Saturday, June 3, 2017

Here In The NOW--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Morning Message From The Arcturians
Through Suzanne Lie

We, the Arcturians, are so very pleased with your open-minded thinking, and fast advancement into higher and higher states of consciousness. We ask you NOW to expand your consciousness beyond the burden of time, and remember when, we the Arcturians, as well as ALL your Galactic Family, first communicated with you.

Try to release your adult thinking and allow your Inner Child to remember how he/she played with us. We, your Galactic Family, so dearly love “playing” with you when you are new to your Earth Vessel and are still what you call “children.”

We do not perceive you as “just children,” for we see, and primarily communicate with, your Higher Dimensional SELF who is constantly over-lighting your long journey from birth into a third dimensional earth vessel, and into your full awareness of SELF.

We know that some of you have chosen to transmute the great darkness that has come over dear Gaia, and have chosen difficult childhoods so that you could get right into the business of transmutation of darkness into light.

Unfortunately, too many of our Galactic Family have chosen to create lives that are so very difficult that they have become lost in the 3D Illusions. Some of our brave volunteers to take a form on Gaia chose to infiltrate the “dark ones.” These ones are among our bravest warriors.

Unfortunately, many volunteers have fallen into the darkness that surrounded them during their developmental years. However, we are NOW pleased to say that because of the wonderful contributions of our many Awakening/Ascending Ones, for as you awaken to your Ascension Process, more and more of these “lost ones” are awakening.

Please remember that your “Ascension Process” is not determined by time or space. Hence, there is NO amount of “time” necessary for your ascension, nor is there any certain “place” that you need to be.

Of course, those of you who have created a choice of your place and timeline in your Mission Statement will have those markers to follow. Please remember that ALL of you wrote your Mission Statement before you took your earth vessel.

Some of you wanted to just “visit being a human,” whereas others wanted to jump right into the 3D Game and get to the business of “Ascending Gaia.” In this manner, those who had suffered many lives without any comfort or love could finally fulfill that need, so that they could gain enough self esteem to look inward and upward to find their higher expressions of SELF.

Yes, some of you have found, and are in the process of living that Higher Connection. We say, “Congratulations! Now you will be able to teach others what YOU have learned.
Each of you will look inside your own Multidimensional SELF to gain the guidance you need to teach, assist, heal, befriend, as well as all the other ways that you can assist humanity to remember to assist Gaia.

Those who have focused their lives on loving and caring for the planet on which they have “chosen” to take an embodiment, will have gained such a deep connection to their Mother Planet that they will easily ascend with Her.

In fact, some of you wrote your Mission Statement to work primarily with Gaia and all Her many creatures, others have chosen to work primarily with humans. Some have chosen to assist humanity to remember that they ARE the Earth, and Gaia is their Mother.

Everyone’s lives will be lined up with circumstances and situations that will place that which they volunteered to DO during this VERY important incarnation on planet Earth. We ask that each and every one of you take a long moment to go inside your own Multidimensional SELF.

How do you experience “being inside your Multidimensional SELF?”

There is NO right or wrong perception for this. There is only YOUR perception of YOUR Multidimensional SELF. Those of you who have volunteered to teach others what you have learned/remembered, will find that you BEST learn by teaching others.

Those of you, who have volunteered to heal others, including Gaia, will find that you BEST heal your self by healing others. Do you see, what is occurring? Yes, Gaia is beginning Her ascension process within this NOW.

Therefore, She is calling for ALL of Her Priests and Priestesses, human and non-human, to awaken to their OWN Higher Expression of SELF. Your Higher Expression of SELF does NOT need to go through the learning process that you have all remembered, then forgotten, then remembered, then forgotten…

It is only your third-dimensional physical expression that forgets. Your fourth-dimensional astral expression, remembers that it is the NOW to fully AWAKEN, but too often the physical self will dismiss the dreams, imaginations and inner directive that their fourth dimensional self is trying to convey to them.

Therefore, we recommend that you all write down your fourth dimensional dreams and meditations. Write them down, not just for your self, but also with those with whom you have chosen to share your “Inter-dimensional Communications.”

We, the Arcturians, request that ALL of you expand your “audience,” for your “audience” is actually your “students.” The members of an audience just observe, whereas students learn, as well as find the manner in which they can intermingle the learning into their daily life so that they can also “teach.”

If you make your “teaching” too much work, you will not do it. Therefore, be realistic with yourself regarding what, where, how, and when you will share/teach. Teaching is ALWAYS a form of sharing, for as you teach, you also learn.

