Monday, May 1, 2017

The Landings are Ready, The Arcturians through Sue Lie & Happy MAY DAY

May 1, 2017
(Note from Sue:  I remember when I was a child, May Day (May 1) was a VERY special thing. In fact, we made a "May Pole" and all took a strip of colored steamers and danced around the May Pole.

Today, May 1, 2017, we are "all grown up" and members of a world on the edge of great change.
Can we take our childhood innocence, imagination and ability to see what adults are too frightened to see into our adult life? 
I KNOW that the answer is YES!
Our minds are opening to the FACT that we are ALL Inter-dimensional beings,
and our hearts are opening to the Unconditional Love of our innate fifth dimensional world!

Grown up children talk about their childhood perceptions of the truth.

The Landings are Ready

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

The landings are ready, and they, our Galactic Family, are ready to assist us. They are ready to make sure that all the new technology is released and the Illuminati has taken their 3D Matrix and gone off to some other place.

But there has to be a majority energy field of people that are ready to move into our fifth dimensional reality. One of the things that you will be receiving from us, your higher dimensional family) is that “how you can best prepare for this first contact.”

Therefore, we will now present a kind of preparation with this small group that is gathered for this communication. First, we ask that everyone take a moment to breathe deeply and relax. Within this moment, deeply relax to prepare for our message by taking long, slow, deep breaths.

We are sending you a short message to remind you that when you speak with others, a shorter message may have more power because people don’t have to listen so long and may have a better chance of retaining it.

Therefore, please take a moment and focus on your attitude, your experience and/or thoughts about the ideation of “First Contact” with our fifth dimensional representatives to Earth. Whether the contact appears as an energy thing, and if others think that this concept is ridiculous, and it will never happen is perfectly fine.

Everyone has a right to be and feel and know whatever he or she is ready to embrace.

We will just take a moment so that you can all take a long… slow… deep… breath. Then you will each take a bit of your “time” to talk about your experience of “first contact.” Think of sharing your experience almost as if you are sharing a story.

First, one person talks, then the next person talks, and then the next person talks.
Then, what each person has said will flow into the creation of a story. That’s how the truth gets around. One person tells a person, who tells a person, who tells a person.

Sue Speaks:
“My first example of knowing that I wasn’t here alone was a Golden Light that I used to hang around with and play with when I was little. In fact, I always had a “knowing: that there was some-one or some-thing that lived “up there.”

Dear Group, what would you say was your baseline, first, most vivid, experience of your perceiving and/or meeting a Higher Being?

The Group Speaks:

“I suppose mine began as an innate knowing as a child that there was much more to life than meets the eye. This expansiveness was just a feeling I had inside, and it was confirmed as I was having experiences of let’s see: dreams, visitations throughout my whole life, but I forget and then recall and remember...”

“As a child, I had to go to bed early, really early. But I didn’t really mind because I knew where I was going. Every night I went to Heaven to play with Angels, and meet with Jesus. So my experience has always been there, every evening."

"My first memory/ knowing is a bright Blue Light that I always saw, and I still see it. This light was like my companion. I can’t remember talking to the Blue Light, but perhaps I did as a child, and now I do talk to my Blue Light. In fact, I consciously talk to my Blue Light."

"I didn’t really remember until I was about 38, but when I was young I used to see something like orbs around the electrical lines. I thought, “That’s kind of strange.” I guess that they were using the energy to manifest because I couldn’t really see. I couldn’t really experience it at that time. So, that was the best that I could see then. But then, I kind of blocked everything out most my life. I kind of think I did that on purpose. That’s pretty much it.

I had another incident when I cracked my head open, and my Mom heard me even though I was miles and miles away. But I still didn’t connect the dots until later on."

"I guess I would say that ever since I was little I could always see spirits and ghosts and outlines of either shadowy figures or light. Therefore, I always knew that there existed something on a different plane. I guess you could say that. However, that it wasn’t until the last 5 years that I actually started understanding and knowing things, I think."

"When you first even started speaking about it, excitement came to my mind. I wanted to jump up and down like a little kid, saying yes!  When I was a kid, I was very unusual. I think I was always talking to imaginary friends.

My parents just thought I was very strange. I was always out in the woods, and they would say, “What are you doing out there? Get inside!” Then what came to my mind, I think I was about 7 or 8, my parents bought me the series of books, ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ Then I read the other series about kids who would travel off to different planets, and I thought it was true. I didn’t realize it was fiction until I was older.
It seemed perfectly normal to me, I’m like yes…exactly!"

"When I was in my teens, I started having these very vivid dreams of visitations of various kinds of Ascended Masters. To this day, I don’t know what they wanted with me. But every since, there has been a lot of stuff, but one thing that it did was, it gave me a vibration that I could always point to, and all I had to do was just somehow magically connect with Self, with my Higher Dimensional Mind.

