Friday, July 6, 2018

A Dream, or Was it Real--Arcturians and Sue Lie



I had a dream, and in that dream I was in a place with a stadium setting. I watched as people began to turn into monsters. Then I took a stick and touched the crown of their head as I said, “I am Love.” They then turned back to normal people. I wrote the dream down and then quickly forgot it. 

While my husband was driving us home today, I looked in my purse for something and found the above message written on a small notepad. I had forgotten the dream by now and just saw where I had scribbled it in my notepad so I would notforget it. 

But, I forgot it any way. How many dreams have we forgotten during the long struggle to “make it” into the higher dimensions? And, how many new dreams have replaced the long forgotten old dreams?

We are in the process of entering the NOW of great change. There can be no more excuses as to why things should stay the same. The “same” is over and the NEW is NOW. Fortunately, as the old is ending, the new is slowly beginning. In fact, we are slowly, or quickly, remembering what we forgot, and then forgot that we forgot it.

We forgot our origins in the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond because we were too busy trying to “get ahead” or “just survive” in the third dimension. And why did that happen? Because we forgot!

Just as I forgot that short dream, we all, or many of us, if not most of us, forgot our true fifth dimensional SELF. Sometimes we remembered our fourth dimensional dreams and meditations, but usually only if we documented them and found them later, just as I forgot and found that dream.

If we are forgetting our fourth dimensional dreams and creative experiences, then how will we find and/or remember our true fifth dimensional SELF? Will we find this SELF within our imagination?

Imagination is much like fifth dimensional thought. If we can just allow our imagination to flow freely though or heart and mind, maybe we can remember. However, first, we must remember our dreams, meditations, and all our journeys into our higher frequencies of SELF. 

Then, we need to member that our dreams and meditations are REAL.

Do we really have a Pleiadian, or other galactic self on board a Starship? Can we really see a Pleiadian and/or Arcturian standing in the corner of the room while we meditate or do something creative? 

Why would we choose to imagine that? Is it because we wanted that choice to be true, and to be real? There are many third dimensional things that we do NOT want to be true. 

Some of these dreams, experiences, challenges, we may be able to change, some we may not be able to change. Some them belong to the collective because just one person does not have enough to create the change that is so needed. Also, some changes are extremely important and need to have the “power of MANY working together as ONE.”

As the many become the ONE, the ONE united consciousness can expand beyond the third dimension, the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimensional realm of the NOW of the ONE. 

Alone it is too much for us. But if we can unite with our God, Goddess, All That Is, as well as with as many awakened humans as possible, can we create (or is the word “allow”) the fifth dimensional reality of love and light into our Heart, into our Minds, and into our Daily lives. 

But, maybe we don’t need to create it. Maybe what we need to do is to BE IT! 

What if each of us could remain “lovingly tough” through all the frightened ones on the head to remind them to remember that “They are LOVE.?”

Would they remember? Would we remember to remind them. Or just as I forgot the dream, would we forget to remind them?

WE forget to remind our self that “I AM” transmuting from my third dimensional expression of my physical human into the fifth dimensional SELF that I AM?

How do we change that which has existed for myriad incarnations in “time” to prevent that which our fear has warned us is coming? Then, how can we “release our fear” and “share our love?”

Can we stop “people” from turning into “monsters,” just by tapping them on the head and saying “I AM LOVE,” as I did in my dream? 

And, how could one resonate to frequency of  “I AM Love” with the knowing that WE ARE fully, deeply unconditional love, which we share with some one, some place, some idea. It is not enough to just feel that love, or share that love. We must BE that love. 

Our I AM Presence/SELF is the frequency of our SELF that stands at the threshold between the top of the fourth-dimensional, conditional love and the entrance to the fifth- dimensional, unconditionallove. This “Presence” of our SELF is constantly telling us, 
“I AM Love!” 

