Thursday, March 19, 2020

WHO is Talking to ME

March 19-2020

Who is Talking to ME

Photo taken long ago by Sue Lie

“All Right, All Right,” I heard a version of my self proclaim again and again.

“Where am you, and who are you?” I called to whoever was out there. 

“I am not ‘out there’. I am right here!,” I heard a voice that was mysteriously familiar. 

“I don’t know exactly how to introduce myself to you,” explained the mysterious voice, “In fact, I am not exactly sure who I am. But wait!...”  

“Yes, I think I am remembering where I am. But that remembering makes me more confused than ever.  Perhaps I am confused because I am remembering many things that happened long ago, or were from a different life, or even a different reality.”

“Yes,” answered a voice from deep, deep inside me, “Once you remember your true Multidimensional Self, fear will become an emotion that is ready to be transmuted into courage.”

“Wait a minute,” I heard myself say, “Who is talking with me?”

“It is I, your own Higher SELF who is talking with you.”

“OK, Ok, I am sure this is a dream, so I will play along with you. So, are you saying that I am more than my third dimensional ME?”

“Yes, you/we are much more than our third dimensional expression. In fact, we have many dimensions of our consciousness in which we experience many different forms that match the frequency of the consciousness to which we are attuned within that NOW.”

“OK, OK. I realize that I need to slow down a bit, or even backup before I go forward again. Therefore, I will take a long, slow, deep breath before I endeavor to ask another question.”

I will count out my breath and make my outbreath twice as long as my in breath… 

Good! Now I can continue communicating with whomever I seem to be communicating with. In fact, I think that it is the NOW in which I need to fully accept the fact that I, and basically most humans, are Multidimensional. 

Therefore, I, and most other humans, have more that one reality that I am consciously or unconsciously experiencing within the confines of my own third dimensional body.

How can I be me and simultaneously different people, and/or versions of me, inside my self? These other versions of my “self” are actually talking with, I guess they, or a higher version of ME, is communicating with the third dimensional expression of ME??

To my surprise, I hear, or is it that I know, a higher voice is saying from somewhere deep inside of me… “You (who is actually we) are much more than our third dimensional self.” 

“Since we, meaning the ‘we’ within me, who is awakening to a frequency of reality in which I am ME within the same now that I am YOU. Wait a minute here, what did I just say? I am so confused now. How can I be ‘the you who is talking with ME?’” To my surprise I receive an answer.

We, who are a higher dimensional version of the third dimensional you, is bonding together the opposites that allows your/our physical 3D self  to bond with our higher fifth dimensional self. In fact, you are beginning to consciously perceive that you, your third dimensional self, is bonding with me, your/our fifth dimensional self.”

“This bonding activates the higher dimensional areas of our brain that have not been conscious to your awareness until the NOW. The reason for this shift is because you are allowing the wisdom of your consciousness, and the loving of your heart to blend into the ONE.”

“When you can bond together the understanding of your Higher Dimensional Brain, with the Unconditional Love of your High Heart, and the Wisdom of your Multidimensional Consciousness, the ‘you’ of the third dimension can become the “we” of the fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality.”

“This ‘bonding together’ of your higher dimensional YOU with your third dimensional YOU will awaken your awareness of reality enough for you to be able to embrace and understand the power of Unconditional Love.

Then, suddenly, I was no longer in my physical body, but in something that looked like it was made of pure Light! “Wow,” I thought, “how can this be?”

“It has always been!” I heard the voice speak. And then, I suddenly awoke and was in my bed. “Was that a real meeting or just a dream?” I asked myself.

“What do you want it to be?” myself answered. 

“I want to know if I am awake or asleep,” I stated.

“You are NOW awake to MY world, but asleep to YOUR world.” 

Suddenly I remember the picture of the Starship that had started this entire conversation with….with who, I had to wonder. 

It was the vision of the Starship that reminded me of my true Multidimensional SELF in which time and space existed within the NOW of the ONE. It was a distant memory of a frequency of reality that I usually forgot, that is until I remembered. Then, once I remembered I had a memory of the ME who is awakening. 

“But what will I awaken to?” I heard my physical self ask.

“Your physical self will only remember that which fits into that frequency of reality. If you want to experience the plans of reality beyond the fourth dimension, you will need to allow your physical SELF to intertwine with your Multidimensional SELF who resonates to the YOU that you cannot yet remember.”

“But I want to remember!! How can I remember the me that is my Multidimensional SELF?” The voice was very quiet far too long for my comfort. 

Then suddenly, I heard, from yet another far away, but deep inside source. 

“All that you have learned and remembered about your many inner messages from unseen beings who have come into my imagination, or was it is your remembrance, is about to be revealed to the YOU who could not yet believe in your SELF!” spoke a inner voice which seemed far, far above me.  

“What was this imagination, or remembrance, and why can I not remember to remember it?” I asked my self.

“We congratulate you for remembering what you could NOT remember. Now you can begin to be aware of that which you ALREADY KNOW.”

Then, suddenly I awoke, or did I actually fall asleep. Could I be sleeping  to my SELF when I was awake, and only awake to my SELF when I was asleep? 


Dear readers, 

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Please return to the above story and to the video when you need a safe place to remind yourselves of the magnificent, Multidimensional beings that YOU truly are.

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