Friday, July 31, 2020

The Power of Transmutation

July 31, 2020


Through Sue Lie and Danny L

Through Suzanne Lie

Well, here we are, tottering one the edge of the "great unknown."  
Where have we been so far and where are we going now? 

The answer to this question is meant for everyone to ask within their self and for everyone to find the answer within them self.  Actually, every ONE of us are the ones who have volunteered to wear a third dimensional body during this time of: 

The Great Transmutation

Therefore will need to "remember to remember" our own Higher Dimensional SELF' who remembers our innate ability to transmute our consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of expression.

Our Higher Dimensional SELF is our fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional expressions of our Multidimensional SELF. 

Within this NOW, our Third Dimensional SELF is transmuting into our innate Fourth Dimensional SELF. This shift is in preparation for us to transmute back into our innate Fifth dimensional SELF.

To see the video about our innate 

Power Of Transmutation

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