Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Second "Preparing for First Contact" youtube Through Suzanne Lie


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Landing in a frequency near you!

What does that mean?

There are many frequencies of reality, but most people do not realize that. These different frequencies of reality all assist you to remember to remember your own Higher Dimensions SELF who resonates to the higher frequencies of reality. 

For example, your third dimensional frequency of reality is your everyday, human self who lives on planet Earth.  The people within this frequency are not yet aware that there are higher frequencies of reality in which higher dimensional beings, such as the Pleiadians, the Antarians, the Arcturians and Venusians.

These higher dimensional beings live in the higher fourth dimension, the fifth dimensions and beyond.  These beings are very often what a human may call their "Higher Dimensional SELF."

Your Higher Dimensional SELF resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Just as the ocean has different frequencies of water in different parts of the sea, all humans have different frequencies of reality within their Higher Dimensional SELF.

It is possible to connect  with and communicate with your Higher Dimensional SELF, and often do so during your sleep and/or your higher dimensional meditations. Unfortunately, your Third Dimensional Brain is usually not able to remember much about your higher dimensional dreams, thoughts, experiences and memories.

However, if you put aside a certain time and place in which you can place your consciousness into a higher state of meditation, with practice, you will be able to develop relationships with your own Higher Dimensional SELF. By going to the same place at the same time on a regular basis, you will actually create a higher dimensional energy field in which you call join  your Higher Self within your own higher state of consciousness.

You may also be able to remember what occurred on your "excursions to your Higher SELF," but you will usually need to document what you have experienced, as your third dimensional mind may not be able to remember your higher dimensional experiences unless you document them. Also, if you document your higher dimensional experiences, you will be more able to share your experience with others,

When you document your higher dimensional experiences, you can more easily share your experiences and even have a conversation with someone who has had similar experiences, as well as with others who are just awakening to the Higher Dimensional Reality that exists in the Higher Worlds and well as within your own Higher Brain Power and Inter-dimensional memory.

In fact, it is within you own Higher Dimensional Communications that you begin to remember more and more about your own higher dimensional experiences that are often forgotten in the midst  of the many challenges in you third dimensional reality.

Please remember that it is your faith in your own Higher Dimensional Self that you will be able to have faith in your Higher Dimensional experiences.  In fact, more and more "regular humans" are having dreams and meditations in which they experience some components of their Multidimensional SELF,

As more and more third dimensional humans meditate, research about, and believe in their own Higher Dimensional SELF, more and more humans, who are wearing their third dimensional body, will begin to remember their own SELF who guides them from the higher planes of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensional realities.

Perhaps you may wish to visit these realities. You just may find that it is a lot easier to "have this visit with your own SELF" than you may think.  If you begin to document your higher dimensional dreams and higher dimensional experiences, you just may find your own higher dimensional SELF, as well as some great Higher Dimensional Friends AND Family.

We, the Arcturians wish to remind you that WE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU!

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