Saturday, July 28, 2018

Becoming ONE--Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


We stand at the end to see the beginning
And dream of an Earth where ALL life is winning

No one is hungry. No one is poor.
No one is greedy, and no one wants more

We dream of an Earth where the land and the sea
Become ONE with the people, Like you and like me

On this Earth we are ONE With the rocks and the trees
And commune with all nature Through the land and the breeze

As we open our senses to dear Mother Earth
Who offers a platform where we can know birth

This birth gives to us, a world filled with mystery 
And offers a theater where we create history

But history is ending, the future is NOW
We know we’re a planet, but don’t know quite how

Something inside us remembers a deal
Which we made long ago, before we were “real”

We didn’t have form as we soared through the sky
But wanted a body and didn’t know why

An urge deep inside us sought for our call
From our being or place where we could learn all

For a “place” that had “time” for hearing and seeing
A place we could learn our reason for being

A time we could grow and share our true being
 With “others” we’d know by our hearing and seeing 

The concept of “others” was new to our “ONE” 
We’d not known a planet, or even a sun

Together with Gaia, The heart of us all, 
We entered a form, and began our great fall

We fell from the heavens, and landed right here
To remember our love, and learn about fear

We’ve learned all we need, and feel quite complete, 
Our memories are gathered, some bitter, some sweet

Together we journey Deep—deep inside 
Where only the TRUTH lives, with no place to hide

We know that this journey that starts will NOT end 
And that is the message that we will all send

Awaken, dear Spirits, adventure is here

We can ALL live in Love and release ALL our Fear

If we open our hearts And let the TRUTH in 
That’s all we need do So it can begin

And what will begin, we are not quite sure 
But FEEL it is Loving, and KNOW it is Pure

For with our hearts open, our “feeling” and “knowing” 
Projects the reality
our Being is showing

“Our” Beings are many for together we stand 
The people, the creatures, the sea and the land

For NOW, we remember, we chose to come here
 To call in our Soul/SELF who resides beyond fear

This true SELF we ground Into the Great Mother 
To return to the ONE where there is NO “other”

Then people and planet will all Become ONE 
As TOGETHER our Light Will outshine the Sun

Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians


  1. Be ONE be JOY!!!! Thank you!!! Blessings!!!!

  2. I just now discovered the Arcturians and KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are my people. I'm 52 and feel I woke up too soon as I was 3 yrs old.I spoke.of this time on Earth to my mom at 5 and it went south from there. I am asking what is my Galactic Name and curious as to what my purpose is. Im a free spirit who loves all beings and am yearning for nature because I've been in abuse for the last 25 years. I've prayed with intent for God to make a way for me as I need to live alone. I have.nobody in my life anymore and since my Kundalini, and experiencing 5D I have a new perception and I have nobody to even discuss my experiences with. I'm longing to KNOW what my purpose is here as i have always been a Light Being and don't know anybody like me. I'm in hopes that the.Council can direct me to my destination where I can be alone and manifest my purpose. I'm at such an accelerated rate of vibration that my mere thoughts are reality ON DEMAND. I'm so honored to meet you and feel I belong.somewhere. I am curious as to whether you are aware of my Transmission, I'm assuming this was a transmission , a couple weeks ago. I.was hypnotized by Ra from the Law of One. This is so new to me as I had fallen into 3D more than I realized and have no support in my endeavors at this time. I KNOW that I have everything just like the birds. I don't have as much connection with nature as I'm used to and feel I.may shrivel up and die before my purpose is.fulfilled. I've done this for 52 years and "I, too, do not want to do this again. Its been traumatic for me. I love with my while heart and have been hurt by my most cherished loved ones. I'm very much into doing my part for Gaia as far as keeping my vibration up and spreading unconditional Love to all HUMANITY. I now am in solitude and prefer to have friends that i meet and resonate with online. I'm not being extremely discriminate as to who I have I in my life, space etc. Thank you so much for being here and.please let me know if you were here for my veil being lifted after an intense dream of breaking into my new life. I'm so grateful as to have found you all.
    Love and Light always.

  3. I'm also curious about the Starship as I have a very active sleep life and is when my dreams and visions come. Lately they have been a little different. Since this Awakening.

  4. Thank You for this beautifull poem <3