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                                 CHANGES, CHANGES AND CHANGES!!



Greetings from Sue Lie,

Welcome to this new version of Blog.  I have used the old Blog for many, many years. Therefore, please be patient with me while I figure out how to work with this blog.

How are all of you doing with this time of many changes? I know that sometimes I am feeling a bit 
"up side down." It is difficult to have to change how we feel about our reality, our life, and our selves.

In fact, it is the NOW to ask the Arcturians to come into this blog, so that I, as well as you, can ask 
these wonderful Higher Beings, "How can we adapt to so many changes within in such a short period 
of time?  Well, actually, some of theses "short periods of time" seem to be continuing on and on and on.

That is when friends come in. There is sooo much happening in our daily life that we need to stop, look, and listen to what our friends--that is friends in our physical worlds, as well as friends in the higher dimensions of our Multidimensional World. Yes, now we are bringing in the Arcturians. I will begin by asking them a question.

Dear Arcturians, 
We, the third dimensional versions of our Multidimensional SELF is becoming so lost in our daily 3D life that we are forgetting to remember that WE ARE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS. Of course, our Multidimensional SELF does NOT reside within our third dimensional  physical body, as this higher frequencies would greatly confuse our third dimensional expressions of self.

Therefore, we the Arcturians, will ask you to ask us, your higher dimensional expressions, the questions that you would likely not feel to comfortable with asking your physical friends, or even your own physical self. We, the Arcturians, as well as all the members of your Higher Dimensional SELVES, wish to commend you for your great patience during this time on Gaia's Earth which is riddled with more and more and more questions.

What is happening? Why is this happening? Where is the source of all the chaos that is with us day, after day, after day?  Dear Arcturians, please assist in whatever manner that you can. We, your grounded members of the Higher Planes, had NO idea that life on 3D Earth would be as it has been, while at the same time, there has been great growth  in your consciousness, simultaneioulsy while you may feel totally lost and alone.

We, the Arcturians, wish to reassure you that you are NOT  ALONE!!.  In fact, we the Arcturians, as well as ALL of your Galactic Family, are with you EVERY DAY  in  EVERY WAY! We know that your third dimensional perceptual field is not, yet, able to consciously perceive the many beings of your Galactic Family who are "overnighting you" during these challenging times. 

We, your higher dimensional family, wish to reming you that SOOO many of you visit with us, your Galactic Family, while your are sleeping or in deep meditation.  Yes, yes, we know that usually you do not remember these experiences. However, it is best within this now that you focus on your physical world, so that you can see the many growing streams of LIGHT that are moving into your ever-expanding consciousness.

The reason why your third dimensional self is not fully aware of what is occurring in your Higher Dimensional SELF is to protect you from the many hidden patches of darkness that are being awakened within this NOW.  However, fo not be too concerned about this as the awakening to the darkness that is about you, will assist you to more and more awaken to the LIGHT that is growing  BRIGHTER AND BRIGHTER  with IN YOU!!

Dear beloved volunteers to take an incarnation during this challenging time, have volunteered to assist dear Gaia, and in fact, you dear Earth Bound Ones, have been greatly assisting us, your Galactic Family Members who are meeting with you, and instructing you, and healing you, and loving you, EVERY
night when your physical body goes to "sleep"--which is actually when your physical body returns to your OWN higher dimensional frequencies of your innate Home worlds!

We, the Galactics, have seen how many of you are bravely facing great challenges during your working like. However, as you fall int what you call "sleep," many of you are actually returning to your Home Worlds and your Star Ships. Yes, yes, we know that many, if not most of you, do NOT remember your nightly visits to your Star Ships and Home Worlds.

One of the main reasons why you do not remember these adventures, as well your meetings during these adventures is because it would make it too difficult and even too dangerous to know what you know in your Higher Self. Therefore, dear brave ones, we, your Galactic Family, ask you to be patient and to know that you ARE assisting us by bringing us important information, as well as many well thought out ideas about how we, the Galactics, can best assist our "grounded ones" in a manner that will not endanger them during this time of great transition.

