Friday, July 19, 2019

Answering the Inner Call of Higher SELF - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie (Revised)

Answering the Inner Call of Your Higher SELF

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Create a certain time and date that fits easily into your life in which you PROMISE your Higher SELF that you will go to the same place, at the same time to build a higher dimensional energy field.

This energy field cannot be for personal reasons, as focusing on what you can give to others or to Gaia, is a much higher energy field than focusing on what you would like to get for yourself.

You can choose any day or time, but make sure that it fits into your life! When you go to that place, at that time on a regular basis, you will build an energy field. While you are in that place/energy field, take that time to read and/or listen to something spiritual and /or higher dimensional.

You can also read something spiritual and/or important to your life within that NOW. When you feel relaxed, plugged into a higher source, and ready to document your message, allow your self to go into a deep state of meditation.

Allow your SELF to guide you to connect with your Higher SELF within that NOW.

Have your computer opened to word and/or have a pen and paper so that you document and save what you have received from your inter-dimensional Communication. Remember that the higher energy comes THROUGH YOU and not just TO YOU!

One cannot connect with the Higher Beings if they have selfish purposes. Therefore, while in that time and place, remember that you are choosing to dedicate your consciousness to assisting others, as well as your planet Gaia. It is important that you do not have selfish purposes because then you are not preparing yourself to communicate with the higher beings.

Higher-dimensional beings resonate BEYOND third-dimensional separation, time, space, possession, and fame. These beings come from the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, they do NOT perceive the kind of “separation consciousness” that is common in the third dimension.

Also, make sure that the time and place you have chosen works for you so that you can connect more and more deeply with your own Higher SELF, as well as with whomever your Higher Self brings into your awareness. As you feel more confident and relaxed within your inter-dimensional communications, remember again and again that the messages come THROUGH, and NOT just TO you.

What we mean by coming THROUGH you is that, whether you remember it or not, you have volunteered to assist Gaia, Humanity, the Ocean, the Sky, the Sun, and all of Gaia's Planetary Family with the process of Planetary Ascension.

Your Higher SELF, who is the fifth-dimensional and beyond the expression of your Multidimensional SELF, is assisting you with Gaia’s planetary ascension. You may not remember that you made the agreement to assist with Gaia's ascension before you took this embodiment, and you may not remember that you have chosen to assist Gaia's with Planetary Ascension.

Yes, there are many who have volunteered (usually while visiting their Higher SELF while "dreaming." In fact, every day, more and more people are awakening to the KNOWING of the higher frequencies of SELF and higher frequencies of REALITY.

Of course, there are still many humans who are not yet ready to allow the Higher Light to flow through them, but not from them. In other words, they have chosen to be a “Channel of Light” in a world with too much darkness. We, the members of your Galactic, Angelic and Higher-dimensional Family, are very pleased that you have volunteered to take an earth vessel during this time of Gaia’s great challenge.

This is the NOW of awakening. And, for humanity to awaken, they will need to go deep within themselves.
Inside of all beings is a connecting source of Love and Light, which aligns all life with each other. Of course, too often, love and light have been replaced with hate and fear. This is because Gaia is beginning Her awakening to Her fifth-dimensional expression of Her planetary Self.

Therefore, Gaia--who is a living being--in going into the NOW of great transmutation. Many "humans" have chosen to take an embodiment within this time of great Transmutation.

In fact, all of Gaia's being we be called on to participate within the Great Awakening!
Gaia is, definitely, in great need of assistance from Gaia's Humans to be Channels of Light.

To participate in the great privilege of being a Channel of Light, it is helpful to create a certain time and place in which you can grow within your SELF, your Higher SELF, to ask questions of, and get answers from, your own Higher SELF.
"What is a "Higher SELF?" we hear many humans asking. The answer is specific to each person. Your "Higher SELF" is one of the many words used to mean "your fifth dimension and beyond expression (and expressions) of your Multidimensional SELF."

To communicate with that YOU, it is helpful to set aside certain times and go to a certain place where you are able to go deep inside your SELF. As you expand your frequency of vibration into the higher dimensions, you will be more able to commune and communicate with your Higher SELF, as well as with Beloved Gaia. Yes, humans CAN communicate with Gaia.

To communicate with Gaia and/or the higher planes of reality (fifth dimension and beyond) chose times and dates that you will put aside to COMMUNICATE with the higher dimensions. Within that NOW you will also commune with your own Higher SELF.

Be sure that you promise your Higher SELF that you will go to the same place, at the same time to build a higher dimensional energy field. You will then fill that energy field with Violet Light and Unconditional Love, as well as whatever you may choose.

We, the members of your Galactic, Angelic and Higher-dimensional SELF, are very pleased that you have volunteered to take an earth vessel during this time of Gaia’s great challenge. Yes, if you look at the weather changes, the damage to the planet, the seizing of power rather than the awakening of power, and other difficulties for both humans and planet to heal, you will realize that:

YOU are being called to remember your vow to be a Channel of Light. 
Blessings to you ALL, The Arcturians
We thank you for remembering!


  1. Thank you Dear Family!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you totally and for the understanding. I'm still mind blown and not sure of my next step but I made it this far so I won't stop. Reading all your messages helped. Thanks again