Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dear Galactic Family---The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Galactic Family

The Arcturians Through Suzanne Lie

Dear Galactic Family,
Do you have any information that would assist those of us wearing a third dimensional vessel?

Dear Ones, We, the Arcturians, are happy to address this issue.
It is interesting that you would say, “Those of us who are still wearing a third dimensional vessel.” In fact, it is a helpful manner for your self and for others to realize that you are NOT just a third dimensional human. 

In fact, many of you are Galactic Beings, just as we are, who have chosen to take a third dimensional “earth vessel” during this now of Gaia’s great planetary transmutation. Please remember that the difference between “change” and “transmutation,” is that change can, and does, occur within your third, fourth and even your fifth dimensional expression of self. 

Very often the humans who have not yet realized that they also have higher dimensional realities of SELF which their third, and even their fourth, dimensional expression of SELF is not yet aware of.

We, your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that ALL of you are Multidimensional Beings who have other versions of your SELF in the higher dimensions of Gaia’s Multidimensional Planet. We say this to you now, not to try to lessen your worry, or even fear, but to remind you that you are much more that you realize that you are!

There are many reasons, which many of you have experienced, that have made you forget that YOU are Multidimensional. What that means is that Your essence is NOT limited to the third dimensional, physical plane. Most important, we wish to remind you all that you can be in “constant contact” with your own Higher Self in the Higher Dimensions of reality.

Your Higher Self can remind you that YOU have personally chosen to take an incarnation during this extremely important NOW of your “human self.” It is also an extremely important moment in the life of your beloved planet Gaia, also known as Earth.  In fact, we find it is vital that we remind you all that your “human self” is just the lowest frequency of your innate Multidimensional SELF.

We, your Galactic Family, have observed that those of us who have been courageous enough to choose to wear a third dimensional Earth Vessel during this NOW of great planetary “readjustment" have needed to connect with their own higher frequencies of thought and emotion.

Though that connection, you will be increasingly able to rise above the fear and anger that many humans have, and could become trapped in. However, there is one strong antidote to the fear that is racing throughout Gaia’s planet. 

That antidote, is that this “fearful disease” is traveling all over the world. Therefore, since most humans are having the same fearful experience within the same NOW, it is possible that all the ones who are united by fear, can remember that first and foremost—THEY, the humans from all over the world, are indeed UNITED!!

Also, this unity is based on finding a solution to a problem that the entire world is having. Therefore, they cannot “blame the bad guys” or even “blame themselves.”  It is this lack of blame of others, or of themselves, that can allow them to focus on Love and Light. 

It is the focus on Love and Light that will allow the humans to expand their consciousness into their innate fourth and fifth dimensional expression of their own Multidimensional SELF.

At first, it may be that only a few humans that remember their innate Multidimensional SELF who are able to Unconditionally Love themselves enough to rise above all fear and to focus on sending out Unconditional Love to all the beings who have been suffering from this virus. 

There is a VERY strong energy field that will occur as more and more humans remember to “rise above their fear,” and remember and choose to live within, and to also send out, Unconditional Love to ALL of Gaia’s beings. 

Humans may have forgotten how Gaia herself is a living being, as is all the other plants, animals, fish, birds, insects and other creatures who have made Gaia their home. Remember that this “pandemic” began by humans who did NOT honor the animals that were NOT meant to be “eaten” by humans.

We say this, not to blame any human for what has occurred, as Gaia has been needing humanity to listen to what She, Gaia, has been telling Her human inhabitants for many eons. Humans have been harming their Homeworld for uncountable eons. It was inevitable that at some point in time, that the innate system of Planetary Health and Welfare, would be greatly harmed.

Gaia has had to suffer greatly at the hands of humanity. There have been massacres of  the indigenous human beings, who worshiped Gaia as their own Planetary Mother, many destructive wars by the humans, Chernobyl in which the land became radiated for an unknown time, finding a sport in killing animals, and in fact, the early Americans found a sport in killing the Native Americans so that they could steal their land.

Then, once the land was stolen, it was greatly damaged by the humans, who called themselves the “master of all that they owned". Of course, they did not “own” that land. Instead, they had “stolen” that land, and killed those who lived there in peace and harmony with the animals, plants, waters and each other.

