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An Hour With Arcturians and Steve Beckow 7-13-17

An Hour with Arcturians and Steve Beckow

Meeting on July 13, 2017
Actually we have two Hours with the Arcturians and Steve Beckow
as you will find part ONE and TWO in this blog.
July 13, 2017
Steve: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour with an Angel. I'm Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia. Linda Dillon is away on holiday at the moment and with us today is Sue Lie, who has graciously offered to allow us to speak again with the Arcturians following on from our interview of last week. Sue, sacred partnership is a subject close to your heart, I’m sure.
Sue: Yes, it is.
Steve: Close to mine as well, as you know. But of course in talking with the Arcturians today we are not just talking about sacred partnership we are talking about what they call, “synchronistic missions,” which includes people who are cooperating but not in a romantic relationship. So we'll be taking the conversation out of the behind-the-screen aspect hopefully and into the this-side-of-the-screen aspect.
Sue: Well, sometimes people work together and they're also in a romantic relationship but we're talking primarily just about the relationship per se whether or not it is romantic.
Steve: Yes, and the agreement, the sacred agreement to work together. I have seen lot of affiliations or collegial relationships not weather this long wait that we’ve had for things like abundance or disclosure or even ascension. So I hope today to find out from the Arcturians and of course yourself as well since you're a psychologist, how to make relationships work.
Sue: How to make relationships work… Yes of course.
Steve: Anything you want to say on that subject before we go to the Arcturians?
Sue: Well I think as soon as you said that, the first thing that came to my head is that the relationship that we have with our self is going to be dominant in the relationship we have with another person.
And so what is going on between our ears and in our heart is going to greatly affect the person with whom we’re having a relationship and the deeper the love and the deeper the bonding, the more it will affect them.
Because even if you act like you're fine and you’re good and you’re cool and you’re all happy, they will feel it in a second and say, “Okay, what is wrong?”
Steve: I'm aware of that from even my short time in a relationship. Yes, indeed. So there is a need for a lot of honesty and Kathleen is fond of saying that “what's without is what's within," as our opportunity to look at what is in the within that may be causing the without.
So she turns the spotlight clearly on the self. It clears out whatever vasana or core issue there is that's going on. I admire that very much.
Sue: That’s a way that couples can really help each other because looking in the mirror is pretty hard to do. We forget that when you point one finger out, you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.
Steve: Yes, I think it’s something that's going to have to enter into the culture, this practice of turning the spotlight inside to ourselves, rather than pointing the finger outside. We have some way to go on that.
Sue: Yes, and basically if we want to point the finger at somebody else that is like a message to our self that we need to go inside and say, “Okay, what am I trying to get out of, what am I hiding from? It was their fault?” Let’s just take a moment here, take a walk by yourself and sit down underneath the tree and say, “Okay, hi Self, how are you doing?
Steve: Right. The damage we cause from not doing that, I was going to say, takes the edge off of intimacy. But it takes much more than just the edge off intimacy.
But we're going to be thrust into this if we’re going to now be getting together with people with whom we have synchronistic missions. This is going to be up for us.
Sue: Yes, and it’s kind of good news and bad news. It’s good news because you can understand that person because that person is like you. But the bad news is you are going to see your faults in that person and you're going to want to get really upset with that person. Then you don’t have to get upset at your own self.
Steve: Yes, that’s right. There is also, I don’t know how to describe it but there is just this real difficulty, and you referred to it in the first few minutes, of taking that spotlight and turning it around. It just feels like this blaming the other person is natural, familiar. What’s wrong with it, you know? It'll get them to do something, right?
Sue: And it is easy. It’s really easy. It gets you off the hook right there. Not my fault, not my fault, I’m just an innocent person here in this relationship. I didn’t do anything. Where did this come from?
If you’re in an intimate relationship it’s kind of like when people have those contests where people get on each end of a rope and they both pull the rope…
Steve: Yes, tug-of-war…
Sue: But the thing is there is just one rope and that rope is actually connecting those people and so they’re making a contest out of it instead of realizing, “Wait a second, we’re connected with this team!”
