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The FirstTransmission from the Antarians through Suzanne Lie

May 27, 2019

Note from Suzanne:
The below information was channeled to me about the Antarians started on 7-4-14. I have been called to send it out, bit-by-bit via my Blog for all of you to experience. Antares is found within the greater star system of Scorpius (often known as Scorpio). Please the Star map for Antares below. Then, perhaps you can look up into the night sky to find Antares.

Through Suzanne Lie

Feeling Completion By Going Back To The Beginning

(Suzanne Lie speaks:)
As I come toward the conclusion of the Pleiadian books, I am coming towards the conclusion of many other areas of my life. Primarily, I recognize how the outdated behaviors of my third-dimensional self lower my consciousness. 

Third-dimensional behaviors have always limited our consciousness, but we could not identify them quickly enough to see the connection. Then, a long “time” after that behavior, we would realize the cause of the situation that we had created. 

Now we are seeing how our thoughts and emotions lay down the foundations of that which will soon be our creation. We are catching our self in the act of reacting to life in a third-dimensional manner. Therefore, we can more easily observe how our reactionary behaviors create the same kind of situation again and again. 

Fortunately, we are beginning to consciously connect the dots of our old patterns of “unconscious” creation. As we consciously identify our reactions and interactions, we are realizing that we can choose to Let Go of our reaction and allow the unknown to enter our consciousness. 

This letting go is beginning to be repeatedly displayed in our life. Therefore, we can be much more “conscious” of our unconscious creations. The wonderful lesson we are learning is that when we allow ourself to LET GO of our 3D reactions, interactions, judgments, and conflicts, something always manifests that is better. 

In other words, when we LET GO of our 3D reactions, a more creative and higher frequency energy field replaces that which we just released. With this realization, we may think that we would instantly “let go” of any third-dimensional reactions to any person, place, situation or thing that is lowering my consciousness. 

However, before we can Let Go of all 3D reactions, we have to identify our third-dimensional behaviors and/or habits that are tenaciously creating the very reaction that has NEVER worked. Why would we hang on to old behaviors that lower our consciousness and hold us in the lower frequencies?

The answer is because it has become “normal” to accept, behave, desire and/or react to life in a third-dimensional manner. As long as these behaviors are normal, we cannot see the portal of light that is quietly glimmering through the trees. This light is calling us to be aware of both our reactive 3D self, as well as our Multidimensional SELF who is constantly reminding us to LET GO of third-dimensional challenges. 

In other words, our inner voice is whispering, crying, shouting to LET GO of old patterns of engaging in the now extinct third-dimensional dramas. Yes, these dramas are extinct, but many of our perceptions are still tuned to a version of reality that only exists within our own unconscious self.

Fortunately, and often uncomfortably, we are NOW recognizing that these old tapes are no longer of interest. Our third-dimensional desires are diminishing along with our third-dimensional dreams of fame and recognition. Yes, we still like to feel as though someone is observing our life, however, as we stop judging our self, we are less and less concerned as to whether or not others are judging or acknowledging us.

Most important, we are beginning to KNOW and trust that we are always protected. We know that we are protected because we are able to “feel” our higher guidance above and within us. Of course, there still are “Initiations” which we have, are beginning to remember that we have chosen to experience so that we can confront any of our inner darkness that is ready to fall from our aura and be transmuted into Light. 

Through these Initiations, we are able to understand that we are actually being given another chance to confront and embrace the higher path of Multidimensional LIGHT. We can choose this higher path by releasing our fearful reactions and interactions with the illusions of the physical world. 

When we choose the Path of merging with the elementals, there will be a huge shift in our consciousness, and we will begin to have experiences of floating in and out of time. However, the main change has been in humanity's relationship with the elementals. With our loving assistance, Gaia's NATURE is forging its way into the fifth dimension via the growing trees, abundant flowers, myriad insects and hummingbirds.

Also, more and more of us have decided to LET GO of our corporate jobs, and/or the fast-paced life in the big city. More and more of us want to walk in nature and enjoy our friends, family and the new life we are creating. We are discovering our inner abilities to manifest the life we choose. Therefore, money and/or the lack of it has been an issue for so long that it has lost its value. 

