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7-25-18 THROUGH THE MATRIX--Chapter 23--Pleiadians Sending Unconditional Love


Pleiadians Sending Unconditional Love

Dear Grounded Ones,
For this transmission, we Pleiadians wish to speak with you about Unconditional Love. Zara Lynn who is here with us, has asked us to speak with you. Therefore, we will begin our conversation by sending you ALL the Unconditional Love that you so rightly deserve. 

It may take a while for you to recognize the “feel” of unconditional love, as it is far too rare in your third dimensional reality. But, close your eyes, open your heart, and take a long, slow, deep, breath! Now, you are ready to better understand Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love is the vibration that can create a vibration that is high enough to allow your consciousness to resonate to the fifth dimension. So that you will not be frightened, we are reminding all of you that our Ships will be entering your perceptual fields more and more.

Also, we will be talking with you all more often, so that you will have a sense of joy and even jubilation when you see us in your skies. We see that more of you are expanding your consciousness to the degree that you can see our Ships. Of course, on the other hand, there are more people that are frightened by the concept of our Ships as they are afraid that we will hurt them. 

These people are usually those who have unhealed fear and sorrow, as well as those who like taking advantage of the “power over others” of the third dimension. These people are NOT happy about our appearance, as they do not want to give up their power over others, or their greed and mistreatment of dear planet Gaia.

However, change is coming to Gaia’s Earth, and those who have enjoyed their “power over others” will not be happy when humanity begins to remember, and use, their own “power within.” In fact, many of the “power within” leaders are having a “face off” with the “power over” leaders.

I will now talk about the initial phases of being on a fifth dimensional reality, ship or planet. A fifth dimensional reality does not need a “place” and can live within your consciousness. A fifth dimensional ship is a Galactic Starship, which can be cloaked to the 3D world, or chose to briefly reveal itself. However, we cloak again quickly so as not to frighten humans who are not aware of us.

We separate “reality,” “ship” and “planet,” because reality is the manner in which different people perceive the same planet’s ascension process. Our Starships are usually cloaked for the protection of those who would be too frightened.

However, we often show our higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, as people who perceive ships at that frequency have a higher state of consciousness. We mostly stay away from any third dimensional exposure to Earth, as there are too many people who would become frightened, or would try to shoot us down.

Of course, they could not “shoot us down,” but they may frighten others, or their weapons could hit something else and harm others. Reality is specific for each person's state of mind, and level of consciousness. Therefore, some people have spent their lives finding ways to educate people that Gaia is a living being and that humanity has been treading it VERY poorly. 

On the other hand, some people see the planet as a place where they can take what they want to have, no matter what the cost to the planet, and do what they want to do, no matter what cost there is to the planet.

These people are often called the Illuminati, or the Dark Ones, or those who live via “power over others” with no concern for others. Sometimes there are leaders who do not care about the planet, or even the people who live on it. These Dark Ones only care about themselves, their own money, and their own power over others.  

These humans will NOT be able to even perceive the higher dimensions of reality, much less enter into that vibrational world or starship. On the other hand, more and more of the “awakened ones” who have expanded their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions, are answering Gaia’s SOS. 

These advanced beings are very dedicated to Gaia and to Her efforts to ascend Her Planetary Self. Many of these “beings in human form” came to planet Earth to assist with Gaia’s Planetary Ascension. These fifth dimensional Ones also come to Earth for the entire Solar System.

As many humans may not know, any time a planet is able to ascend—raise its resonant frequency to the fifth dimension—the entire Solar System benefits from the flow of fifth dimensional light.

Therefore, we Galactics applaud the valiant attempts of the “Awakened Ones” to participate in the great honor of merging their higher, fourth and fifth dimensional personal consciousness with Gaia’s planetary consciousness.

If you have found this inter-dimensional message and have taken your “earth time” to read it, you are likely among those who are remembering, and awakening to your own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

We Pleiadians, as well as our Arcturian and other Galactic friends, thank you for your “higher dimensional service.” Please remember that Gaia is a “planetary school” who has volunteered to teach humanity that “energy out is energy back.” 

Gaia also has on her curriculum coursesways to assist Her “students” to release the third/fourth dimensional illusion of “time and space.” Once that illusion is released, Gaia and Her inhabitants will remember how to return to their innate fifth dimensional Operating System of Here and NOW. 

We, your Galactic Family, want to remind you that we are HERE within your NOW to assist you with this evolutionary shift. 

Call us! We WILL answer! In Fact, we send you Unconditional Love, 
as this is the NOW for Introspection and Integration as there are 

Eight Retrogrades from March 9th 2018 to January 7th2019 

Retrograde planets represent a NOW of introspection and integration

March 9 –July 10  in Scorpio--2018

Saturn April18 – September 6  in Capricorn--2018

April 22—October 1 in Capricorn

June 19-November 25 in Pisces

July 26-August 29 in LEO

July 27- August 27 in Capricorn

October 6 in Scorpio to November 16 In Libra

August 7 in Taurus to Janurary7 2019 in Aries

Message from the Arcturians

Time of introspection and integration

Dear Ascending Ones,
We, the Arcturians, remind you that you have within your ability to ask your own Higher SELF, as well as we the Arcturians, about the eight retrogrades within the year of 2018. We wish to remind you all that the truth is out there, but you must be willing to look for it in order to find it.
Personal changes expand your consciousness, 

and as your consciousness expands, so does your Heart and Mind!

Unconditional Love from your Galactic Family in the fifth dimension and beyond!

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