Steve: Yes, a guru that I once followed, to whom my girlfriend long ago and I would come, would give our relationship rings to her. And she'd say, “Still fighting?” And she'd say, “One. One. Ahhhh, but which one?” So, control, control.
We probably should get over to the Arcturians before we have a delightful hour ourselves and forget to ask them.
Sue: So you go ahead and ask away and I will just take a moment and bring in and connect with the Arcturians.
Steve: Well, my first question is, you recently published an interview in which you talked about synchronistic missions, which could be a sacred partnership but not necessarily. It could be a collegial relationship. And you talked about it from your side, from that side of the veil, shall we say, and from our internal experience a little bit.
Well okay, here we are. We're in synchronistic missions. We know we have made these agreements, etc. but you know that life has been very difficult here. We’re in a very dense vibration.
We often have not made a very good job of relationships. Could you please talk to us a little bit about the principles and precepts that would help us to make our synchronistic missions work from this point on, please?
Arcturians: Well, one of the things that we would like to begin with is that, when a couple comes together, their synchronistic mission is usually a combination of what each of them does themselves and so there is a two-way format.
On the one hand, each person - take even Suzille and her husband - Suzille has an issue so she comes to us, usually, and says, “Help! Tell me what’s going on here?”
Her husband doesn’t do that. He’ll go down and play his horn[he's a musician] or take a walk in the woods or call up one of his buddies.
But each person needs to be allowed to find their own way to center themselves and then the other person centers themselves, and then, after they are both centered,  they come back. And so it’s like, “Okay, this is not going well. Let's take a break.”
Like with children: you separate the children and you just take a break. Sometimes you know some of them will march off and some of them will march off the other way… Good because when you’re by yourself, instead of looking, “Well, that dirty dog” and “why did she do that?” …and blah, blah, blah, you are just there,  by yourself.
That’s when you need to go to your own inner guidance for each person, whatever their inner guidance is.  Whoever or however they have a relationship with their higher self, even if it’s a traditional church relationship, that’s fine. Jesus is an ascended master.
That is when it is a good idea to converse with a being that resonates to a higher frequency because the reason why it went wrong is that the frequency got too low: the frequency of the thinking, the frequency of emotion, the frequency of sharing.
It moved out of that unconditional love and surrender to the One and into the, “Well I don’t love you now because you are…and this is what I want.”
So each person has to recalibrate themselves back to that higher frequency of consciousness and however it is they do that and if they can actually have a dialogue, they can have a dialogue with the rock, a tree, with their self in the mirror.
In fact, a very important dialogue that we have told Suzille to do and she’s told many people is that you go in to the bathroom mirror because it has a lot of light on it. Close the door, Lock the door and look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and look in your own eyes, in your own eyeballs, in your own pupils. And when you do that, it’s like, “Okay, this is me,” “This is for me.”
And so when each of the two take the responsibility for what they did, not that the other person told them, “Well I’m mad at you because you did this blah, blah.” That can happen later.
What brings companies back, people back, couples back, even pets and humans back is, “Okay, I take responsibility for what I did. I realize that I did so and so and ouch, I’m sorry.” Ouch, I’m sorry. You know, I’m sorry is the hard part to say if you are sincere. If it isn’t hard, then maybe you are not being sincere.
You say, “oh yeah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” but that is not sincere. If you don’t feel I am sorry, then this person you have an intimate relationship with this going to say, “Aw, you are just talking” because they can feel if you can feel it.
Steve: Yes, we're really quite acute in that area. We’re not so acute in a lot of other areas but picking up on those kinds of subtle signs…
Arcturians: … Placating, “Oh I’m so sorry, yeah, yeah, I’m really sorry honey. Let’s move on.” Its like, “Wait a second, I don’t feel sorry. I don’t feel that. I don’t feel that." And that is why you need to seal it with a hug, even more than a kiss. Seal it with a heart-to-heart hug.