“Multidimensional Information” is like the wind. It flows into and through all those who wish to allow that experience. If you deny this “flow” you will be like the old tree that can no longer adjust to change and falls to the forest floor.

Of course, that is not the end of the tree, but the beginning of the tree’s new life as a member of the forest floor. “Death” is a third dimensional illusion. To multidimensional perception, death is merely “moving into your next experience of reality.”

Yes, reality is an “experience.” In fact, you have many people in the exact same room, in the exact same time, and each person could have a totally different perception of “being in that room.”

However, those who are having similar experiences will tend to bond together. It is the “unity of perception” that creates a group experience. But how do you know that your group has unity of perception?

It is the NOW for EACH and EVERY ONE of you to:

ASK for the answers to your questions…

SPEAK to others about what is really occurring in your Heart, your Mind, your Perceptions, 
              and your daily Life…

SHARE what you have learned, remembered, uncovered, and experienced.

YOU are the creators of Planetary Ascension. YOU are the “creator” because you have chosen to leave the Unconditional Love and True Companionship of your fifth dimensional reality to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

Why did you, the Galactics currently wearing a human, earth vessel, make this choice? You made this choice because YOU are experts. Again and again, you have volunteered to enter a planetary vessel on a planet on the verge of ascension to assist that Planet with Planetary Ascension.

NO, Gaia is not the first planet to ascend back into Her true multidimensional expression, nor will she be the last. It is important that you begin to realize that all life forms are VERY similar.

ALL third dimensional life forms have a birth, a growing into adulthood, a peak experience, and an eventual decline from that pinnacle to prepare for their return back into their higher dimensional expression.
Please remember that “ascension” is NOT a leaving.

Ascension is a RETURNING back to who, and what, you always were—but forgot. We know that the returning time is approaching as more and more of Gaia’s inhabitants (humanity being the least informed) are preparing for the Great Return.

You, the awakening members of Earth, are the Leaders for Returning! This “returning” begins with your “Remembering!” As you, the Multidimensional Leaders of Earth, remember to remember what you have, actually, never forgotten, your return begins!

Actually, there are far more “returnees” than you may think. Therefore, we Arcturians ask that all of you share what you have received from your fifth dimensional and beyond experiences with ALL and everyone that you can?

Blessings to you all, soon you will be united with your own Multidimensional Self. However, remember that “time” as in “soon” is a third dimensional term, as your fifth dimensional body and reality resonate to the fifth dimensional HERE and NOW.

See you NOW in our shared HERE

The Arcturians


  1. "Actually, there are far more “returnees” than you may think."

    How many???
    A million? A hundred thousand or so? Less??

    And how many are at maximum, accelerated Crystalline Light Body level right now, like me?
    Those of us who (foolishly) chose to go the torture-filled process of acquiring a physical body crusted full of crystals, teeming with crystals....billions/trillions of tiny crystal energy conductors endlessly forming and reforming and pouring/erupting from the flesh of the entire body, every single tissue...

    How many of those of us are there?
    Less than 20?

    1. Hi.

      Sometimes I use to think like that.

      Recently I have stopped doing it because I have realized the amount of power that is being conceded to us in true trust. In TRUTH. I think it goes beyond understanding.

      I write to you as an anonymous because it really doesn't matter names we give to ourselves. The simple communion of ideas is already enough for an ego freed personality.

      Just one thing: I thought we cured others by curing ourselves. That sentence is already outdated from the Arcturians for we are movind on.

      Less than 20, you say... Count me in too.

      We are 2 already.

  2. When look inside I see millions of shimering kaleidoscopes at a cellular level, they gently shift from one colour to another simultaneously. Lovingly.

  3. I remember Gaia from the beginning, I became her guardian then I was buried, I was brought here not by my own decision but I did choose to stay when quantum entanglement encompassed the 3rd dimension. I stayed and remained a constant arch within each entanglement, it took 10 trillion rotations to wake up completely. I know who I am and what I've been doing, I've got to get loose now, but there no way out circumstantially.

    1. ..."a constant arch between each entanglement" ...
      i "get" that, for sure.

      thank you for remembering & sharing!

  4. Thank you Sue! I missed you! Yes, I have connecting to my guides which are part of my higher self daily! When I wak up and when I will go to bed. That practice brought me more perception of my feelings and how I am dealing with the experiences I have. I feel safe and secure. I feel accompanied.

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  8. Keep working like that, great job!