Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meeting Your SELF--Your Galactic Family--Through Sue Lie


Meeting Your SELF


From your Galactic Family Through Sue Lie

Our dearest Grounded Ones,
We commend you for hearing our message and for sharing them with others. We speak to you within this NOW to share with you that it is the Now for you to prepare. For we, your Galactic family, are now approaching earth.

Please realize that inter-galactic Earth has always existed in the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, fifth dimensional Gaia is already alive and well. In the same manner, your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF are alive and well in the fifth dimension and beyond. 

The challenge is not to become fifth dimensional, as you always have had a higher dimensional, expression of your fifth dimensional self as a component of your Multidimensional SELF. 

More and more of you are remembering, and regaining, your fifth dimensional awareness of SELF. This remembering is an important component of your ascension process. 

The higher and higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF that are NOW serving, and have always been serving as the planetary ascension team, are calling for their third dimensional representatives to remember who they are, so that they can join them in their Multidimensional Mission. 

It is a great honor to be a member of Earth’s “Planetary Ascension Team.” And, all of you who resonate to this message are indeed members of this team. We say, “team” because a team is when many work as One, and that is what we ask of you. 

We ask that all of YOU, who remember your own higher dimensional, fifth dimensional selves to serve to assist others to remember their higher dimensional, Multidimensional self.

As you expand your consciousness to encompass your fifth dimensional SELF, you will simultaneously expand your consciousness to encompass your fifth dimensional perception. Your fifth dimensional perception are very important, as it through your fifth dimensional perception that you will perceive the fifth dimension as a real place.

As you increasingly focus on how to activate your fifth dimensional perceptions in daily life, you will begin to consciously perceive our communications with you. We say, “perceive our communication,” as there are many ways to perceive the fifth dimensional reality, and each of you will find YOUR way.

We are communicating with you now because we want all of you to have some time to think, meditate, and dream about the impending reality that you are moving into/creating. Yes, “moving into” is the same state of consciousness as “creating.”

As you remember to call this higher dimensional reality into your daily life, by remembering to expand your consciousness, you will begin to consciously perceive your fifth dimensional reality. 

We will assist you by asking you a few questions that you can ponder. We, the Arcturians and your Galactic Family are giving you “time” to ponder your answer, for it will be the answer that you, as a Multidimensional Leader will give to those whom you are teaching.

Therefore, go into your life and write your story, for you will be telling your story again and again to those whom you will teach. When you tell your story, you make others feel safe. 

You make it seem possible that they, too, can expand into and return to their true Multidimensional SELF. Also, when you know your story, which is the precursor to your sharing, you will always be prepared to share with anyone whom you recognize as wanting to know more.

Then you will be fully prepared when the Ships begin showing themselves for all to see. Therefore, we ask you to ponder, when the landing begin, How will you proceed? What will you share?

Take a long moment within this NOW to imagine that you are in this unknown future situation. In this unknown future situation, the Ships are identifying themselves to humanity in one of many different ways.

Some of the ways they will identify themselves you may have thought of, but some of the ways you may not have thought of. Therefore, you may be as surprised as the others that are around you. 

However, within your heart and within your mind, you will feel the Unconditional Love beaming from these beings, as well as from our Ships.

Yes, you may be one of those who recognize a Pleiadian walking down the street. Pleiadians will be amongst our first landing team, for they look very human. They look like tall blond handsome, lovely human beings. 

However, they have a very strong resonance around them that even the most asleep person will suddenly turn their neck and think, “What was that? Who was that? Why does that person seem so different?”

Fortunately, they won’t be frightened because the Pleiadians will radiate a feeling of Unconditional Love. Also, the Pleiadians have taken many incarnations on earth so that they can understand how difficult it is to live on a planet that goes from war to war, inflation to depression, anger to sorrow, birth to death.

We are so amazed that you, the representatives for your Earth have done so well, and that you have maintained love, held your dignity, and sought to heal and assist others. Also, many of you have gathered into groups, so that we, your Galactic Family, can speak to all of you as ONE.

We want to have you practice the situation in which all of you will be getting the same message, but each of you will run that same message through your “individual filter.” 

