Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Dream of Awakening

Dear one,

I had a dream this morning that I wanted you to interpret for me. There were actually two dreams in one. In the first part of the dream, I was younger and I didn’t look like me, but it was me. I was the participant and not just the observer. I met a man, who is no one I recognize from my waking life. At first he seemed very nice, but he turned out to be very self-absorbed and not much fun to be with.

Then, somehow, I found this baby. At first it was a normal baby, but she matured mentally almost instantly. Even though the baby remained small, she began to walk and communicate with me. I think her communication was telepathic. She also seemed to know many of her past/alternate realities and told me about them in a somewhat spoken, somewhat telepathic manner. The baby was very dirty for some reason and a great deal was made of washing her. As I think about it now, there was no feeding of the baby, nor was she ever hungry. I think she did soil her diapers, though. It was as if, she was totally advanced in some ways and still human in other ways. Her mind and consciousness was extremely advanced, but her body was still a normal baby body.

I started to talk to others about this baby, I think including the man, but I can’t remember for sure. Then, suddenly, she was a very beautiful and charismatic adult. This is where her body began t o change. There was a light from inside of her that began to expand more and more beyond her physical form. Then, I woke up thinking about how our Lightbody is beginning to expand beyond the boundaries of our physical form. Please assist me in understanding the meaning of this dream.

Our Dearest One,

As you can imagine the baby is, indeed you. In fact, the baby is all of humanity who is ready to awaken. The man in your dream represents those who are unwilling to see a different reality, whereas the baby represents those who are ready to begin an entirely different expression of SELF. The people were polarized into male and female to represent how the polarized world is separating further and further apart. You represented the point of view of the center path in which you could see both polarities and saw how they both needed assistance.

The ones who are not willing to awaken cannot be helped, as this is a planet of free will. Hence, the “man” disappeared from the dream. The baby represented those who are newly awaking and need care and guidance to continue their journey. However, the ones who are awakening can suddenly bloom into full maturity and go from students to leaders in one flash of light. Those who are assisting the awakening ones, which was the YOU in the dream, then become the students of those whom they were assisting.

Therefore, you woke up from your dream with the knowing that it is time NOW to allow your own Lightbody to beam beyond the confines of your physical vessel. Those who have long been the vanguards for the awakening of humanity have had to stay hidden for so long, that the newly awakening ones often flash past them into Lightbody. There are two reasons for this. One is that the ones who have had to stay hidden in order to continue their growth have developed a habit of hiding, which can be quite difficult to break. The other reason is that “the first shall be the last,” which means that those who open the door are the last one to go through it.

This dream was meant for you personally, as well as for you to share with others to remind everyone that the time is NOW to flash into the fullest expression of your SELF. The energies of transmutation grow stronger every day as Gaia comes closer and closer to the full opening of the Portal into the Galactic Center. Furthermore, all of you most release your attachment to those who have chosen to remain third dimensional and allow them to fade from your life. This is not an issue of judgment, for you can only release this attachment with the force of your unconditional love.

It is actually more of a judgment to believe that it is your job to save everyone. Just because other’s Path is different from your own, does not mean that there is no Path for that person. Right now is the time for all the awakened ones to “be selfish” in that you need to FLASH into their FULL expression of SELF. This process may take you away from your service for a while, but just as you stopped everything—and forgot about the person in the first part of the dream—to take care of the awakening baby, you must focus NOW on your own process of returning to SELF.

Everyone is called upon at this time to put your expansion into Lightbody as the FIRST priority of your life. Once you have completed this process, you will have such increased Wisdom, Power and Love that no “time” will be lost. It has always been that the few will lead the many. However, if the few become too attached to leading the many, their own forward motion comes to a halt. Therefore, we say to you to OWN your true SELF in daily life, so that you can complete your own transformation. If this means that you don’t do as many good things for others, which is fine. Time is an illusion. The time that you take to take to care for your own newly forming Lightbody (the baby in the dream) will more than compensate for that which you must release in order to fulfill your awakening.

Your developing Lightbody is a baby now and needs your constant care. It will communicate with your telepathically and need you to “clean up your life.” Also, your relationship with food will become very different, for eventually you will eat light. Therefore, in preparation, you will eat very lightly and foods that contain light. Your growing Lightbody will tell you if the food you ate was too dense for you, often by making you feel ill or experience discomfort. Just as you had to administer to the baby in the dream, you now have to administer to your baby Lightbody. Just as in the dream, this is a difficult time because you are partly human and partly Lightbody.

In the dream, the baby flashed into Lightbody soon after you started to share your experience with others because sharing your process will greatly accelerate it. When you honestly speak about what is happening to you, you release and heal the old fear that has kept you hidden for myriad lifetimes, including your present one. Also, once you honestly share your process with others, they may feel more inclined to follow their own inner instruction and then to share their process with others, as well.


  1. Loved it, dear Susan. I feel this message as it was also to me. To take care of our loved "child" (Light Body), I just know that we need to rest, eat "alive" food, sleep well. Do you know other important instructions? There are some days when I really dont want to eat anything, just fruits juice or soups... Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Cintia

  2. Dear Cintia,
    I think meditation, exercise, good sleep and staying grounded are also important. Then we need to constantly be Master of our thoughts, as well as acknowledge our emotions. In this way we can transmute our fearful thoughts and emotions into loving ones. As we move more and more into the fifth dimension, our powers of manifestation of our thoughts and emotions increase greatly. Hence,our reality is the manifestation of what we think and feel, so we must be guardians of what we allow into our mind and the emotions that we allow to rest within our body.

  3. Dear Susan,
    Thankyou for sharing...I had a dream very recently that I gave birth to a baby, under similar circumstances as u described. over the past month i have been having many baby/young child dreams, with telepathy communication. Many with unknown (usually) masculine energies present. I thankyou for the message, as it is nice to hear the translations and similarities. i found your blog very insightful :)
    i also have found that my diet is changing and my Self is guiding me towards alive/raw food.
    lots of love, anna