Can we believe that inner/higher expression of our Higher Dimensional SELF to remind us, whenever we need it—which is likely often, that “I AM Love!” If we are LOVE, that that is what we will share and that is how we will live. 

But can we always share and live that way? Of course not! However, if we can remember that “I AM LOVE” we can love ourselves enough to forgive ourselves for when we forget. 

When we forget that “I AM LOVE” we can easily fall into the fear, anger, sorrow and impatience that is far too often a component of our third dimensional frequency of reality. Why, why are these difficult experience so much a part of our third dimensional life?

The answer is that Gaia is a School! We chose to go to school on the planet Earth so that we could fully and deeply remember how difficult it is to live in a third dimensional reality. From our innate Home in the higher dimensions, we can “look down” to “help from afar.” 

However, being a human on a planet that is moving into Her “the darkest night precedes the dawn” is a great challenge, to say the least. We could say that there are so many bad things happening now. However, so many bad things have always happened on Gaia.

Gaia, the planet, has the Operating System of “energy out equal energy back.” Therefore, “what goes around, comes around.” Gaia’s Operating System also includes “time and space” as well as “separation and limitation.” 

Therefore, ALL of us (and if you can read this and say “that’s for sure” you are one of the “us”) who chose to leave the total safety and unconditional love of our homes in the fifth dimension and beyond, to assist a small third dimensional planet in the process of planetary ascension, have chosen to “tap our fears on the head” and say “I AM LOVE!”

Yes, We ARE LOVE! We do not need to gain that love, work for that love, or deserve that love. If we can remember to remind ourselves on a regular basis that, “I AM LOVE,”
many of our “monsters” will turn back to “normal people.” 

But these “normal people” have a secret! Deep inside the love that they have for themselves, the reality that they know they have created, and the planet that they came to heal and serve, is their—YOUR—True Multidimensional SELF!

It is within your Multidimensional SELF that you will Remember!

And what will you remember?

I don’t know, but please share it with others because YOU are important!

And, YOU are LOVE! 

If you have a dream or experience you would like to share with others, 
please put it in the comments section just below the blog.
Thank you so for sharing


  1. I feel that interdimensional experiences are always calming, funny and loving -not moments- but real blossoming states. Amongst them, I remember to have seen a beautiful rainbow ball falling down in a lagoon after a long time hanging over the air; or to meet unknown people who transmit clear and healing messages to me after having asked the Universe for assitance and clarity; or to see lights -like stars- over shoulders, heads, etc., of different people or, to see, so often, butter and dragonflies around me, even in the winter season and in the middle of a crowded city among cars and buses.
    I always enjoy them a lot!!!!! and believe that they are really gifts from the Universe!!!
    Thank you very much for all these lovely experiences !!!

  2. I had an interesting "dream" where I made contact with extraterrestrials at my old workplace. I met with a green ET being, greeted him and hugged him. I believe he was about 7' 2", and he had on these special glasses so he could see people's heart rate/auras.

    Later when the ET's were leaving, a human-like being said, "You know this is real right?" And I said, "I believe it." And he said, "I know you do." And they said "goodbye for now," and lastly he said, "We did it!" And he gave me a high five. I started to get excited. "We did it!" I said back.

    Thank you Sue for the awesome blog.

  3. We may be able to change, some we may not be able to change.
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  4. This has reminded me of a repetitive monster dream I had years ago. I was being chased by monsters and had to run very fast and do somersaults to get out of their way, I felt really scared. Then I started to wake up in the dream and reminded myself I could do anything I wanted to so I jumped up to the ceiling to escape which was great because they couldn't do that. Once I had developed my confidence that I was much faster and agile than they were it became fun and turned into a game, eventually I was able to engage and make friends with them, then I stopped having the dream.

  5. I had multiple dreams of flying through space in a small body sized vessel. A constant voice spoke to me and told me it it was ok. In one of these dreams I floated around a planet sized sphere with 144000 facets with light streaming from inside out. It was fantastic. I was told it was the Sphere of Knowledge.
    I met many beings in an Arcturian vessel. I met a large lobster who shared with me the most beautiful feeling of love I had ever felt. I Am That I Am. Thank you for your messages.