Each of you has your “specific filter” because of the “separation consciousness” of your third-dimensional reality. Also, are all of the experiences that you have had in this life, as well as all of your lives, and all of the emotions that you have ever had in any of your incarnations, all of the thoughts that you have had in any of your incarnations.

So, at first when a Pleiadian – as that will be the most likely be a ‘tall human that you will see.’ You will be called on to look in to that person’s eyes. And when you look into their eyes that is the beginning of communication via Light Language. Communication via Light Language doesn’t need a vocabulary, doesn’t even need words. Communication via Light Language is a ‘feel’. It is an energy package that you share.

So perhaps they might send you an energy package. You will feel that energy package, you will react to that energy package, and it will naturally go back to the Pleiadians who will receive the energy package, act on the energy package, and send it back to you. Then, it will continue in this fashion.

So you could be standing on a major busy street, talking to this very handsome tall blond person, but it looks like you are just looking at each other. Maybe the Pleiadian will put up a glimmer to make you believe that you are old friends. Which is true in that you are friends on the fifth dimension.

Now, what we mean when we say “put a glimmer around it,” which is an old ancient, magic term, but it still stands for today. The Pleiadians still have to put a fourth dimensional energy field around their communication with you. This fourth dimensional energy package will send back to the receiver what it is they want to see.

In this manner you, and your Galactic Self with whom you are speaking, will seem to be having a daily conversation. Also, we say your “Galactic Self” rather than using the dimension to which that being resonates because we wish for you to remember how to “read the energy field” of the one to whom you are speaking.

On the Ship, we do not differentiate between one’s between a person’s galactic self and human expression on Earth, or that person’s mother or father. On our Ship, everyone is related to everyone. Everyone is everyone’s parent, and everyone is bonded and merged as members of the ONE galactic family that they all share with.

We are all here to share our galactic family with you. We want you all to know that you are ready and, therefore, if anything occurs that a part of you might be a little shocked or perhaps a little surprised, please remember that You Are Ready. 

When you fully realize you are ready, you will be able to see through that glimmer. Then, instead of seeing what other people might want to see, you will see what ‘is.’
And ‘what is’ is that we are coming. We are coming because you have called us, and we are coming because we want to personally meet you. We want to take you to a visit to our Starship home, so that you can meet our/your family, just as we want to meet your/our family.

At first, the meeting on the Ship will appear to be different than the meetings on Earth, but as you become accustomed to these meetings, the “when and where” will transmute into “NOW.” Blessings, we will send more messages to you in this fashion. 

We look forward to the day when we can meet each other on the street to openly and obviously shake hands. Think of that world where you can perceive a Galactic walking down the street and you go up and say,

“Hello, my name is _________, I know that I am a Galactic in my higher expression, but right now I am also wearing this earth vessel.” 

Then, we Galactics will say, “Yes we perceive you as a member of our Family. We thank all of you have been doing to prepare humanity for our Multidimensional Assistance and Unconditional love!

Blessings to you and yours, and we will see you again soon.

Your Galactic Family


  1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Be ONE be JOY!!!!! Blessings!!

  2. Thank you so much. This evocative message has filled my day and heart with joy and peace.

  3. I wonder how that is supposed to work, for me.

    My body has been so severely damaged by the downloading Energies, that I haven't been able to leave my house in 3 years.
    I can't wear clothes.

    I can barely crab/crawl around my house in agony, and can some days not even make it downstairs.

    I can't answer the door.

    So the only way I could meet a Pleiadian at this point, is if they "BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY", to their ships, and then put my sorry self into some kind of healing chamber.

    1. There is no reason why the process of ascension needs to be painful to your body. Get some good medical help. Downloading higher energies does NOT damage you in ANY manner.
      Please get some medical help

    2. Try Hatha yoga and change your diet to fresh food ...

  4. Message inspires me.
    But today, first thing in the morning, I've realized I have my job, wich is already tiring.
    The job of educating others I leave to someone else.
    Reach where we have reached, that I don't know specifically where, is not for everyone. Wouldn't wish the process to anyone.

    1. too bad, as this process will totally change your life for the better.
      sue Lie

  5. When I heard this message, at a certain stage, i felt a fresh tingling in my head like my brain was gently expanding. Gratefully.

