Monday, April 26, 2010

Morning Messages

Dear Ones,

Remember who you truly are. Remember your SELF. It is so easy for our grounded ones to forget their SELF. When they do, they become lost in the dramas of third dimensional life and function under the small, human perception of their total capacity.

We see our grounded ones awaken, fall asleep, awaken and fall asleep again. In fact, many of you are most awake when you go to sleep at night. It is then that you return to us so that we can hold you within the comfort of your true vibration.

We ask that you dedicate your schedule to come to us when you first awaken. Morning is time when our FEEL is closest to your memory. We realize that even then, the challenges of your third dimensional day can still force you into the illusion of “being human.”

However, if you can re-set your awareness back to your SELF at the beginning of your day, you can better recover from your daily “fall into illusion.” Then, on some days you will somehow stand your ground in the fifth dimension, so that you and catch yourself falling into illusion. Then, you can better remember to call out for assistance in the moment that you just begin to loose your balance in the ONE.

Now is an especially difficult time for our grounded ones as you take the excurses UP onto the superconsciousness of your Soul/SELF, the polarity of the third dimensional Earth naturally pulls you down into the deepest archives of the long hidden pain and conflict of your deepest subconscious.

The advantage of these missions into your subconscious is that they give you the ability to release the fear that created your illusions in the first place. Just as only a very experienced diver can travel down into the ocean’s murky depths, only our most awakened ones can clear their deep subconscious memories.

Therefore, even though you likely think that something is wrong with you because you are having so many experiences that pull you from your Center, these experiences are actually because you are now advanced enough and strong enough in your SELF that you can clear old issues that had to remain hidden until now.

Dear Ones, we commend you on your great bravery to continue into the Light when you know full well that it means you will also have to face all that has previously kept you in the darkness. You are mighty warriors battling and slaying old fears that were once dragons far more powerful than you.

Remember that we are with you always,

The Arcturians

note from sue: you will likely see this message in the May newsletter, but please read further as it will only be part of the total message. I share it with you now, as I am sure that many of you are on the same roller coaster that I am.


  1. Thank you for sharing that, Sue. Is there an April newsletter? I just went to look at the archived newsletters page, and the last one says, March 15th.
    I have been clearing out a lot of old stuff, too, at night - it's amazing, isn't it? Some of them were so deeply buried, I truly didn't know they were even in there!! : )
    Love, Barbara

  2. Yes, there is an April newsletter. The newsletter is finished, but we are having some trouble with the Youtube. If we don't get the youtube figured out soon, we will send the newsletter without it.
    THank you for asking

  3. I am genuinely grateful for you wisdom and the timing of your shares!


    Golden Hawk

  4. Wow on the newsletter - thank you for all that focused creative work Sue!

    What types of tools are you and others using to assist this sub-conscious composting project?

    I have started a 40-day chanting meditation with a mantra for helping to heal my being from fear and fragmentation.

    Is there a multi-dimensional toilet brush for all this anger and ugliness?

    The parts of self that I have abandoned over life(times) are pretty pissed. Any key words to help shift from reactive to co-creative conversation with big emotions?

    Just checking...

    In gratitude,


  5. I am amazed at how similar our processes are. As a minister it is often challenging for me to share my experiences of going deep into the subconscious and bringing love and peace to all those unresolved memories and also sharing the wonderful feelings of flow and peace and expansion. I truly appreciate your awareness and compassionate sharing.