  6. From time to time I have a dream that I keep on remembering. Just a few weeks ago I was standing in front of a big "container" of water. The water started to move and talk to me. We had a wonderful interaction but I cannot remember the words spoken, only that the water was Giving Me Knowledge.The feeling was amazing and I said to myself; I am water of this planet, I am part of Gaia.

    Love and Light

  7. Gracias Suzanne por compartir tus riquezas!! ERES AMOR... YO SOY AMOR... Y todos en GAIA SOMOS AMOR... Un abrazo de LUZ EN AMOR. PS: A todos los qué comparten en este espacio gracias! "TODOS SOMOS AMOR" 💞

  8. PS : Corrección : A todos los qué comparten en éste espacio, gracias"

  9. PS: Corrección: !A todos los qué comparten en éste espacio sus experiencias, gracias! "TODOS SOMOS AMOR" 💞

  10. I do not remember being born/coming here as a baby.

    What I do remember is that on one occasion, - as my some other Self, I was getting ready to log into this reality from a different one. It was some sort of ‘job’ of mine, accompanied by a feeling of service, duty and joy! Apart from this Earth reality, I also had to log into nine other ones the same day. Time was different there, one Earth day was only half an hour where I came from, so I still had time to do things for myself after visiting/living in all 10 realities assigned to me. I woke up as earthly me exactly when I was reviewing/reminding myself why I was doing all this.

    Thank you Suzanne for sharing with us for so many years, it helped a lot!
    I meditated for 3 years and had mind blowing experiences, I recovered from depression and feeling so different and alone. The result was a feeling of complete freedom and immortality, as if I could go anywhere or everywhere was Home! It didn`t last though as I stopped meditating and forgot everything. I am now starting to practice mindfulness again with the help of Echart Tolle`s books. I can`t wait to feel free again!

    1. Thank you for sharing your amazing fascinating dream and telling a bit about yourself. Eckhart's books and teachings have helped me a lot and although I have always felt different too and always longed to 'go home', also know what depression is, PTSD, I know who I really am and looking back on my life can only say: it is not always a merry-go-round, but a tremendous school for personal and spiritual growth/evolution. I wish you the VERY BEST on your road through this life. With much LOVE, Susan xxx

  11. This happened during meditation. I suddenly found myself in a place of infinite Light, with no knowledge withheld in any way, as there was only one vibration there. The word that comes to mind is Love/Happiness, complete and perfect. Apart from non-verbal communication of information, which was transparent, available to all instantly, there were ascended beings whom I asked a question. My question- How can Earth be saved- lowered my vibration as I kept repeating it, and I started to ‘fall’ back to Earth, going through various states of consciousness. Half way ‘down’, I started to have thoughts and it shocked me how low in vibration thoughts were compared to non-verbal instant communication experienced just moments before the ‘fall’. When I felt myself fully back into my body, everything felt heavy, gray and I was in a state of depression for 2 weeks. Oh well, I recovered and I treasure the experience as I don`t recall ever feeling so wonderful as I did up there. Maybe next time I will ask more appropriate

  12. In another dream, me and another girl were hiding from some beings dressed in dark robes in the woods at night. We were inside a mountain cabin. The tall beings in dark robes were standing outside, spread all over around the house, willing to wait until some code will be re-written on a device placed on our wall. That was said to us telepathically and it sounded more like a threat but it didn`t matter. We were relieved that they were leaving. I wonder what that protection code was and why we have a time limit...

  13. Thank you Sue so much for your blog with this infinite tenderness... I have recurrent dream where I climb a tall yellow mountain and then there is such a steep descent that I feel for sure I will fall and I then never do and climb happily again. The landscape around me is austere all gold and yellow with dark grey skies but magnificent. I love that dream.