  6. AWaiting,
    I Am Ready.
    But i also have learnt nothing happens before its time.

  7. Just stayed tuned into this blog and you will learn a lot
    Also, search other blogs as well. There is a great dear of information, so you will find what you are looking for,

  8. Trust nobody. Love everyone. Trust HS
    Love yourself so it is possible to love others

  9. Forty years ago in Switzerland a 5th dimensional language was developed. It's vocabulary names 4th, 5th and 6th dimension perceptions and energy flows.

    1. Hi, could you share with me more info regarding this? Sources where I could research this? Thx!!!!

    2. "Hi, could you share with me more info regarding this? Sources where I could research this? Thx!!!!"

      i am not sure, but i guess Being points to the Bicycle Day ;-)

      Have a nice day,

  10. Love and gratitude.

  11. Thank you for your post. This is excellent information. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site.

    Flat earth forum

  12. See you all in the magical world. Love and light

  13. Love and appreciating! Thank you Sue and those who assist you/US, both physical and non physical

  14. Hello Suzanne.
    About five years ago, I witnessed with my physical eyes a spacecraft grey in color that which flew by quickly. I'm very sure that I was not dreaming this incident. I was sitting on my bed and I quickly sprang up and ran to my bedroom window. I was able to see the spacecraft glide by and then it disappeared out of view rather quickly. I sometimes reflect what I saw and find second guessing myself by thinking whether I actually was dreaming the incident. It was so real to me. Just thought I'd share this with you.

  15. Glimmer...flashed on a dream of being in a field of yellow flowers and then invited by the Mousycats to visit their ship. Mousycats are a long story from my childhood. They started with a white cat stuffed animal with long dangly arms and legs for my 4th or 5th birthday and became beings from the Mousycat planet. When I got older (say 35) I put together my love of what I called "the baby baby dipper" from childhood (Pleiades it was!), Mousycats, and other experiences of meeting my star brother and sisters, the Pleiadians. Ready to connect beyond the glimmer!

  16. Hi Sue,
    Remind me to tell you about the incident in 2011 Cape Cod and my connection w Betty Hill in Portmouth,NH,she was a friend of my auntie Eva...bless! daph🎸🦁

  17. Hi Sue,
    Remind me to tell you about the incident in 2011 Cape Cod and my connection w Betty Hill in Portmouth,NH,she was a friend of my auntie Eva...bless! daph🎸🦁

  18. In 2012 I was walking my dog around 6:00am and I got the message to look up over my right shoulder. When I did I saw a clear blue sky with one cloud in it. It was a huge cloud, but it was shaped like a spaceship. I asked if it was a spaceship and I got a "yes" Then for a few seconds the cloud disappeared and I could see the spaceship clearly. I then got a message to return home and take down a message for my group that I lead. I did and have been in connection with the starships since.

  19. Thank you, syncronistic as ever. What a solstice, it was hot, my daughter and i spent it at chalice holy well for a few years i have longed to tell her of my star familly. Somehow she started the conversation, a guide between worlds helped her freind pass over, and his wife and kids work work on inner with him so i just could tell her about mine... she dont bat an eye, when i tell her bout the ship, but never knew if she could accept, that reality...... that night, we went ship, and the children were playing a concert. The vibration so high, hard tune in mix of sound, geometry and perfume, amazing. Next day i cried and cried at beauty of it, and realized how cut off i am from my star culture, volunteering to be here.... but know know those frequencys will open. Ht cheered me up, and said.... when we make 1st contact, we will have embassys, and will do that concert... i txt my daughter an invite, maybe not this life, i hope so explained at mo 1st contact on inner thats what the solstice lihht brought in. As solstice dawn rolled round the world uniting us all, with incoming upgrade.... i will 4ward this to her, she will understand it... love to us all from hh in unity of I AM. Holy pure divinity. Thank you, and thanks sandra

  20. I am everything!
    In Love and Light!

  21. As I read, a great feeling of energy over took my body and tears begain to fall. Thank you.

  22. Thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

  23. Thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

  24. Thank You so much ! I am deeply touched and so greatful ! Have been waiting for this moment ...soo long..
    Feeling the love~ I am honored, happy and my tears are falling !
    Joy ~ Love ~ Oneness ♡ Thank You

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