Friday, May 26, 2017

#3-Light Language- Sue Lie and the Arcturians

Light Language #3--Sue Lie and the Arcturians

Then I saw an unusually different flower,

and went over to smell it.


  1. Smell the diference, and accept that tere is no difference in the supreme energy,no matter how exotic the forma appears in 3D.

    Love and gratitude.

  2. it means "introduction".

    The red thing is the introduction energy which flows into the opening of the flower which is the one who receives the introduction. :-)
    Then it slowly gets absorbed.

    "Unusual and different" is always the feeling we get from sth we are being introduced to. Smelling is the first part in examining the introduction.

  3. The buds of the not-yet-opened flowers (unripe blossoms) that surround this flower are Crystalline, diamond-like crystal buds.

    Furthermore, the stems of the unripe Crystal Buds are a Lower Frequency Base colour (orange/yellow)....while the blossoming ripe flower has achieved the Higher Frequency EMERALD GREEN base colour of the 5th Dimension.

    Once the Crystalline Light Body process is complete (represented by the immature diamond buds), a Being then fully blossoms by transforming from the Crystal phase to the Etheric/Plasma phase of the Light Body.

    The Emerald Green leaves are in Photosynthesis-style, open and receiving of the Higher Dimensional Light.

    Interestingly, this High Frequency *Magenta*-coloured blossoming flower is "comet" shaped, somewhat...and research on comets reveals:

    When a comet approaches the sun, its core sublimes.

    Sublimes, meaning:

    "sublimation means a solid going straight into a gas without passing the state of liquid.
    Something solid drifts apart into its molecules, into its atoms – no violence, no explosion, just something that was solidly there coming apart into a vapor and rising quietly, transcendently, exaltedly."

    ~ Raven Ivanova

  4. The more I am staring upon the "Flower", I have noticed it is getting more and and more influenced by the white light and gradually is loosing it primary colour of "magenta".

    Its gets bright pink with white nuances. The "buds" seemed more like membranes, that separated different spaces. In every space I saw different human figures in different poses, men, women...

    Sue, is this real or its my imagination? :)

    1. l̶o̶o̶s̶i̶n̶g̶ = "losing"

      It's fascinating that millions of people in the past decade are constantly using "loosing" instead of "losing".

      What's up with that??? Obviously another let "loose", to free up....instead of us being "losers" all the time, prisoners & victims --- we are now "loosers".


      "Sue, is this real or its my imagination? :)"

      What do you think is the DIFFERENCE? Your imagination IS the reality.

      IMAGINATION is "real" --- everything else is the illusion.

      Here's how it works:
      Your "real"ity exists first, in your Imagination -- you see, when you think ANY thought, you are literally generating/sending out Thought Clouds that HAVE to exist somewhere.
      Initially these Thought Clouds of Energy exist in the higher dimensions, such as the 6th dimension, in our universe.

      Then they have to make their way back down to our 3D level, in order to show up/manifest as "physical" matter in our "real"ity.

      Look around you.
      Everything you are looking at is IMAGINATION energy, made physically solid.

  5. Stand firm.
    Hold on. The Light is coming. You can breathe deeply and absorb the frequency of the Light.

  6. Transmutational energy in action.

  7. funny, I did the same thing too. It was a prickly face but I tried to befriend

  8. good morning everyone!somos receptores de una potente energia como antenas y atraves nuestro como si fueramos cables la energia circula hacia gaia y esta energia de amor nos esta haciendo florecer y a su vez nos estamos empesando a brillar con otros colores pero la percepcion es individual .

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