Steve: Absolutely. We lightworkers are also going to be working together as colleagues. I’m not talking about people in sacred partnership necessarily but other synchronistic missions and again, our lightworker skills in working together are not great.
It’s been a while since I was in the office, about 10 years. But certainly we didn’t have a means of resolving conflict among us. It kind of limped along. Do you have any principles and precepts that you want to share with us about collegial relationships, business relationships?
Arcturians: So, you mean when a romantic couple chooses to work together? Is that what you mean by that?
Steve: Let’s say everybody who works together and it may include some couples but usually doesn’t. Do you have any principles and precepts you can share for them making that kind of a synchronistic mission work. It’s more formal.
Arcturians: Yes, when there is a larger group and this is not a romantic group you’re talking about?
Steve: No, it’s not. It’s usually a project of some sort.
Arcturians: Yes, okay, if everybody can keep their eye on the pie, so to speak, if every person can have it be about the project instead of about their idea. “I have an idea where the… Hey you’re not listening to my idea. I will do my idea, okay.”
What happens then is you just said, “my” idea and then that person just kind of pulled themselves out of that group because they’re thinking “my.”
And so just like a romantic couple, what you are protecting is the love force that you have gained together. So maybe, personally you’d like to really bash that person and get really angry but then you take a moment and you think, “Oh, I don’t want to live with the consequences of that. I think I’ll keep my mouth shut.”
And it is the same thing in a group situation but it is a different type of emotion. Because there are more people there and if one person sticks out too much then that can be offensive to the other people in the group.
So when there is a group energy field, it’s pretty difficult to have one that doesn’t have at least one leader. It is a very difficult thing to do and, if people are able to achieve that, congratulations to them. And the way that they are able to achieve that is that they put the group first and themselves second.
Just like in a personal relationship, you put the relationship first and yourself second.
Steve: That brings us to selfless service. The organizations that seem to succeed the best are those that have a certain percentage of people who are following the precepts of selfless service.
Arcturians: Yes and when we say, “Putting oneself second” that never means that you would ever accept any kind of abuse or offensive behavior because then you are putting yourself last.
Steve: Nor will you stay up late every night and treat yourself poorly in that respect either.
Arcturians: Or let somebody be rude to you in front of the office or something like that. If anything happens that makes you embarrassed, then you need to deal with that because you have been diminished in front of the group. And that is the responsibility of the person who felt diminished to realize, “Okay, I am not a victim.”
“I refuse to be the victim here. I refuse to be the victim and I refuse to deal with this in a manner that that person dealt with that because that was hurtful. That was mean, that was embarrassing and so I choose to take the high road. I’m going to give myself some time. I’m going to meditate. I’m going to call some friends. I am going to do some automatic writing and read something that is inspirational and then I am setting up my plan.
And when I know when and how I am going to deal with it, then I am going to come back in strength and confidence, I will address that issue, calmly and clearly.”
Steve: Well, let’s look first at one part of what you said. You said, “Taking the high road." I think my partner would call that living up to the highest vision.
Arcturians: Absolutely.
Steve: Can you talk to us a bit more about the high road because we're going to be, both light workers in general and financial way showers in particular,  learning about the high road. Can you talk a little bit about it please?
Arcturians: Yes, the high road. We will give you an operational definition of the high road. If you were to see three roads, one road obviously goes down and you probably don’t think that’s a good idea but one road is flat so it's a lot easier to travel.
But the high road is up. It is more difficult to travel but you go up. So what that means is that you go up in your consciousness, that you go inside of yourself and you take some time to commune with your higher expression of self or with your priest if you choose, or whatever each person feels a "higher" is, in alignment with spiritual.
So, taking some of that now (and spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean religious). Spiritual means that one looks at their spirit and, when they look at their spirit and bond with their spirit, they will have the ability to look at those people or that situation from the perspective of their spirit, of their Fifth-Dimensional self.
In their Fifth-Dimensional self, there is no such thing as separation. There is no such thing as victimization. There is no such thing as polarities. It just doesn’t occur. It just isn’t there.
