Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Great Race

Dear ONE,
Last night I had another "trying to break away from my captors" dream. This one was so strong that I stayed awake for a while so that i wouldn't go back to that dream/lower astral reality. Please assist me.

Dearest Suzille,
We are the Arcturians, your true people. The countless lifetimes since you entered (re-entered) Earth at the fall of Atlantis, you have vanquished from the lack of light in your reality. The darkness of the physical world trapped you in the clutches of illusion and captured your Spirit in the 3D Game of separation from your true SELF. Now, as you, Gaia, and your entire reality are nearing "end game," you, and many other lightworkers are serving in the lower astral plane to rescue the portions of your SELF that are still trapped there, as well as any other Souls who are asking for relief.

We realize that this experience is very difficult as it robs you of quality sleep, but there is too much work to be done to do it all in your waking hours. We have asked you to share this message with you blog because there are many other brave Souls who sacrifice their quality sleep to help the ones still trapped in the Lower Astral, as well as retrieving their own lost fragments of Soul. All of you who are giving this service are greatly assisting Gaia in Her ascension by creating tunnels of light through Her wounded aura--Her Lower Astral Plane.

Those of us in the higher dimensions and in the many cloaked ships that fill your fourth dimensional space as also working to clear this ages-old darkness. However, there are certain elements of that darkness/fear that can only be cleared by the actual occupants of the planet. From our perspective in the upper fourth and fifth dimension we see more and more glorious tunnels of light being created each day. Soon, these many tunnels will expand more and more until they unite to clear ALL fear and darkness.

At this point, Gaia will be free to make Her ascension and bring her dedicated inhabitants with Her. As you know, there are many non-human inhabitants who strive daily to clear the age old fear and darkness from Gaia's aura so that she can fully take in the Unconditional Love, Divine Intelligence and Infinite Creativity that is being sent the Her from the Galactic Center. The trees, plants, waterways and even the very earth are joining the animals, cetaceans other beings who swim the oceans and fly the skies. What a joyous picture we see from our viewpoint.

We wish to send our congratulations to ALL the many inhabitants of Gaia's Earth who feel the NOW of the ascension moving closer and closer. Like long distance runners at the end of a long journey, you may feel like you cannot take another step. Yet, you do, again and again. One more time, and then another, you reach deep within to find enough light to continue one more step. The vision of the finish line spurs you on. We hope that you can hear the cheers of the many spectators here in your higher dimensional skies applauding your great race Home.

To all you brave ones who receive this message, we send you unconditional love to boost your Spirit and encourage your memory of SELF. We are here, ALWAYS, supporting you and sending you love and light. We speak for ourselves, the Arcturians, as well as the many members of your Star Family.

Hurray! YOU are the winner!


  1. dear dear sue
    thankyou for all your sharing and all of your self-exposures and for bringing in the arcturians. everytime you post on your sites or here.. i read, and my light brightens and my love amps up, and so does my calm!
    loving outwardly has always been easier than loving inwardly until lately. thankyou for your part in my loving the vastness of me and all my me's.
    i send you lovelovelove&sparkles

  2. Dear Diane,
    Thank you so for posting a comment. Not many people have, and i had hoped that this would be a place where awakening ones could talk to each other. I guess i have to continue with one of my more difficult challenges--patience. I read some where that being impatient bound us to the time/space of the third dimension. I guess that is why i set up this challenge for my self.
    Have a lovely, calm day. You deserve to love your self!

  3. dear sue,
    yes, i'm surprised too that not many people comment here. maybe they..like me.. have to first process what you share and then through the processing, get to the place of loving self enough to feel comfortable in putting their own words out there. with this learning and experiencing of multidimensions..words sometimes are difficult. it's like "how do i squeese the ALL of this micro/macro stuff i'm feeling into the tiny hole of linear words" well, i just started with sharing the love and gratitude i feel for your work sue and for this blog.
    love and gratitude is always a good place to start and i will see where it leads.
    thankyou for your kind words.

  4. Sue,
    Thank you for your insights. This is the first time I've read your blog and I truly resonate with what you are saying. I too am feeling the pull towards a different realm / dimension. I am going through many changes - both positive and not so positive as I make this transition.
    Thanks again,

  5. Dear Sue

    I have just recently signed up for your newsletter but I am not new to your work. It was maybe 3 years ago that I red your MD journey postings on the website. I've resonated 100% with everything there, as I was hearing my inner voice telling me the truth of my MD existence all along. So your website was a confirmation that I was getting "right" info from my Higher Self, which in turn escalated this inner focus and exploration.
    Meanwhile, I have explored few other paths or rather different perspectives on the same topic, so I wasn't referring to your website that frequently until recently when I red message from Arcturians posted on Galactic Friends website. I found at the bottom link to multidimensions.com and sad to myself, no wonder this feels so good, this is again the law of vibration in action! So I went back to your website to find that you have expanded it a lot, added two new massive files in superconsciouss section.

    Needless to say this is a long time process of awakening and exploring depts and heights of our MD consciousness, and it feels cyclical to me or spiral, as we come again to the same spot but now with different awareness, different vibration and reality. So it is like spiraling upwards towards integrating more and more of who we are. This has been for me life long single pointed focus towards expanding my consciousness way beyond 3D physicality and it has been rather split reality life with one foot in 3D and another in other dimensions.
    But for me, what is fascinating the most in your work is your ability to perceive different identities of your MD Selves in such a vivid and distinctive manner that is indeed a joy to read messages from Arturians, ILLiaEm, Shature, Mytria etc. Shature's stories are beautiful as well as wisdom of your higher aspects.
    This is a great work and you are such a magnificent being of light that is a gift and great fortune to mother Earth and all of us to have you here, sharing all that is essential for the NOW time when we are at the threshold of transition to 5D. Thank you very much for you being here.

    Much love and blessings


    Re your dream time activity, I can say that I am experiencing similar thing, waking up often and recollecting rather bizarre sequences of my "dreams". I have been told also that I am clearing the lower astral of fear frequency, helping other souls trapped in there. Las night it was difficult to go to sleep at all, it took me 3 hours to drift away, then again waked up several times trough the night.
    Also it is no wonder there are not many replies to your postings on this blog. As you and your website are vey high frequency and given law of vibration, how many people are at all aware about it or how many resonate enough to go exploring it? And those that are, are busy perhaps assimilating all the materials and caught up in clearing work.
    And yes, that patience thing is another story, for me too :))