Thursday, July 25, 2019

Galactic Ambassadors to Earth -- The Arcturian through Suzanne Lie

Galactic Ambassadors to Earth

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me today? 
Yes, we do have a message for you today and always. In fact, we have messages for all of our dear grounded ones who have chosen to take an earth vessel within your NOW. 

We say “within your NOW” because we, the beings who resonate to the fifth-dimensional frequency and beyond, no longer need to wear an earth vessel. However, if we do visit Earth, which we only do for a strong reason, we will temporarily wear a third-dimensional form so that we can easily walk among you. 

Yes, we Arcturians, Antarians, and Pleiadians do take earth vessels as a means to more deeply understand the challenges that our grounded ones experience while wearing a third-dimensional vessel. We have observed that you, all of our brave Galactic Representative to Earth, have had many challenges in your daily life. 

We have also observed that you, our brave representative, are remembering your true SELF more and more each day. Therefore, more and more of you are visiting your Star Ship or fifth-dimensional Home-worlds during your sleep and/or deep meditations. 

Very often your third-dimensional self will forget the messages that you received during your sleep and/or meditations. It is for this reason that we recommend that you, our brave Ambassadors, make sure that you have a paper and pen, or a computer opened to your word files so that you can instantly document the messages that you will receive.

We remind you of this for two main reasons. One, we wish to remind you that YOU are also an Ambassador to Earth.” How do we know that?” we hear you ask. We know that because you took the time to read and/or share this article. 

And, two, we know that you are Ambassadors to Earth because we can perceive your energy field in the same manner that you, the grounded ones, can perceive our energy field.

We, the Arcturians and many other members of your Galactic Family, have volunteered to create an ongoing relationship with our brave Galactic Family who has taken a human earth vessel within your NOW to best assist Gaia during Her time of great need. 

Therefore, Dear Ones, please pass on a message through me, a representative of our Galactic Selves, to the Higher Ones who are still wearing their human disguise. We realize that many of you are higher dimensional beings who have volunteered to take a third-dimensional vessel so that we can better assist Gaia as She moves into and through Her process of “planetary Ascension.” 

Few humans are aware that they are, indeed, Galactic Beings who volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. “What is a Planetary Ascension?” we hear you ask. Planetary ascension is much like a human ascension, but it is on a much larger scale.  

A Planetary Ascension can only “begin to occur” when over 51% of the humans on Earth begin their “Return to their true Multidimensional SELF.” There are two questions to be answered here. What is Planetary Ascension? And Why does 51% of the humans needed to “begin their personal ascension?”

Question  #1—What is Planetary Ascension?

A Planetary Ascension is when the entire planet, in this case, Earth, also known as Gaia, expands it’s energy field into the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Question #2—What is Personal Ascension?

A Personal Ascension is when a person expands their energy field to encompass the fifth-dimensional versions of reality.

Question #3—What is the process of Ascension?

Ascension is the process in which a person, place, situation and/or planet takes a cosmic leap into the Operating System of the next octave of reality, which, in Earth’s case is a leap into the fifth dimension. 

Question #4—What is a “leap into the fifth dimension mean?

Initially, the group, persons, places, animals, Elements, and Elementals of earth, air, fire, and water transmute their energy fields into the fifth-dimensional frequency of reality.  

Question #5—How can one tell what that next frequency is, and how can we tell that that “Cosmic Leap” has occurred?  

The answer is that one can FEEL the shift! First, you feel the shift of your heart and mind. Then you can begin to perceive a shift in animals, plants, fish, insects, as all that is Gaiabegins to shift into a higher frequency of reality. 

Dear Brave Ones who have volunteered to assist dear Gaia, we lovingly remind you that it is the heart and mind of all beings on the planet that initiate the gradual, or very fast, shift into the next octave/frequency of reality. 

In fact, it is the heart and mind of all beings, no matter how small the beings, or how small their heart and mind, this shift into a higher frequency of reality is gradually or quickly felt.

The heart and mind is the core of the “Primary Operating System” of every person, place situation and thing. Yes, even the smallest of all beings, as well as the entire planet, have their own Operating System. 

Each Operating System is designed to keep that being, and/or the entire planet, in alignment that their “Reason for Embodiment.” This reason for embodiment is what allows and activates the urge to grow to expand and then transmute, into a higher frequency of expression.

The “growing” is so that what has been “born” or “created” on Gaia, can expand its frequency and awareness. Whether it is a small bird, a huge Eagle, or a sense of unity that Gaia has been sharing with all her, bees, birds, aunts, fish, clouds, mountains and forests, all Her beings begin to have a “sense of Unity”

Humans are often the species that has the most difficult transition into Unity Consciousness because humans have a “sense of individuality” that many of the other beings on Gaia do NOT share. 

However, the humans who do have this sense of Unity Consciousness are often those that follow their need to give and receive love. These people often follow the “unity consciousness” of deeply caring for Gaia’s Elementals of Earth, Air, Water, and Gaia’s deep inner spirit of FIRE.

Interestingly, those who appear to have the most “stuff” can have the least Unity Consciousness. This is often because one’s consciousness does not expand just from what one does. Love, especially Unconditional Love—or Love without conditions—is the key to higher consciousness because love is about sharing, listening and speaking one’s truth from their heart.

In fact, love is much like a marriage in which the participants takes a vow of, “I will always love you?” Of course, many humans cannot keep that vow, but the mountains always love the sky and the rivers always love the rain. 

In other words, Love—TRUE LOVE—only knows the truth. “But, what is true love?” the humans often ask. To receive that answer, one needs to allow themselves to “sway like a tree in the wind, expand like the lake after the rain, surrender like the falling rain as it meets the earth and lives in unity like the animals of a heard.”

Also, all of the animal kingdoms loves Gaia exactly as She is. They do not need to change Her or make Her better. They are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with them. Love, true love, lives within the truth. “So, what is love?” humans may ask. 

However, they do not get that answer until they can sway like a tree in the wind, expand like a lake as it absorbs the falling rain, and feel the falling rain on their body like the animals in the forest. If one can love Gaia for exactly who she is, then they can more easily and openly love their fellow humans for exactly who they are.

Gaia does not think in terms of better or best. Gaia IS, and she allows all life to be what it IS. Also, this love is within the NOW of  the “No time and No place.” 

All is All within the NOW of the ONE.

Nature does not know the past or future and before or after. Gaia knows only NOW
How often do you ask, “Who am I Now?”
What am I doing NOW?
Where am I going NOW?
How will I get there NOW?

The Answer is:
You have always been
Some time

In fact within the times, the places, the where, the when, and the how, you are also merging with and falling into other times and other places. These “other times and places” can be your past lives, your younger self, and even your future self.

It is in this manner that the HERE blends into the ONE, 
and the ONE blends into the NOW!