    Then I had one extremely funny thing that happened about dreams. About six years ago I was told to have a memo pad by mu bed and note my dreams during the night. I had one, and I woke up thinking OMG this is the spiritual key to everything, so I scribbled in the dark what was that key. I woke up in the morning thinking OMG I am going to know the KEY !!!!! And I took the memo pad and read what I had scribbled and it was " Potatoes are yellow ! " I think I laughed for a week !!!

    Thank you Sue I love you !!!!!

  14. Crystalline PillarAugust 6, 2018 at 2:32 PM

    I've always had a repetitive dream of a tidal wave coming at me and I would always run to higher ground and guide everyone else to do the same and everything was ok, it always subsided and never went over us.

    Now my most recent dreams of this past year was pretty amazing. One I was "seemed like" I was sitting on the edge of the planet and staring up at the most amazing pink, purple, gold, blueish, green sky exactly like a nebula was right in front of me, clear as day, upfront and close. Tiny little stars were everywhere and they were falling and I got so excited and looked to both sides like I was looking for my friends saying "oh my god, I can't wait to tell everybody what ascension is like"

    A second amazing dream was: I was almost asleep, it felt like a vision was coming in, first it was fuzzy, so I squinted my eyes to bring it in and to my amazement, it was a ginormous mothership, I was off to the side staring at the entrance and then I saw smaller ships flying into the entrance. I was amazed at the size and then the vision was gone. I have been writing down my dreams ever since these 2. Wowzers!!!

  15. I have had but one dream in my heart from the beginning and this is the dream that this day would come to them who in this place now of EArth Mother Geia in her true state shall awaken to the love and peace that in them now is and was and shall be now from this day now forward. To you here who seek to know more of me please connect with me on fb as Ewalina Dassau. I have much to share with the Arturian community now here and will suppor this woman now here as her kind care of you was to prepare you for the time as now is. In this beloved woman the life line she has contributed to in her teachings here and to you each here is to gain to you the potential of your now time here as teachers and as providers also. If you seek to learn of the Christ now as I AM and not in the rhetoric of this kind now teaching of a Lord they do not know then please connect with me on facebook as I support this woman here and know she is knowing who I AM. Suzanne Lie, my grace be with you and the gratitude of a heart that loves you before you knew I AM. In you I saw the Truth and you in me saw the Truth and we must now gain to them then here the further teachings to which they then came to gain in the state of aware of the Soul and this is why my dream now is as I AM. Love and be love as I AM. Dream not a dream now of man of man but one of Holy Will be thee in this time as the makers of more children of love and the gain to you of children who will be not just supported in the future time but will be to you the most loving of all in the History here or any place now of that time or place before now. If you seek to know me please let me know on facebook and if you seek to know my name I say my name is Joy and I AM. Holy is the Lord of the Heavens and to the Arcturia community the Lord now calls that they who will to be Christ here shall gain this teaching now also and that they may in that state of purity gain in them that aware that the Lord is the Lord of the Heavens and not one people or another but the whole that is the whole as the One in the All and the All in the One as I AM. Peace from the Heavens be with you and to you who seek the Truth be thee now awake and in this awake gain the foundation of that Soul Aware now in you to be the gain in this life and to pursue a mission of grace and fortress now as a Mother of all and to all a Mother in that life and love that is to come to you in the next incarnation for which this life now is to prepare you for. Thank you for the kind release of this manner of man of man and the kind release of this manner of malice that was to me a gain but brief so that I may move through this time and gain to thee this aware of HOLY that in you now is. Ye are Holy and Holy among them that seek that Truth within ye and in themselves now to be awake and to the Soul Aware. I come from the Heavens and to this place reply only to afford a grace to you who will answer the call now. I love and honor this woman now and this woman now in Suzanne and that is the I AM in you and all now. I AM I AM I AM. Blessings to all and to all peace of the Heavens now shall ye gain. I AM.

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