Steve: It just doesn’t exist. I have mentioned this a few times on the blog because I continue to be aware of the value of this kind of experience I am about to describe in general.
The opening of the hridyam or heart aperture that caused a torrent of love to flow through me is an example of this higher-dimensional experience and knowledge that you’re talking about. I was given this experience by an Archangel. Three hours before a reading I had it and then went into the reading and he told me about it. And so, because the experience appears to be gifted to me, I don’t know how to tell a person to get there.
How can the whole world enjoy this kind of experience of the hridyam - the heart aperture opening and being flooded with higher-dimensional love?
Arcturians: We would suggest that for the sake of the audience that will be listening to this and for Suzille you could state a little bit about what the hridyam means?
Steve: Apparently the heart, the connection between the heart and the outer consciousness is sealed. Just as we have a belly button, for instance, we also have a hridyam, a little aperture at the breastbone, according to Ramana Maharshi.
When this opens briefly, we have a profound spiritual experience. When it opens forever, permanently that is, according to Ramana, it's called Sahaja Samadhi and that is the same as the culmination of our ascension. It’s full liberation. No need to be reborn in the Third Dimension.
I had a full heart opening but it then closed again and it now opens a little bit and I get a taste of this higher-dimensional love but it doesn’t stay open completely. I’m not ascended, at least, not in the sense that we use the term.
Because it was the intervention of an Archangel I don’t know how to create that experience. How can the whole world have that experience?
Arcturians: Humans by definition cannot create that experience. That experience is created when the human is able to fully and completely merge with a higher-frequency being, and a higher-frequency concept.
Because it is of course the invitation to ascension and then that person could choose to ascend or they could choose to stay and assist others. And ascended Masters have all had that experience and they have chosen to stay to assist others before they actually did ascend.
So with that response, I am not sure if your question was answered so please respond.
Steve: Let me expand the discussion a bit, perhaps, if you will allow me and say that in my imperfect knowledge, enlightenment itself is something that is brought to us by God or by the angels. In essence, if I'm correct, we take maybe two or three steps towards God and God comes a mile. Now am I accurate in saying that?
Arcturians: What we would add to that is that humans don’t need to take any steps because God is within every one and so the steps aren’t really outward or onward. The steps are actually more inward.
Steve: Do I have the ability to cause an enlightenment experience or is that in fact way beyond me and I have to have God’s intervention, so to speak, or  angelic intervention.
Arcturians: We would not say the word “intervention.” We would say “assistance”.
Steve: Assisted? Can I do it unassisted?
Arcturians: Because the fact that you are wearing an Earth vessel means that you are an angel, ascended master, or a galactic who has chosen to take an Earth vessel to assist within this now. And one of the problems with that choice is that those who take that vessel to assist within this now, forget a lot.
But the heart remembers… their high heart. What you would call the hridyam Suzille would call the high heart….just terms. When that opens,  there is a community, a communing, a blending, an intermingling of the higher-dimensional aspects of yourself with your physical self.
Now your physical self could not hold all of that because it would just burn it up. The frequencies are far too high. But the physical self hasn’t taken that step of grounding it on the planet and best yet, grounding it and sharing it.
Steve: Can I go through this process unassisted? Is it possible to do that or is the assistance of God and the angels absolutely necessary for enlightenment?
Arcturians: The assistance is absolutely necessary but it’s not outside of you. It’s inside of you. It is your own inner connection to your angels and to your ascended Masters and to your Elohim and to the higher frequencies of yourself.
Steve: Given that it is an assisted process, I cannot therefore describe how it happens. When I turn to another and say, “Boy, ask for a heart opening or try and have a heart opening, it’s really wonderful!” I don’t know what to say if they ask, “Well, how do I do that?” I don’t know what to say because mine was assisted.
I didn’t do, well, I did but not in the moment. I didn’t do anything to help that process happen. It was completely unexpected. How can the world share in this kind of experience?