It has always been like a lighthouse to a shipwrecked sailor to me, that vibration. I’ve always been able to point myself to it when I became unconscious or in a crisis in my life, I would just find some way, whether it was going to the ocean and meditating on the beach, or crawling in a ball in a corner in a dark room to somehow get in connection with that vibration.

Then I would know what I needed to do. I would need to break free from the crisis, the vibrations that were holding me prisoner. And so, knowing that vibration has been enough. There have been a lot of times when I railed against life and said, ‘How can you do this to me? How can you show me the pinnacle and then make me do all this stuff? I’m sure I am not the only one, it feels better now, and part of that is meeting you." (Referring to Sue)

Sue Speaks:
What I’m hearing the Arcturians say is how wonderful it is to have a reality in which we can create this type of honest, inter-dimensional communication.  This could be what we can create. While we are sitting and waiting for the bus, in line to pick your kid up from school, waiting for a table at a restaurant, etc. etc. we can talk about this inter-dimensional topic and make this kind of sharing normal.

We are not the most evolved beings on Earth, and we’ve had experiences with other beings which we now know are higher dimensional versions of our selves. The reason why this is happening now is because we are Preparing for First Contact.

This preparing for First Contact is where my core of these experiences and perceptions comes from. All of us are getting ready to move into a Galactic Society.

Thank you so much everyone for putting together this mosaic of our different inter-dimensional communications. You have all remembered that:

“There is a “you” that’s up there who is talking to the “you” down here.

And your “yous” have to get together and do what your "yous” said you were, are, going to do.
This process is about all of us learning how 
to talk about this inter-dimensional information with each other.


Blessings to you ALL and SEE you in the Fifth Dimension!!!

Remembering Your Galactic, Higher SELF 
Is the MAJOR Theme of our upcoming event.

 We invite you to please join us by contacting
We would LOVE for you to join us 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this upcoming event

Mark your calendar. The event is from: May 8, 2017 through June 10, 2017

We hope you will be joining us!  We want to hear all about the wonderful journeys you've had, as you have ALL much to contribute. 

The Arcturians are quite skilled in making sure that there is a nice varied representation of all skills, creative abilities, levels of experiences, etc. This is the best way to learn from each other, and what we learn, we teach.  We all have unique contributions to make, and we definitely welcome yours!     

If you are ready to register, you can choose to either pay a full payment at once or select the two-payment option.  They are both accessible here:  You will see the register button (for full payment) and the Installment Plan button (for two installments), so you can choose there.

Please let us know how else we can help.  We really look forward to getting to know you!

Much love,
Sue & Shawnna


  1. Gratitude and Love.

  2. Thank you very much for this post, it was so refreshing to hear people's stories. With me, it started in 2002 when my father was ill, and I went to a spiritualist church to learn how to talk to him when he left here, and I also learnt healing. For me that was talking about the things that I was learning, and giving him a new vision for where he could go, and also looking for the beauty of his life, so he could take that with him.

    After that, I had many lessons with Jesus and other ascended masters, on how to take in new energy, and was taught how to walk in between different dimensions. With my connection with the galactic's, that began after I did healing on myself, and they came in to help me with the changes that I was going through in the body.

    I had many experiences of being on a ship, the most vivid is when I went into an auditorium, where there were thousands of people, in different sections and different coloured uniforms. In the middle was an oval table, with high back chairs, which the high council sat on. I was taken up to meet them to talk about a project that I was working on, then we went into a smaller room. There were screen on the wall, with many videos being played, and they were moving the screens, removing old stories and bringing in new ones, until it all changed. They told me that this would continue until all of the stories had been changed. Since then I have had many dealings with them, they turned up at a healing event that I was doing, and the being told me that he didn't need the glasses that he was wearing, that he was in disguise, and when I asked him what he was here for, he told me that he had come to experience the evolution, so I asked him if he could help while he was here.

    Since then, I have seen them many times, they look really healthy, and there seems to be a glow about them, and the eyes are sparkling. They don't say who they are now, but they will talk about some of the things that I am working on, smile and nod to me,which to me, is like telling me that it is them.

    I think the time is coming, I can feel it, and I am really looking forward to this

  3. Outlines, small lights, feelings, "Seems"...
    What do landings serve for?

    1. Well it is either the full payment or the two payment option. What? you not paying attention?

  4. Happy belated May Day. The beautiful energy transmitted by the most recent messages is almost palpable. I can't help feeling a sense of joy and excitement.

  5. I saw a blue and red rectangle ship go over my house last year and since then I've talked to someone named tee tee.????

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