Yes, yes, we hear you say, "Please, please, help us NOW and HERE!'  However, many who ask this question do not register the answers that they have received. This "lack of memory" also has a reason which is, "because the cause is hiding in the darkness" YOU, the members of our Galactic Family, must first and foremost LIVE IN THE LIGHT!!

The answers that you seek are not in the darkness which is riddled with fear, illusion and lies. The answers that you seed are within your OWN Higher Dimensional SELF! Your own Higher Self will remember and remind you that the "dreams" you have forgotten in your Third Dimensional SELF, are fully awake and ready to act in your "Fourth, Fifth, and even your Sixth" dimensional expressions of SELF!

You may, or may not, remember that you have made many journeys to your Starships that are invisible to the third dimensional realities. It is also within these higher dimensional Starships, that you can see that much of the suffering that is occurring on your third dimensional version of reality is being healed via the Higher Dimensional LIGHT of the higher fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensional  frequencies of the Home Worlds and Starships that you will, have or have already experienced 

Please understand that the information that you receive in the higher planes CANNOT be understood, or even remembered, in the physical plane. The reason for this situation is to protect the brave Galactic Ones who have volunteered to temporarily take a third dimensional physical form. 

As you all know, there are many, many humans who have been VERY instrumental in this difficult phase of planetary ascension into the higher planes of reality. You are also aware of those who have chosen to think of themselves, and their "money" before they think about Dear Gaia and all Her many forms of living-beings!

However, energy out is energy back. Therefore, those who put out greed, selfishness, danger and fear will be greeted by those very experiences before they can move on into the Higher Frequencies of reality that await those who lived in Light and Love. This is not a form of punishment or reward, it is just that manner in which Dear Gaia has chosen to teach those who chose to live on Her Planetary SELF.

We are aware that many humans do not think that Gaia is a living being, or that Oceans are Water Ways are living beings. In fact, even the Sky is a living being. Fortunately, more and more members of humanity are beginning to realize that ALL life is Alive and needs to be cared for and loved in the same manner that humans care for themselves and their possessions.  

However, the concept of "possessions" will begin to blur as the concept of "love and light" becomes strong and stronger.  YES, "The darkest night is just before dawn," but YES, that"dark night" is more and more flowing into the "Lightest Light!" This darkness has been a harsh teacher. 

Therefore, we, the members of your Galactic Family, wish to remind you to be ever patient as:

                                                  THE SUN HAS ALWAYS RISEN!
                                            AND THE LIGHT HAS ALWAYS RETURNED

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  1. Thank you Sue!!!! Blessings to you and ALL!!!!!

  2. Esther from South AfricaJuly 13, 2020 at 6:32 AM

    Love love messages from the Arcturians. I was given a book a few years ago for my birthday by a friend written by dr Norma j Milanovich(We the Arcturians). Discovered just last week that I am originally an Acturian.

  3. Thank You so much for such a true message. It resonated greatly within me and yes I could feel the truth in every word.I always ask our dear galactic family to be with me, to all of us in all the days of our life but I am frustrated because I have not yet been able to communicate with them. There are so many messages and channels and many are not being true, sometimes leaving us even in doubt and depression.
    But after reading this message from dear Arcturians, I felt very good, I felt truth in everything and it helped me a lot to clarify why I still have no memories of my Higher Self and even of my galactic family. That message was really very important to me, very much. Every day I ask them to communicate with me, that I'm here and I really want to hear from them but no sign so far. And reading this message was their response to me as to why it hasn't happened yet. And yes, I often see ships in dreams but I have no memories of the meetings. Gratitude for the message.


  4. Thanks, I remember once I have been in the ship and when I got to my destination, I was dropped and I found myself in an under ground wide strange T road, it was dark in front but as I moved forward, the darkness gave way to the light. At end was a tunnel up, as I was about to figure out how to get out, I saw a guy carrying a dead young guy, I tried to hide myself but l couldn't find any place to hide for l was sorrounded with a bright light, but the guy went on the other side of the area and didn't notice me. I asked the question, how would I get off, My High said I get you out, I opened my eyes.

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