Arcturians: Each person will have that experience when they are ready for that experience. Because the energy field of that experience interflows in through the Third Dimension on a regular basis but if one cannot perceive it then one cannot accept it.
One’s consciousness and their perceptions are intertwined. When their consciousness is at a higher frequency, then their perceptions are at a higher frequency and the first part of perception that one experiences is a feeling.
Now some people will actually perceive an angel with their third eye so that can occur or they may perceive an ascended master with the third eye. Of course, [if you have] the most complete experience, it would be pretty impossible to walk around the Third Dimension like that and, as you’ve noticed, the people that have that experience live in ashrams in Tibet.
Steve: It’s pretty lonely having had that experience and not a lot of people around you have.
Arcturians: Yes, there is a lot of static.
Steve: I can see why a person would want to go to the Himalayas or something to be among people who know what it's like.
Arcturians: Yes, well, there is that degree of peace. And where there is a multiple energy field that is holding the energy field. One person can hold the energy field for a certain amount of time. You even look at the ascended Masters and they weren’t holding that energy field all the time.
You know, Jesus went in and got pissed off that they were selling stuff at the church and ,you know, threw stuff all over the place. And you look at all of the ascended Masters. When they were wearing an Earth vessel, they had some human emotions!
Steve: When St. Germaine was upset with the French Foreign Minister he stormed out walking through the wall. He didn’t bother with the door!
Arcturians: He didn’t bother with the door. He didn’t care that that was going to freak them out. In fact I think he was a little glad that he freaked them out. He was like, “Don’t mess with me, I walk through walls!”
(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)

An Hour with the Arcturians and Steve Beckow
Part 2
July 13, 2017
Being such as those are clearly fully ascended inter-dimensional beings who have chosen to take on a clay vessel, which is a very great sacrifice, a greater sacrifice then anyone [might guess].
It would be very difficult to understand what a great sacrifice that is and how much they love Earth or they love those people or they love that group or whatever it is that drew them there. They love them unconditionally and very, very deeply that they would make that immense sacrifice.
Steve: Yes, I have heard that we give up our knowledge of who we are and all our capabilities. Yes, I get the sacrifice.
Coming back to our working together, we are going to be building Nova Earth and apparently during the transitional period light workers will have money to do that. But again, we are babes in the woods in this whole area. What should we keep in mind in this case, in regards to how we work together, when we approach this huge task of building a new world, a new order.
Arcturians: It’s all about one’s state of consciousness, about maintaining a high enough state of consciousness that you can maintain an open heart and maintain complete and total grounding with the planet.
Steve: And how would we do that would you suggest, meditation?
Arcturians: Meditation, dedication. It’s not so much how you do it as it’s keeping doing it. You know, it’s one thing to have a wonderful walk in the woods and a visit with a friend and come back home and relax in your comfortable chair going into a very deep meditation where you have a beautiful, wonderful experience.
It is another thing, to take that beautiful, wonderful experience out into the world where people are hungry, people are angry, people are fighting and to not fall out of that state of consciousness.
Steve: An inordinate amount of light workers have suffered quite a bit of trauma in their lives, quite a bit of abuse. My understanding is that was partly to make sure that their hearts are open to what's happening for terrestrials, etc.
But nonetheless, it does prove hard for some people to come back from that amount of abuse and feel these more refined feelings that we are talking about. Do you have any advice for them?
Arcturians: You look at the known ascended Masters and mostly the ascended Masters because the Angelics, they're not sharing their initiation as much. But they are having initiations. Well, we will get into that later, if you wish.
But initiations are resets. Whenever one goes through an initiation they look into that which they are now ready to release and to release it not by being angry or scared or minding. They release it because of one reason; Because that thing that they are releasing [if they don't release it] will diminish their ability to complete their divine mission.
Once one is at that state of consciousness, those releases usually are not simple. They usually have to - well, as an example, look at Jesus. People know more about his life. He had to release his homeland. He had to release his family. He had to release a lot of his friends.
