Thursday, July 23, 2020

Pay Attention Inside your SELF

                         Pay Attention inside 
                                   Part One

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Paying attention "inside" your self can be quite different from paying attention "outside" your self.  When you are paying attention to the "inside your self" you will find that how you feel that yourself can feel very different from how you feel when you see your own self from the perception of being outside of yourself.

From the process of looking at your self from the outside, above or even somewhat different from the way that you normally experience your self, you open your imagination up in a manner in which you feel some form of detachment from the "you" that you have always been.

It is within this experience that you can allow your SELF to change,  and hopefully, you can improve yourself in a manner that allows you to be more "at home inside your self and more and more able to share your Higher SELF with your third dimensional self.

It is this sharing of your daily self, and your daily life, with your Higher Dimensional SELF that begins the merging of your Higher SELF with your third dimensional physical self.  This "merging" will occur in different ways with different people, as every one has Higher Dimensional aspect of their Third Dimensional SELF.

Your third dimensional self is usually the YOU that takes care of your daily life and the daily  experiences and duties that you have accumulated in your awareness. However, there is another YOU that is only in your awareness after you have allowed your self to "pay attention to what is going on inside your thoughts, emotions, feelings and memories. 

All the aspects of your Higher Dimensional SELF are seldom a component of your daily, third dimensional life. Your third dimensional life has many duties and responsibilities that you may, or may not, have consciously chosen to be a component of your Third Dimensional SELF.

Now, this is where your Higher Dimensional SELF comes in. That is IF you have allowed your Higher Dimensional SELF to integrate into your daily life. If you have taken the "3D time" to put aside at lease one special time a day, or even one special time a week, to put aside your daily third dimensional self long enough to go into a higher state of consciousness so that you can more easily accept your own Higher Dimensional SELF who, by the way, has ALWAYS been within you.

"But how did I forget about your Higher Dimensional SELF?"  

The answer to that question is that you forgot how to PAY ATTENTION INSIDE YOUR SELF!  "How can I pay attention inside my self??" We, the members of your Higher Dimensional SELF, hear you ask. In fact, We The Members of your Higher SELF sense that you all ask that question many, many times.

Of course, you will first get the answer that you do not want to get, which is:" Dear Awakening Ones, It is the task of remembering how to remember your own Higher SELF that is the very first "initiation into your Higher Self" begins. As you know from your human, third and fourth dimensional lives, that very few things come easily. 

You see, it is within the "adapting to" your newer, expanded, Higher Dimensional SELF that takes a great deal of patience, meditation, kindness to your self, and to others, and most of all, remembering to remember that YOU are a Higher Dimensional Being who has chosen to assist dear Mother Planet Gaia to initiation Her Planetary Process of expanding and adapting to, higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Of course, first you will need to fully adapt to your your ongoing process -- not just of human ascension process, but FIRST attending to Planetary process of Ascension. This planetary ascension process will begin with third dimensions blurring into the fourth dimension. And then the fourth dimensional frequencies of your interactions will blur into the fourth and the fifth dimensions of reality. 

It is the fifth dimension of reality that is the first stairway into the process of humans assisting beginning to believe in and communicate with the Higher Dimensional Beings such as the Pleiadians, Arctuarian, Antarians, Venusians, as well as other friends and family of dear Gaia .

All of these Galactic beings will assist dear Gaia to initiate and fulfill Her long sought expansion from a third dimensional planet into a fourth dimensional planet.  The being, human and non human, who can align with these higher dimensional frequencies will be the leaders, the teacher and the guide for the who are not yet quite ready, but ARE ready to begin the process of Gaia's Planetary Ascension.  

Did you notice that we placed the planet Gaia, above and before the Humans on Gaia. It is the NOW for humanity to remember their true Galactic SELF so that they can release the old third dimensional restrictions that have held Gaia in the lower frequency of the third dimension. 

When will you know when this shift will begin?
        How will you realize that YOU are being called to assist?
                    Where will this shift begin?

The answers to the above questions are within your own Multidimensional SELF.
If and when you listen closely to your Multidimensional SELF

You will KNOW when the beginning

Blessings to you all
Your Galactic Family

(On the Starships and In you human consciousness)

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  1. Thank you!!!! With love!!!

  2. Dear Suzanne could you help me with this situation that is happening with me please? Every day I take a moment (I actually stay up to an hour) sitting around trying to get into deep meditation or relaxation but to this day I never made it. I end up feeling more irritated and frustrated because I really want to feel this deep relaxation or meditation in order to be able to feel some moment of inner peace and also be able to feel or hear my own inner guidance. To this day Suzanne I never heard or felt anything about my Higher Self, I get desperate because every day I ask to feel this guidance in my life and I have no answer. When I try to meditate I stay in a kind of superficially silent because I cannot enter this deep state of silence. So how do I listen to my Higher Self? You know since 2004 I have been doing treatment for depression, I went from 2004 to 2011 taking all kinds of medication for depression that exists. Then when it was in 2011 I stopped all the treatment. In 2012 I had this first awakening, it was the first time that I woke up to all about this in relation to the planetary transition and everything else that was happening. Then a cleansing started inside me at the physical level at the beginning, but after 2015 everything I felt the symptoms of depression they got even worse. I started to feel much more distress, despair, demotivation and many negative emotions, thoughts and feelings started to surface and I started to have a lot of mental confusion and anxiety. Forgive me Suzanne for reporting this is that I don't know what I do and I have noone to talk. It seems as more energies come to Earth more, instead to feel better I get worse. I read in the messages that we can only communicate with the galactic family or with our Higher Self if we are feeling joyful and happy, right? I don't even know when it was the last time I felt joy or happy in my life, and I'm not even feeling peace. How can I connect with them if I'm feeling all of this? I try not to stay in that state but it seems that the more I try or pretend that nothing is happening anymore, this state of low vibration remains in me. What do I do? I honestly don't know what to do. I know that all of this is my Ego, it's not really me, but not even this I have been able to feel it, this non-identification with the Ego you know. All this was reading about the experiences of others. You know, I feel such desperation and distress inside me because I really want to feel that I am really being assisted by my spiritual team, but as I said until today, I still couldn't feel that I have this support with me. Could you give me a advice Suzanne, any tip or help that you can pass on to me, clear my doubts about why I am not feeling / listening to my inner guidance? If your guides / mentors can say something to you about what I wrote to you, I thank you very much Suzanne because I don't really know what else I can try to do to connect with my Higher Self.

    So much Gratitude Suzanne.

    1. Hey... u know any reason for ur depression, maybe trauma, or something bad happened or happening with u? Anything that makes u feel worse...