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The Power of NOW--Arcturian Morning Message

The Power of NOW
A Morning Message from the Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie
Dear Ones,
We say “ones” as we speak to all who have chosen to listen to the messages that we, the Arcturians, Pleiadians and other members of your Galactic Family, are sending to you. We send these messages as you are our brave warriors who volunteered to take an earth vessel during this NOW of Gaia’s great need. 

Yes, dear Mother Gaia has been having a very difficult time due to the lost humans who care only for what is called “money,” and “power over others.” In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO money and “power over others” NEVER occurs.

You see, in our realm of the fifth dimension and beyond, power is only found within and would NEVER be considered as something that one would use to control others. This "power over others" is especially prevalent in an era before Planetary Ascension. The reason for this is because the “darkest night is just before dawn.”

Fortunately, this “darkest night” which has been gripping Earth, will eventually meet with the “brightest dawn.” This meeting will occur when humanity has evolved beyond their childish ways of “power over others,” and “conditional love,” and has expanded their consciousness to the frequency of reality in which they can most easily move into their own “power within,” and “Unconditional Love.”

It is the power over others, and loving only via one's selfish desires, that is at the core of the fear and selfishness that can move through a third-dimensional reality like a firestorm. And, why does this fear seem to have more power than love?

For one thing, if love is “conditional love” then it is not loving at all. Instead, conditional love is a means for control of others. And why do humans wish to control others?  It is because these lost ones can NOT control themselves. 

If you look at everyone who needs to have power over others, you will see a small, lost child who cannot find the means to control their own third-dimensional self. There are many reasons for this loss of power within one's SELF, but the main reason is the loss of unconditional love from others.

These lost ones may appear to have power over others, but if you look closely, you will see many of them do NOT have much power over themselves. Therefore, they need to be bullies or gather vast amounts of the third-dimensional substance known as money. Third-dimensional money is useless in the higher worlds, but can be very addictive to those who resonate to the third dimension.

The Galactics view Earth money as pieces of paper and or circular configurations on different sizes of coins or paper. Money has no power at all in the higher dimensions of reality, but it has great power in Earth's third-dimensional reality. Why does this substance have such power in the physical worlds?

What we perceive from our higher worlds is that money is a primary manner in which the lost ones can have “power over others.” Money is how humans get food to eat, a place to live, and a job that gives them their money. 

But something quite sad has happened on Gaia around money. There are some who have a great deal of money and use that money to serve humanity and planet Gaia. However, many ones who have a lot of money use it to control others and to set themselves apart from the others that have less money then they do.

In fact, money has been used far too often to gain “power over others.” These lost ones only use their money for their own selfish gains and do not realize that money, which can buy them fancy homes and even more power over others, cannot buy them inner peace, unconditional love, joy and or deep inner peace.

Of course, money can buy a huge fancy home, a big expensive car, and even the ability to manipulate others. They may enjoy their fancy home, but without love, it will not give them love, peace, and contentment.

Within the reality of third dimensional Gaia, on which you currently reside, your consciousness appears to reside within your physical body. However, your consciousness can expand far, far beyond your physical form. In fact, with practice and loving intentions, you can expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of your Earth Life.

In fact,  your consciousness can expand far beyond your physical form and can even include your own fifth dimensional, and beyond, Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, where they choose to place the focus of your consciousness will greatly determine the reality which you have chosen to create for within your current incarnation.

Yes, humans do have the ability to choose their reality, but some of these choices are made before their incarnation. From the higher worlds, it is difficult to imagine the degree of fear, selfishness, and power over others that can occur on dearly beloved, third dimensional Gaia. However, we come to you within your NOW to remind you, that those who live via power over others would seldom be interested in what the Arcturians have to say.

It is those who are learning, remembering, and constantly looking towards living in a higher dimensional form of reality who are beginning to remember from deep, deep within their heart and soul that there is something HIGHER and something that is MUCH MORE EVOLVED than their third-dimensional world

Of course, only those who choose to look within, listen to and follow the guidance of their heart and soul, have the ability to live within the timeless NOW of the fifth-dimensional realities. The NOW is not a place or even a time. The NOW is a state of consciousness. 

The NOW is the ability to remember the YOU that you are within your higher frequencies of reality. In these higher frequencies of reality, there is NO time, as you know it on the third dimension. In the NOW there is ONLY the constant flow of the NOW.

What does “the constant flow of NOW” mean to humans who are wearing a third-dimensional body?

This NOW is unknown to many third dimensional humans. In fact, in order to experience the NOW, the earth-bound humans will need to go deep within themselves to find this NOW, and hopefully meditate on the NOW as they welcome it to come into their daily life.

Yes, we Arcturians see that we may have lost you with our latest statement, so allow us to go into the concept of NOW more deeply. The NOW is every second of your reality that you may, or may not, be aware that you have experienced, are experiencing, and/or will soon experience.

The truth is that life on third dimensional Gaia can so very difficult to so many people that they are just “getting through.” And what are they just “getting through?”

They are just getting through their life. Why does this occur? It occurs because third-dimensional reality can be very challenging. The frequency of the third dimension does not have the deep sense of grounding into the planet that the second-dimensional reality has, nor does it have the wonderful creativity of the fourth dimension. 