Meanwhile, we are refusing to participate in a reality based on fear and lies. We can make this refusal NOW because we are remembering the WE are our “Higher SELF.” This realization allows us to remember that we can only create a loving life when we love our self. Loving our self is not easy because we have been trained for myriad incarnations that something is wrong with us. Or, maybe, we just aren't “good enough.”

Why did we never stop to consider just “who was judging us and "why?" We were far too busy “trying” to be good enough for “them.” That is one of the main things that are changing. Because we are not judging our self, and we are not being affected by the judgment of others.

As we move, together, into the next phase, We will find ourselves looking back to our first inter-dimensional and inter-galactic communication. Since these communications seemed so new, so different, and so unacceptable to almost everyone, we felt that we had to hide these experiences from others, as well as in the bowels of our computers.

Computer after computer, we held these early secrets that we kept from others and even tried to keep from our self. However, even though one part of us was wondering we were insane, another part of us KNEW that what we were experiencing was REAL. 

This process of expanding our perceptions  of reality, and perceptions of our self, we  began to meet  the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Antarians as they encouraged us to move" through the vortex” and into our higher dimensional perceptions and memories

Some time in May or June of 1995 I began to receive the below transmissions from Antares. I was new to the Antarians and had mostly communed with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and Venusians. Recently these files on the Antarians revealed themselves to my consciousness, as a strong Inner Voice told me to share this information within this NOW of May 27th, 2019, which just happens to be Memorial Day.
We are from Antares.
We Antarians have come into your awareness to communicate with you because you have remembered the ancient alliance that you have with the Antarians, who are the Warriors for the LIGHT. 

Many of you have not, yet, been able to recognize the portion of yourself, as you have placed it in the darkness of unknowing and judged it as “wrong” when you tried to share your awakening memories of being a warrior. 

Before you can move through the gateway of Arcturus, you must make peace with your warrior SELF and honor what you have done. We, the Arcturians, have asked you if you would be willing to share your information of "being a warrior for the LIGHT," and you have said, "YES!" 

We have messages, which we would like to relay to the people of Earth who are willing to hear.  We feel your doubt and fear to put your self in a vulnerable position. This fear is ungrounded.  You are great warriors for the Light.   

We translate the word “warrior” as one who is brave and unafraid of battle.  The battle is not the first choice, but it will be taken if necessary.  However, we on Antares have resolved the term battle into evolutionary terms instead of devolutionary terms. We are proud to say that many of you are very connected to us because of you from your days as a Norseman and as a Celtic.  Do you now remember your bravery? 

We came to your planet in the late 1980s to assist your Gaia to expand into her higher frequency expressions of form. We have also been working with humanity’s immune system, which has been very taxed by the pollutants within your biosphere. 

Some of the pollutants were released from Earth and others were a part of chemical warfare that was occurring in the sky above your planet. The apex of this battle at that time was above your city is now known as Los Angeles.  This is why we have come to communicate with you. 
It is time now for all of you to open your memory to us. To assist you with this process, we will recount the “dream” that many of you have had upon first meeting us, who is your own higher dimensional warrior.  

You were in your Light Body flying above your city.  The vibration of your Los Angeles is much like the vibration of Atlantis during its fall.  Our commander, Radulan, a name with which you are familiar, came to greet you.  There was a facsimile of a Spaceship created for you so that you could feel more comfortable.    

When you entered the ship you met with many old friends from past, future, and parallel realities. We are a very dynamic people. Our energies are very different from the Arcturians with whom you have formally communicated.  We are very tall to your earth standards, about ten to twelve feet tall.  Our skin appears copper in color to you, and we enjoy long hair, much like the ancient Celtic warriors. 

Many of you have taken on a body for this life that carries much of the genetic codlings of your Antarian people. Many of us Antarians followed the line of the heritage of  Northern Europe. You may feel our energy strongly when you were in Norway and/or Ireland.  None of these incidents are accidental.  

You have been being prepared for many lives for this task. Yes, we feel your hearts pull to Arcturus.  It is indeed the planet of your ascension. However, at this time of our first meeting you need to align your energies with our race of warriors in order to achieve the tasks that you are to accomplish. 

First, you had to come to peace with the Warrior within you.  It was the final step necessary for the opening of your Heart. We have assignments for you all that you volunteered for very, very long ago from your measurement of time. Of course, time is not as you would measure in your third-dimensional world. In fact, when you have made the transition from duality to unity, you will be living in the NOW. 