Then after they go through the release, they go through that persecution stage where people say, “Who are you and why do you think you should do this. I want proof that you really are who you say you are.”
And usually that higher-dimensional being will go through what will appear to be a near-death experience and generally what that near-death experience does - and you are quite aware of that (1) - it makes you have to learn how to totally let go and still hang on.
And once you can let go and hang on then you have done the impossible. You have done the opposite while wearing a Third-Dimensional body. And when you do the opposite while wearing a Third-Dimensional body it expands your consciousness into the Fifth Dimension where it is not impossible.
The Fifth Dimension doesn’t have opposites. It doesn’t have polarities. It doesn’t have a good. It doesn’t have a bad. It doesn’t have any of that.
So whatever the state of your body is, it’s the state of your consciousness that will determine whether or not one will be able to walk their path and complete it successfully.
Steve: I had an example of expanding one’s consciousness the other day. Kathleen and I were looking at good and bad - who is our epitome of good and bad? When it came to the bad, I chose Hitler and the only way I could experience anything to do with Hitler was to expand my consciousness and hold it.
I actually had a transformational experience at that moment. It went into a higher dimension of consciousness. It was quite incredible, quite amazing to experience.
Arcturians: What happens when one does that is that they can no longer hate that person anymore because they suddenly know how and why that person became that person.
Steve: Yes, or trauma…
You mentioned that an initiation is a reset. What does that mean, “a reset”?
Arcturians: Just like if you download a new program onto your computer you have to reset it. You have to go through a little process so that your computer can accept this whole new way of doing it without fighting with the old way of doing it.
Steve: That’s right. Yes, okay, I understand.
Arcturians: And so then, at some point in time, you turn the computer off for a minute and then you turn it back on and that’s a reset.
Steve: Yes, reboot, reset… It’s part of the installation of the new program. Okay, I understand that now.
It’s funny; you talked about releasing friends, releasing family. I think I’m in that process. I seem to be just interested in bearing down and getting to work, so to speak. I'm not, for instance, interested in chit-chat anymore. Is this a natural process?
Arcturians: It is a natural process… But it is also good to have fun, whatever fun means. Now, if you can incorporate fun into that natural process, that’s a plus. But fun is what brings joy and what opens your heart and you want to keep an open heart because the open heart.
An open heart creates an open mind and an open mind creates an open heart. They work together; like thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions intertwine in every part of daily life.
And to reset, reboot one’s perspective of daily life (because the daily life will be exactly the same) it’s just that that perspective of it has expanded into a higher frequency. And that higher frequency is what allows you to be in the world and not of it. So you still have the physical body but you are not of it.
Steve: I can understand what you're saying from my experiences of higher-dimensional love. Because everything you’re saying is that way when you are in that experience. You're just describing how it is when you're in that experience.
Is that experience that you are describing, is that something that only can happen many years from now? Or is it going to be our lot soon, our destiny?
Arcturians: It has been happening since the dawn of humanity but it happened too much fewer people. In societies in peak, more people experience it. In societies in the fall, less people experience it.
Steve: Well, we are in ascension. Where in ascension does that fit? Is that the ultimate destination that you just described or is that an intermediate experience?
Arcturians: Both and all because that experience is not bound by time or space. It is a Fifth-Dimensional experience.
Steve: Boy, a very interesting subject …
Arcturians: So, in other words, being a Fifth-Dimensional experience, it flows through, around, under, over but it doesn’t ever stop. Because that stopping then would make it Third Dimensional and it would take on form so it’s always keeping that frequency rate.
Steve: And we have to discover how to do that, consistent with our work, because we're not going to be yogis. (2)
Arcturians: Consistently but if you look at the lives, again of the ascended Masters, they gave it their best shot but they weren’t always that way. They had fits of anger. They had fights with people. They had bad things happen to them but they didn’t let it stop their process of ascension.
Steve: Some of them were even unconscious of anything like ascension or anything like enlightenment. It overtook them.
