Friday, May 1, 2020

What do we see out side of our Window?




Most of us are in our home, office, or some other building. 
Since we must be so careful if with going out side

Try taking a moment to look out your window!
The humans are having many problems, 
but Nature is as beautiful as always!

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What do we see outside our window?

Now that we are on “lock down” in  our homes, it can easily be quite boring. However, on the other hand, within this NOW we are free to do many thing inside our house because we are no longer busy with our life at work, in the yard or any other places. 

Therefore, please do take a minute, or as long as you want to, to look outside your window. When we could go outside any time we wanted to, we just took that pleasure as a “normal” thing.  But now, going outside means putting on our mask to protect ourselves and to protect others. 

We may even feel like we need to wear more clothes to protect ourselves, as well as be aware that we are not entering the personal space of another person. How do we live with this? Also, to make life even more challenging, we do NOT know how long we will need to live in this manner. 

Therefore, I wanted to invite all my readers to email me at:
To share how YOU are dealing with this challenge of “being in lock down.”

The Arcturians instructed me a while back, sorry it took me a while to actually do so, to have a blog  where people can write into the comment section of my blog which is at:

You do NOT need to use your name, but if you wish to use your name, that is fine too.
I have been talking to many people—via the phone—about how they are addressing this very new challenge. 

Please feel free to share with other how YOU are doing, and what you are doing to make your life easier, your family happier, and to feel more connected to the world around you.

This NOW is a great challenge for all of the brave humans, and you are all doing the best that you can under these conditions. Therefore, pat yourself on the back and go to the comment section of this blog—please see below—and share how you are doing and what you are doing to make you, and your family, happier and feeling safer.

Thank you to all!
Blessings from YOUR Galactic Family, as they are with you ALWAYS.