In fact, the third dimension is much like the “first grade” in school. Some of our brave ones who have decided to have an incarnation on the third dimension have been able to create a wonderful experience for themselves. However, because the third dimension is a polarized reality, the experiences of good and bad are often a component of daily life.

However, many higher dimensional beings who have visited third dimensional Gaia, return back to the third and/or fourth dimension to assist the beautiful, loving Gaia and all Her many life forms to transmute into their innate fifth-dimensional forms.

On the other hand, even the most uncomfortable or even extremely difficult experiences on Gaia can be overcome. In fact, if one is able to overcome, and learn from the difficult aspects of third-dimensional life, they will be creating their own “stairway into the higher dimension” when they return from their journey into higher dimensional Gaia.

However, as they move further away from their third-dimensional reality, which can occur during the returning to SELF, they may choose not to use the 3D term of death, as death is an illusion of the third dimension. More and more frequencies of humanity are realizing that when one “dies” to their third-dimensional earth vessel, their essence/soul returns to the higher dimensions from which they first came. 

Those who can only believe in, and thus can only experience, the third dimensional, physical reality is often unable to perceive their Higher Self in any manner. Therefore, they may believe that they do not have a Higher SELF.  However, the sky is still there even if one cannot see it.

In the same manner, the higher dimensions of reality are indeed “real” even if you cannot perceive them. However, if one who is wearing an earth vessel wishes to perceive their own higher expressions of SELF and/or the higher expressions of Gaia, they can use the great power of their “imagination.”

Yes, many humans may scoff at the awakened ones who communicate with and/or follow the instructions of their Higher SELF via their "imagination" because these particular humans can only believe what they can perceive with via their third-dimensional perspective.

What these lost ones do not realize is that  “what you can allow your self to believe is what you will be able to perceive.” Of course, there are many forms of “perception.” For example, our scribe cannot perceive us with her physical, eyes or hear us with her physical ears.

The reason for that is because we Galactic Beings resonate to a much higher frequency of reality than most humans do. Of course, many humans have learned the manner in which they can believe that which they cannot perceive because they can FEEL, they can KNOW, and/or they can REMEMBER that which came before they took their current earth vessel.

They also remember that, when it is their NOW, they shed their earthen vessels and return to their/your higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Yes, ALL of you have higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

Unfortunately, some humans have become so lost in the illusions, especially the illusion of “power over others,” that they totally forget the “power within themselves.” It is the loss of one’s “power within” that drives them to live the illusion of “power over.”

We say “illusion” as the ones who live via  “power over” have chosen within themselves to participate in the illusion of having another human have power over them. This is especially damaging if one would choose to have “power over” children, old ones, ill ones or other humans who are able to understand what is happening and/or how to change that situation.

These ones who chose to hold “power over others” may not be too pleased by the lower level of the Astral Plane to which they will travel when they leave their third-dimensional body. When one leaves their earth vessel, through death, or even through very deep meditation (which is not recommended) they take their life force with them.

It is for this reason that we do not recommend deep meditations in which you “leave your earth vessel.” In fact, if one stays grounded in dear Gaia during their meditations, they will be much more able to remember what happened during their meditation. They will also be more able to commune, and/or communicate with their own Higher Dimensional SELF.

We do recommend that you instantly write down any higher dimensional experience you may have during deep meditation. The third-dimensional brain is not able to remember a higher dimensional experience for a very long “time,” as these higher dimensional experiences take them beyond third-dimensional time and into the higher frequencies of the “no time” of the NOW.

Exactly what is “no time” and what is “the NOW.” Third-dimensional time is based on planet Earth revolving around the Sun. On the other hand, the NOW is based on a state of inner consciousness that is not dependent on the planet, the Sun, or your third-dimensional vessel.

This higher, inner consciousness is not based on what is occurring around you, or outside of you. Your higher dimensional, inner consciousness is based on your ability to be the Master of your own thoughts and emotions. Being the master of your thoughts and emotions means that you can choose to accept certain thoughts and emotions into your daily consciousness and choose to NOT participate in other thoughts and emotions.

Yes, you all do have the ability to be the creators of your reality, and in fact, you are. However, some creations that arise from one’s lower states of consciousness may not be a conscious choice, but they may be a challenge from your Higher Self to expand your consciousness even further.

If one can look at third-dimensional reality as the frequency of reality that they chose to experience, they can perceive themselves as choosing to assist Gaia, and all Her beings, to expand their consciousness, and thus their perceptions, into the higher frequencies of their personal reality.

Also, and most importantly,  they can realize that they chose this reality in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Rebirth into Her fifth-dimensional expression of reality. As humans assist Gaia and Gaia assists humans, a deep bond can occur in which persons and planet can merge into the Oneness of the fifth-dimensional frequency of reality.

We, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Venusians, and other higher dimensional beings can assist Gaia and all Her planetary reality to begin their return to their true fifth-dimensional SELF.

In fact, we, the members of your Galactic Family, invite all of you, our incarnated family, as well as all our family wearing fifth-dimensional vessels, to join into the ONE of the NOW of fifth dimensional Gaia!

We, the Arcturians are HERE within this NOW of the ONE, which ALL of YOU
We look forward to seeing all of you in the higher dimensions

The Arcturians, Pleiadians and other Galactic Beings

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