Monday, November 9, 2009

From where I am now, I can look back at a long life, for me anyway, which I can barely remember. Yes, there are many snapshots of my life, but they are not in sequence and disconnected from each other. I feel a great change coming to us all. I welcome this change, yet also have to keep releasing the fear, again and again. I am endeavoring to live in the NOW where there is seldom fear. If there is fear in the now, I/we are so busy taking care of whatever is happening, or we imagine is happening, that we fall out of the NOW. So, I guess, there is NO fear in the NOW.

I remember when I felt great influxes of emotions, like tidal waves overtaking me, and long bouts of obcessive thinking over which I had no control. Fortunately, these experiences are memories to which I no longer hold an attachment. It is not that I don't worry and battle fear, it is just that it doesn't FEEL as strong and I KNOW it is an illusion. At least, I think I KNOW it is an illusion :) I spent the day studying about the Mayan Calendar and some possible fearful things that are said to soon happen. I don't want to discuss these possible realities here, as they will likely not happen in the NOW. That is, if we are in the NOW, they won't be fearful--I think.

I don't know for sure what will happen as we are creating our reality as we go. However, there are so many wonderful awakening ones that I have talked to that I have confidence that we will create/return to our fifth dimensional resonance. Create and return to only make sense when we think fifth dimensionally where there is no time or space. Without time and space, we can go and come at the same time and live many realities at the same time. I think that there are actually many realities right now that we are creating/entering. What creating and entering have in common is our state of consciousness. Our state of consciousness will create and enter the reality that resonates to that frequency of consciousness.

Therefore, it is my thought/desire that we create/enter fifth dimensional Earth as softly as a morning breeze and as gently as we hold a newborn. It is my belief/expectation that our path will open under our feet, but we will only know where we are and not where we are going. There is no "going" without time and space. There is only HERE, NOW. So, I guess that means that we are not creating or entering our new reality for we can only enter it through the Flow of the ONE, which is only HERE in the NOW. Now isn't this a silly post, trying to talk about a multidimensional event beyond time and space with the language of the third dimension.

However, there are signs everywhere that most everyone wants to be constantly united with everyone they care about--face book, twitter, email, cell phones, texting etc. etc. I have read, or heard inside, or both, that societies/realities that are on the cusp of the fifth dimensional ONE and NOW create many machines to do what they don't know that they can do without the machines. I mean, if we can invent all these machines, aren't we smarter than the machine?

Can we let go of our machines of unity, "drop our crutches," and walk on our own? Can we have enough confidence in our SELF to let go of all that we have known to BE, all that we have wanted? I struggle with that question. Do you?



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  2. Dear Sue and 5D family

    Sending you a warm and loving sunshine from Down Under (I live on the Australia's East coast) where 5D is nearly reality, at least judging by the transparency and brightness of the environment. No chemtrials here, just deep blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

    I wish to share a few thoughts about fear and how it affects our overall vibration.
    A few days ago I spent hours on the net reading current worldly updates, needless to say all saturated with the doom and gloom, overflowing with fear. I felt how my frequency has dropped, how I became morose and start to become depressed as my thoughts dwelled on possible scenarios. Then at the end, when I felt completely drained and wanted to quit with the internet, I found Sue's last newsletter in my mail box. Immediately as I saw it, my mood swinged back to lighter state. I've scrolled down trough the page, red thing here and there, leaving the rest for thee next day when I am more rested, but just the contact with the 5D frequency in that posting was enough to shift my awareness from fearful, doomy 3D survival mentality to frequency of joy, peace, certainty, gratitude, empowerment etc. Just looking those beautiful pictures full of color and joy is quite enough to shift your mind. Thank you Sue for beautifying my day!

    It was obvious to me that our thoughts dictate our vibration, so it is a matter of just re focusing the current unpleasant thought to the one that feels good and our frequency will shift automatically. We won't bring in 5D if we dwell on fear, so it is our duty to, by all means, rise above such debilitating state of being.
    Personally the quickest and far the best way that shift me from fear to joy is a music. The one that resonates with positivity and nudge you to dance and sing along. These are for me mainly mantras from Indian tradition, but anything that would make you move and sing will do.
    Once my vibration is high enough I can stay in my center with peace and clarity and look out at the world as a mere observer. Nothing seems important, noting is to be feared, there is no judgment of good and bad, only acceptance and awareness of personal duty as one who is here to help Earth in this time of transition. So my/our duty is to be at all times positive and joyful, loving and accepting. From this space of certainity and personal power nothing bad can't happen to us. We atract and exsperience according to our vibration so we always have a choice as to how to think and feel. As my favorite teacher said, misery is optional!
    It is all the game anyway and we are the winners!

    I also red last article by Carl Calleman on the topic of beginning of the 6th night of the galactic underworld..... It's rather positive outlook, once we get over few bumpy things re economy and so. I feel quite excited about it and honestly I can hardly wait for all these changes to begin. He states that Mayan calendar ends on 28 Oct 2011, not 2012. That 2012 is being used by negative elite to instill more fear by all doom and gloom prophecies. So discernment is needed when we engage with any information out there.

    Much love and peace to you all


  3. Greetings All,

    I share your feeling Suzanne of blurring of old and appreciate your encouragement and allowance of the dissipation. This experience of self is so different from what I had expected/been programmed to project.

    I am releasing judgment against myself and past limitations on this day.



  4. Hi Sue!
    one time when i was tripping after a night of being in the redwoods, a web of pure light came down from the sky and connected to my consciousness and i instantly was greeted with the feeling of 6 billion people all joining minds together and thinking 'oh... wow... haha! we are completely interconnected! this is us/it/now.. wow..haha.. everything is different now forever in such a wonderful ecstatic way- a whole new beginning is here oh my god.. we are god.. we are one!' it seemed like a premonition of what can and will be, in the not too distant future. it seems to me logically that we would create the internet/cellphones/facebook as a prequel to the actual connection. the joke is that all that work will soon be rendered obselete by the REAL web of (electromagnetic?) energy that connects us all... i believe this is the unity grid/christ grid that people talk about!
    sometimes i wonder if i am totally insane, but these kinds of expereinces seem just as important to me as getting groceries, going to school, walking down the street, etc. i am sure that our higher interpretation of the world will prevail
    anyway, thanks for always sharing your insights and light, namaste!