We speak to you from the omnipresent NOW. It is our task to assist you to understand the functioning of the NOW so that you do not become confused by the many ensuing changes you are facing. For example, you are becoming someone new at the same time that you, also, are becoming the person that you have always been. 

Furthermore, you are moving into the future at the same time that you are moving into the past. In no time and no-space, there is no separation between future/past or new/old. All simply IS.  As many of you have learned before, your planet is moving into the, NOW of your fifth-dimensional consciousness. 

We ask that you take a moment to Feel this Isness, Nowness and Beingness about you as you communicate with us. We use the word “US” because we are no longer in duality and no longer perceive ourselves as beings separate from each other. Again, when we say “no longer” there is an inference of time. It is difficult to communicate in your language without the inference of time or space.  

One of the techniques that will allow you to expand your conscious is to communicate with us by using a language free of references to time or space.  Within the NOW, language is NOT laid out in strings of letters or sounds such as we must now do to communicate with you.

Imagine now that we are with you.  See our form. Yes, we are very tall by your standards. We have taken on a denser form than we usually wear to facilitate your vision of us. Do you now see two beings standing behind me to my right and my left? They are emanations of my SELF.  

All is a spectrum. I am a band of energy. In order to communicate with you, I place my consciousness at a particular vibration upon that spectrum.  My “wings,” which appear to be two other people standing behind me to my right and left, are the "frequency bands" in my spectrum.  

Imagine a long ribbon that is elastic. It is anchored at two distinct points.  The points of anchoring are the edges of the spectrum. Now, these “edges” are actually illusions, but we choose envelopes of operation such as your envelopes of light and sound. 

At Tthe point within this band or envelope on which I place my consciousness, there is a peak of activity that fans out and behind me in all directions from that point of my consciousness. Experience yourself now as a point on your spectrum. Put the past at one end and the future at the other end. Now move your consciousness towards the “past” portion of the spectrum and experience Atlantis. 
 Feel your consciousness moving along the band of the spectrum and view some of the other lives that you have remembered.  Your Atlantis life has a “niche” on the spectrum, as it was the point of your entry into duality.  

Now realize that this spectrum is actually a circle, as is all life.  As you see the band as a circle you can match up the resonant point of your entry into duality with the point of your exit from duality. 
As you see this spectrum as a circle, you realize that there is no beginning and no end, no now and no later because you can travel around the circle many times. Also, you can go in either direction on the circle.  
Therefore, you can begin again and again, or end—again and again.  You, however, are not the point.  You are a spectrum.  The point of your consciousness is just a tool that you can use at this point of your remembering until you can embrace more of your emanations. 

In actuality, you are the entire circle and can exist in all “spaces” on the spectrum at the same “NOW.” You do not have to learn this process. You need only to remember it. We see in your mind the graph of the light spectrum and the points of it that are visual to a third-dimensional human. That is a good example of what we are saying. Now place that spectrum into a circle by connecting the “ends” of the spectrum. 

We ask you to practice expanding that spectrum of visibility until you can see all of it at once. How do you do this?  You move to a point of perception above the circle of Light. After you have achieved the ability to see the entire circle, practice becoming the circle and moving your point of awareness around it.   

We see that you struggle with the wounds of your long battle on Earth.  Release that struggle now and allow those wounds to heal. Your life shall be calm and simple for a portion of your time so that you can come into complete healing.  
Your body is undergoing a great transformation, your emotions are being healed at a deeper level than you ever imagined possible, and your mind is being expanded beyond all of your lives on Earth.  Allow yourself now to enjoy this process. The Light will care for your needs. Release that old belief that you have to struggle in order to survive. You will always survive because you are Spirit.  Spirit is infinite.   
You are very blessed to be able to have this experience of transformation first hand. For many lives, you have been prepared for this experience.  Remember to use your Merkaba.  Draw it out and meditation on the drawing. The integration of your higher selves into your current reality will greatly assist you.  
Finish all that you have begun and BE patient. All is proceeding just as it should. Remember, there truly is no time, as you know it. Therefore, there is no impatience.
Commander Maltese

(Note from Sue, It is interesting that I was guided to read this message now. It has been 19 years since I received this message and I am just beginning to enter the healing that Commander Maltese is speaking about.)

