Monday, November 30, 2009

Sacred Places Part II

Whoops, somehow I hit "publish post," and I wasn't quite done. Hence, Part II.

By choosing to place our intention and attention on the parts of our reality that we love, we make our own life a sacred place. So, what does sacred mean?
The Dictionary says:
sa·cred adj
1. dedicated to a deity or religious purpose
2. relating to or used in religious worship
3. worthy of or regarded with religious veneration, worship, and respect
4. dedicated to or in honor of somebody

I am not attached to the deity or religious parts, as that consciousness is of the Piscean Age when "God" was man and lived above us, telling you what to do. We even talked about "fearing God." However, the "dedicated to or in honor of somebody" resonates with me. However, the only way in which the dedication and honor can stay free of worship is if we are first dedicated to and honor our own true Multidimensional SELF--the "deity" that we ALL are in our higher dimensional expressions.

When we find the sacred place within our own SELF, within our own Life and our own choices, then we can freely find those sacred places in others, including Gaia. Of course, as we becoming increasingly fifth dimensional, the term "others" begins to lose its meaning. When we are all ONE, what is an "other?" It is a good thing that we are all downloading our Light Language, as third dimensional language cannot speak or understand multidimensional language. Maybe when we visit our sacred places, Gaia will teach us how to speak fifth dimensional Earth Language.
I send you all blessings from the redwoods, and from the place which still protects them.


  1. Thank you for your sharing & a wonderful invitation to connect with the Earth!

    I have been craving lots of ice cream and fresh fruits and vegetables -- everything else seems too heavy. Gees I guess that is like a baby food diet...hmmm


  2. Anna, I have the same impression. But not too much ice cream!

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