Thursday, March 11, 2021

Our Changing Reality



We are now living in a reality in which many, many things are changing and or sprouting up from nowhere. 

We could choose to be afraid and/or angry, or we could choose to focus on expanding our own personal view of reality. 

There are so many changes within this now, 

And within about every place that we look, 

That we often cannot find a manner in which we can 

Calmly examine, think about, and discuss with others 

Our thoughts and ideas about how our reality is changing.

In fact, we can take this now to ask our self each of the below  questions...  

     How can I keep moving forwards my life?

     What degree of self confidence do I have?

     What is my ability to face the many changes of our reality? 

     How can I be able to maintain a sense of peace and calm 

     in this NOW of great change?

     Am I ready to make these changes in my live?

     How do I know that I am able to make the "right" change? 

     Take a moment to look at and ask your self the answer to the above questions...

When you consciously look at these questions and answers, does it make it easier to for you to move forward in you daily life?  

Or does your self examination make it more difficult?

We are all moving into a NOW that has NOT yet been expressed on Gaia's Earth in this fashion for many eons.

 In fact, this NOW is like the turning of a wheel, or the shift from the deep night into the impending dawn. 

How can we know if something has truly changed, 

Or if something is just temporarily different from before? 

                                                    What is YOUR experience?

You can share your answers in the below comments section.


  1. My life hasnt been wht i trued to manifest and believed to be true.. I tbh lost trust in all that higher dimensional beings n stuff. Feels too much neglected. But what i did to change my life is find hapoines in me... Even though sometimes i feel loe. But m happy inside.. Ik noone cares its ok. We r all one. Well. Tc

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