I just wanted to add the below:

New York Times: 

Navy Pilots Baffled by UFO Encounters

In an astonishing new story by The New York Times, Navy pilots detail their encounters with UFOs — “strange objects” that have “no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes,” but could reach “30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds.” The UFOs aren’t necessarily aliens — and are likely just unidentified terrestrial phenomena — but military officials aren’t sure what they are.
We are moving from "first encounters" to Navy Pilots talking about UFO encounters.  Maybe humanity is waking up to our higher dimensional realities.


  1. This is a fascinating article. I understand some of it, other parts confuse me.
    Given that we are alive now on Earth, in 3D, I'm not grasping how I'm supposed to let go of 3D reactions? I have a job and all the usual challenges and chores of life on Earth, so I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with all that and yet "let go of 3D reactions" or "third dimensional challenges"?
    I'd love to let go of negative, fearful, or frustrating 3D reactions -- is that what they're suggesting?

    1. Yes, letting go of negativity, fear and frustration is a great start, but not an eazy one. On the other hand, sometimes "letting go" can be very easy. In fact, it can be much easier than we ever imagined.

    2. Thanks Suzanne for the reply. The part that always confuses me when I read about this the idea we're supposed to just tune out the world, sell our house and car, and go live in the forest? Or can we do this in a way that still works within our present life? (Because why else did I choose this life anyway?)

    3. Wonderful points. You could think of these points as you are remembering your higher expressions of SELF. What is actually happening to many of us because our consciousness is transmuting into a higher frequency.
      One the many things that Transmutation means is:
      Transmutation is the process of raising the frequency rate from a third dimensional --time space-- reality to a fifth dimensional --HERE NOW energy field.

      Thanks for the question, I will put the full channeled answer

    4. Suzanne, I should mention this particular blog post grabbed my attention. Months ago I first started reading your books. I then had several (very vivid) out of body experiences while sleeping, nothing like I've had before. In the first, I was "awake" in my bedroom and could feel the strong presence of some other being with me, though unseen. When I wondered what it was, I got an almost hand-drawn image in my mind of an alien. I then got the sense that I somehow knew who it was, there was a familiarity about them in the "dream". Then this being's name came to me, which I wrote down as soon as I woke up. But even then it was a bit jumbled I couldn't remember all the letters. But what I wrote down was "The name sounded like 'Raylun or 'Reyulen' or something like that."
      So when I read your latest post and saw you mention "Radulan" that really grabbed me. It's so close to what I was trying to remember that night.
      My next experience weeks later took place in what looked like the interior of a ship. I found it very interesting that you wrote "There was a facsimile of a Spaceship created for you so that you could feel more comfortable."

      I don't know what any of it means, but it's fascinating.

    5. Yes, letting go of fear is a great place to start, and also a very difficult thing to do

  2. From the NY Times article: "The UFOs aren’t necessarily aliens — and are likely just unidentified terrestrial phenomena".

    This made me laugh. The wall of 3D denial still keeps trying to maintain its grip. Even though they are grudgingly admitting UFOs might be more than swamp gas, they still can't admit they represent an alien/dimensional intelligence. If you read these pilots' stories, there is no way the UFOs they are encountering are just "unidentified terrestrial phenomena" -- which is another way of trying to dismiss all this as weather or solar flares or similar.

    But still, it's baby steps in the right direction. I guess they need to soften things, cushion the blow, and ease people (and themselves) into the true reality of what's flying around our skies. In the meantime, it's going to be hilarious to watch as they keep grasping for more and more outlandish excuses to deny this represents a higher form of intelligence visiting Earth.

    I just hope there's a plan in place to stop this from becoming fear-mongering. If people start to accept UFOs as non-human intelligence, in this current political climate it could easily turn into fearful warnings about evil aliens coming to steal our jobs.

    1. I love what you are saying about the wall of 3D Denial and it's best
      Denial. On the other hand, there are lot of us who actually remember real experienced that we had.

      Thank for your comment, The Arcturians and Pleiadians want us to remember that they are here and they are here to wake up the 3D humans and assist them to remember that we also resonate to 4D and much more--resonance of SELF

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  5. Thank you Sue for sharing this message from the Antarians and your own comments always encouraging and inspiring.
    Blessings to all of you!!!!

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