In fact, there have been many generations of humans mistreatment of dear Gaia via, Chernobyl, two major World Wars and many, many smaller wars. Humans mourned the loss of their human family and friends, but ignored the damage that those wars inflicted on their own Mother Planet.

Now, after many generations of humans “running the show” and destroying their planet, they may wonder why their world has become SICK. However, now it is not just the planet that is suffering, it is the humans who are also suffering. Remember, that part of this “pandemic” began by eating animals that were not meant to be “merely food for humans to kill and take.”

Yes, NOW Gaia has the attention of the humans. NOW it is not just the land, the water, the sky, the plants and all the non-human beings living on the planet! NOW it is also the humans who are suffering. And, this illness does not just come to those who have weakened Gaia’s planet, but it has also come to the older and weakened humans on Gaia’s planet.

Of course, many, if not most, of the humans who have “caught this virus” were good people with kind and loving feelings for the Earth and for other humans. However, the energy out from those who did not care, and or protect, their dear planet, has come to many, many, good humans who have spent their lives caring for others, and caring for Gaia.

Unfortunately, disease cannot choose to whom it will attack. However, those who are the weakest are less able to survive that disease that flows throughout the planet with NO discrimination about how this pandemic occurred, and no known enemy but the disease. Of course, the weakest are the first to suffer, and the weakest are often the oldest. 

Therefore, it is the strongest humans who are meant to find a way to cure and stop what is occurring to many, many innocent people. What is needed is strong leadership from the people, the everyday people that are just “living their lives” and want to continue to live their lives. 

So, what is to be done? Strong Leadership by Strong Humans who care of their planet and their reality more than they care for money and having power over others. It is the NOW that humanity is called to find their OWN POWER WITHIN. This power within is available to everyone who is willing to Send Unconditional Love out into a world that is suffering from fear and illness. 

We ask everyone to please remember the Great Circle of Life, which is within EVERY Being. As you remember this Circle of Live, you will also tap into your INNATE inner power. Unfortunately, some have chosen to live via Power OVER rather than via Power WITHIN. 

We, your Galactic Family, wish you to know, that you ALL have “power within” because you ALL are Multidimensional Beings. We regret that there are still many who have forgotten that they chose to come to Gaia during this moment of the NOW to assist with Her Planetary Ascension. 

There are more and more humans who are realizing that we ALL share the same planet, and we will ALL need to work together as ONE being on Gaia’s Earth in order to heal the wounds that humanity has created on and within Dear Planet Gaia. 

Dear Gaia, does not blame the humans for their misjudgment. Instead, She asks all humans to UNITE in the Love and Light that will be stronger than ANY virus could withstand. The virus was humanity’s wake-up call that “something was very wrong and it needs to be fixed NOW.” 

Please remember that this “fixing” is the most powerful when it arises from “The Love for All Life” and the “Recognition that humans were meant to be the PROTECTORS of their planet, and not the ones who have harmed their own homeworld.  Of course, there are many humans, who have lived their lives caring for their beloved planet. 

We, the Arcturians, ask that all of you beloved ones who have loved your dear Gaia, to remember and step into the “reason why you chose to take a earth vessel during this NOW of great planetary challenge.” 

We, the members of your Galactic Family, recognize many of our friends and family who chose to take an earth vessel during this NOW of Great PLANETARY CHALLENGE. We, your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that many of you visit us in our Higher Planes of reality during your sleep and your times of deep meditation.

We promise to greet you all, and assist you to remember the Mission that you chose to fulfill in order to assist Gaia during this NOW of GREAT Planetary Challenge.

We, your Galactic Family, we come to you in your meditations and dreams to assist you to remember what you have promised to do for Gaia within this now, and how you can best fulfill that promise, which is also the reason for your incarnation within this NOW!

The CALL is out and we KNOW that YOU will ANSWER!

Blessings from your Galactic Family


  1. Thank you Dears!!! Love Light and Blessings for All and Everyone!!!

  2. Thank you Suzanne and My Galactic Family. I have heard the call this last week, and now yours here, and am already well on my well to creating and stepping into what I came here to do in this NOW. I remember now. I thank you for your constant Presence, support and Love. With Love, Light and Blessings xxx

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments

  4. So much Love!!!! Thank you so much! :) :) :)