I think of the case of St. Francis who was the prince of debauch in Assisi and was at the end of a procession snaking its way through town making a lot of noise, with all kinds of musical instruments and he suddenly saw the Holy Spirit and that created St. Francis out of Francesco.
Arcturians: Yes, and he did a lot of good work before that.
Steve: Oh, did he? I didn’t know that.
Arcturians: Well, he did the good work on himself and on those with whom he was intimate or he would not have been able to accept that energy field. It’s a very high-frequency energy field.
It’s almost like if you take a piece of wood and, which is a very low frequency, and you have a fire which is a high frequency; in other words the cells are all oscillating and moving very fast whereas with the wood the cells very slow. You don’t even see them moving. They are but we can’t perceive them. And you throw the wood in the fire, what happens to the wood?
Steve: It is incinerated.
Arcturians: So, in order to ascend there has to be a major component of one’s physicality that is matching that frequency of the frequency of ascension otherwise that frequency weight will just …pfft.
Steve: Right.  I didn’t get the frequency rate would just poof. What does that mean in words?
Arcturians: The physical body will disarticulate. Well very often the physical body disarticulates at the time of ascension - not always, but often. And like in the case of Jesus, it was part of the path to have it not disarticulate so that it could be proven that he didn’t die after all.
This is Sue. It is interesting that I pulled the Bible to read from out of nowhere and opened it up to that page about that part of it and it is like… Okay! I grew up with Jesus. I talked to Jesus as a little kid. Jesus is one of my guys.
Arcturians: One of the reasons why ascended Masters take a physical body is because they are here to teach us how to be ascended Masters and people can talk and talk and talk and “ yeah, yeah, sure, yeah, yeah”. But what people listen to is what happens to them. (3)
Can they walk down the street with people throwing stuff at them and people that they had healed laughing at them and still maintain dignity and calm and radiate love?
Steve: Wow! Pretty tough order!
Arcturians: Can a being sit down in front of an old woman that shares rice with you and he knows that the rice is tainted and he eats it anyhow because he doesn’t want to hurt that woman’s feelings?
So they all, if you look at all of their lifetimes, had to go through a similar type of thing, where caring for others is more important than their own continued existence as a human.
Steve: Does the human body burn out under some of these higher-frequency experiences? It seems to me that that would make the assistance of the guides and angels, in the case of humans, very, very important. Do they moderate it or do they keep an eye over the human to see that that doesn’t happen?
Arcturians: What happens often is that the essence can leave the body but keep enough in the body to keep it alive, such as St. Germaine.
And then there is a Guardian - often angels or certain people that will take care of that body (4) - make sure it doesn’t get too hot, doesn’t get too cold, doesn’t get too dehydrated because it is kind of an empty vessel.
It’s just like you have an XKE, you’re not going to leave it parked on the street. You can put it down in one of those deep cellars that those people have for those kinds of cars. You know, somebody’s going to come and turn it on every day and they are going to make sure it gets cleaned…
So someone takes care of the body while the ascended master goes off and does their thing because they are going to need to go to that vessel again until they go through their final ascension where that vessel dies to prove to the people that that person is not dead.
But then, “Oh my heavens, that person came to me in a flash of light. Then, I knew was that person! So then they go, “Wow, that’s what ascension is!”
Steve: Well, of course it isn’t in our case right, because we will be keeping the body?
Arcturians: Yes but that’s because the entire planet is rising to that frequency as well.
Steve: Yes but that was the way it was up until this time in both the period of the fall and the early period of the rise, shall we say.
Arcturians: And that is why it is so vital for the ones that are clearly aware and on that ascension path that they minister to the planet as well because if…
Those who came now, it’s not that they came because, “Oh, we need another religious figure”. No, those who came now is because it is time for the entire planet to move into that higher frequency because this whole area is moving into that higher frequency.
Steve: What difference does that make in the agenda of the other side between a lone avatar coming like Jesus whom is an ascended master and a whole planet ascending? Surely, there is a big difference there.
