Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Morning,
Have you noticed how fast reality seems now AND how tired we are! Actually, I have found that I am only tired when I am doing third dimensional things where my mind is constricted to a mundane task. On the other hand, when I am being creative, walking in nature, meditating, being with a loved one, the fatigue is gone.

Yes, the frequency of our earth vessel is rising. Have you noticed how carefully we have to be about what we eat? I keep hearing that we won't be eating for too much longer. Instead, we will absorb light. I think that we will eat at first for fun, like when we eat in Faerie. However, the fuel for our Lightbody is light. Just like the fuel for our 3D body comes from 3D Earth, the fuel for our Lightbody come from our 5D Earth.

For 40 years I have read everything I could get my hands on about the "great change." Always, this change was some time off in the distant future. Now everything I read says that we are in the midst of that change now. I can feel it, but only if I trust myself and keep my consciousness up. I am becoming so protective of my consciousness. I don't want to do anything, go anywhere, read or watch anything or be with anyone that lowers my consciousness.

It feels too wonderful, peaceful, joyful and loving to be in this state of consciousness that I don't want to lose it. I don't want to go back to what life was like before with all the fear that I held within me and felt around me. I think that we are creating 5D Earth in pockets of light. We can tell when we enter one of these pockets. We can also tell when we leave it. I am so blessed to live in a pocket of light, as well as work in one. I live by the beach and drive along the beach to my office.

Nature, that is the Nature that humanity has not been harmed by humanity, holds many pockets of light. Hence, the Elementals are happy. When we are happy and of a fourth or fifth dimensional state of consciousness, our inner Elementals (4D earth, air, fire and water) are happy. Then, when these Elementals touch our world through our aura, they share their happiness with all the surrounding Elementals, who share their happiness etc., etc. Hence, just going into our daily life with 5D consciousness serves to raise the frequency of our entire area. The challenge, of course, is to maintain that state once we leave our "pocket of light."

This is when we take a moment to expand our aura, and its innate Lightbody, to create a forcefield that holds our high frequency of light, as it also dispenses that Light to areas of darkness. We don't have to DO much to change our reality. Instead, we create that change by remembering to BE our true SELF, even if we have to re-calibrate again and again. Sometimes, when we are tired or sick, we don't have the energy to re-calibrate in the midst of daily life. Then we just need to go home, or to a place that feels like "Home," and re-calibrate our self back to the multidimensional consciousness of our SELF.

I think that we also need to come out from the deep cover that we had to create when our world was so filled with darkness. Everything I am reading now is that the Illuminati are on the run. Yes, they are desperate and will try any trick they can to scare us--swine flu as an example. But it is not working. All over the world people are saying, "NO, I will NOT be mandated to take your shot that you just made up yesterday without even testing it." The thing is, one of the main Symptoms of Transformation into Lightbody is sensations that feel like the flu. So, if a lot of us get the flu, that means that a lot of us are transforming. Do you think the Illuminati know that and put some scaring name one it??

I was with my grandson a few weeks ago when he had the "flu," which had symptoms exactly like when I had my first download of my fifth dimensional SELF. We even had a conversation about moving into the Light, waiting for each other, and going as ONE. In fact, he said, "Grandma, please wait for me." I said, "Honey, it is more likely that you will have to wait for me." He said he would because he didn't want to go alone.

NO, I don't think any of us will go alone. How can we go alone into the Unity of the ONE? Besides, we will take with us every person, place, situation and thing that we LOVE. That is how we will move into and furnish our New Earth. Whenever I move I have a "no junk" law. This means that anything that I am complete with in my life, I leave behind. Now, we will leave behind, fear, sadness, anger, wars, violence. I think we will also leave behind our old concept of money, work and technology. However, we will not lose anything. Instead we will re-create in a higher frequency.

I wish you all a good day. I hope/know that you will all enjoy creating your new life,

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  1. I am reading this today feb 18, I had to go back and will find old articles of yours. It is so amazing to be in this moment, to have this consciousness of pure love. I think it is sort of fun that we could just actually "laugh" at "dis ease" that seems to frighten others. Even the departing of love ones is taken which ease knowing that they didn't leave at all. Thank you Suzanne for assisting us to this journey. I wish I can live where you are, so close to nature, but then I will make experiments to create that 3d reality. Meanwhile I know we can always be where we want to be. Namaste!