregnancy” is of your fifth dimensional SELF. Therefore, it is beyond time and space. It is not the amount of time that signals your body to give birth to your Lightbody, it is the amount of unconditional love.

Just as a pregnant persons feeds the developing fetus with the food she takes into her body, YOU, males and females, are feeding your Lightbody fetus with the unconditional love that you take into your body. Just as there is a spectrum of time that activates the human fetus to begin labor, there is a spectrum of unconditional love that signals the Lightbody to begin its emanation beyond the boundaries of its womb of physical form.

Once the emanation of your Lightbody overlaps the boundaries of your physical earth vessel, it gradually becomes your primary vessel. Just as you will first live in the two worlds of the fifth dimensional Earth, as well as the third/fourth dimensional Earth, you will initially have a Lightbody (to perceive and intimately experience the fifth dimension and beyond), as well as a human body to experience and interact with third/fourth dimensional Earth.

Perhaps the most important benefit of the acceptance of our unconditional love, it is that love is the antidote to fear and unconditional love is the antidote to ALL fear. If you wish to have an image to more easily attune with us, visualize our consciousness (in whatever way you wish) surrounding the Portal to the Galactic Center. We are creating a way station there where we can receive the unconditional love from the Galactic Center, amplify its energy field, modulate and calibrate it to be more in resonance with our Earthly grounded ones, and relaying this specialized, amplified energy to those who have “opened the Portal to their High Hearts.”

Yes, we see you opening your High Hearts as we speak. In response, we send you infinite amounts of unconditional love.

The Arcturians


  1. Thank you. This is so deeply in alignment with what is going on for me. Just the other day I really started seeing my light body as I opened up to imagination and it has been with me ever since. This feels like the next step as I enter the meditation to accept the gifts.

  2. Thanks for this message, I am so please to gain this pure validation with regards to the flow of the light body overlaping the boundaries of the physical earth vessel.
    I must say it is such a beauty to feel thelight body flow of Unconditional blessings of love