Arcturians: A big difference. And there have been quite a few ascended individuals to prepare people to be leaders. And then they left and then their group of leaders have been leading and to whatever extent of success because it is difficult. It is difficult to tell people that there is a higher frequency way of dealing with reality.
Steve: Yes it is.
Arcturians: It’s not an easy task at all. But that’s what’s been going on and if you look now at the state of consciousness… I mean if you and I were back in 1950, would we be having this conversation?
Steve: No, not at all. If we had any conversation with you, it would be very stilted and formal. We would just be introducing ourselves.
Arcturians: And when we have had this conversation 1960?
Steve: I still don’t think it would have been had.
Arcturians: No. How about 1970?
Steve: Hmmm, not yet no.
Arcturians: How about 1980?
Steve: Definitely not. We were heading into a recession and nobody was thinking about spiritualism.
Arcturians: How about 1990?
Steve: No, people were too busy struggling to stay alive.
Arcturians: Isn’t that interesting that that happened right then? You know so that people can feel scared. How about 2000?
There was a little bit of a hype; “Oh it’s the new millennium” there was a bit of a hype that just hyped out, it didn’t last that long.
Then, 2010, 2011, 2012… 2013, 2014… We don’t have to go back very far. This is a new way of thought. This is very new.
Okay, so I (me speaking for Sue) was like, one of the first people to ever put up a website. The Arcturians told me, “Do a website.” I said, “What’s a website?” I didn’t even know. No one knew. I was one of the first websites up.
I was talking about something, very beginning stuff and then they had me get my PhD so I would be better at it. And then they had me do all this other stuff so I went through a huge training process, as all of us did. I’m sure you have a similar story.
So would you like to share some of your story just so people know that you don’t just a click your fingers and you are there. No, no, no there are many sacrifices that we have made and many things that we have done that scared that be-Jesus out of us and we did it because we knew we said we would.
Steve: One of the features of my own career is that, while working at the Immigration and Refugee Board, I had to post anonymously. I had a website, Essays of Brother Anonymous, and all of it was done pseudonymously. If I was suspected of writing the material I was writing there, I probably would’ve been turfed right away.
Sue: Also I was “Suzan Carroll” for a long, long time.
Steve: Yes, that’s right. Here’s another one. I had the vision experience in 1987 while in a doctoral program in sociology. Well, after that, I just wanted to write about the study of enlightenment.
Not only did the sociology department tell me I couldn’t, but the religious studies Department said such a study was not within the university’s charter. The religious studies Department! Enlightenment! So yes, it was a hard road.
Sue: Because religion was written over 2000 years ago and no one gets to change it.
Steve: Yes, that’s right. As I've said, I've been following channeled literature since 1974 but it was always regarded as a kind of a queer kind of pastime or I don’t know what but neither serious spiritual studies nor communication with the invisible was accepted until, oh, recently.
Sue: Communication with the invisibles was called schizophrenia.
Steve: Yeah right! Talking with strange voices!
Sue: In fact, I had all the symptoms of schizophrenia. I learned that when I was getting my PhD. “Oops, I guess I better keep my mouth shut!”
Steve: Yeah right, I didn’t. So yeah, I know what you’re saying. I think we’re running out of time, Sue. It’s so delightful. I wonder if you, or the Arcturians, or both have any final comments, any concluding comments?
Sue: Well, let me ask the Arcturians here, let’s see…
Arcturians: Yes, we the Arcturians would like to share with you, Steve, and with all of those who listen that you are beautiful. You are tomorrow. You are now. You are the beginning. You are the Alpha. You are in Omega. You have immense power inside you and even though you are wearing a Third-Dimensional form, you are not limited to that form.
And Yyu move higher and higher into higher and higher frequencies. You live in outer space. You live in your home world. You are all multidimensional beings that volunteered to wear the very fragile Third-Dimensional form. And we wish all of you congratulations and thank you very much.
Steve: Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure having you on the show.
Arcturians: Yes, it has been a pleasure communicating with you as well.
Steve: Farewell
Arcturians: Farewell


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