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Ascension Q&A #2 and Important Message from Sheldan Nidle



Communicating with the Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians and the Arcturians
Part 2
Conversation of Dr. Suzanne Lie and Shawnna Donop

Audio of this message available HERE

SL:  Hello everyone. We are going to have more answers to the questions.  We’ve had such a great response so we want to follow-up with that.  Right Shawnna?

SD:   Yes, and it’s interesting to see the breadth of information and guidance that people are seeing.  And, it’s quite varied, so we appreciate the combination of information that’s coming through.  We’re happy to at least address a few of those.  We’ve had some great comments in the community to assist with the understanding of these things.  So, thank you all for your participation.  We appreciate that.

SL:   And also, I would like to say to all of you that you can just allow yourself to go into a meditative state and relax.  It’s usually easier to write it then it is to hear it in your brain.  And there’s a whole long story line behind that and I won’t get into it now.  But if you just write down with your penmanship, not even the computer – just write down the question and say, “Dear Arcturians, what is your answer?”  You might be surprised.  You might teach your own answer too.

So, in the meantime we’re going to go straight to the source here.  I’m going to get myself aligned with the Arcturians.

A:   Shawnna, did you have some questions that you would like to ask our Council of the Pleiadan, Sirians and the Arcturians?

SD:    Yes, and thank you for joining us again to provide this guidance.  We are grateful.

Question:  One of the reader’s mentions:  "They feel very alone and sometimes hopeless and unable to connect.  They meditate, but feel that they are not able to reach that deep connection to receive guidance.  How can they improve their connection?

Answer:   One of the things that’s important is that you create a specific, but cast in steel – time and place.  Because when you create that – if every morning at 9 am you’re sitting down in this place and you have some nice music and you lit some candles and you’ve read a little bit of something spiritual – your body will leap ahead.  Your body will be ready for the information.  So making it be something that happens on a regular basis or whatever regular means to you – as often as possible.  Then, eventually that connection will be made.

SD:   And I will also add that sometimes, even when you have a regular practice, the connection does not feel as strong and then other days it’s like you are overwhelmed.  You feel a rush of unconditional Love, you feel that visceral connection.  It varies with the moon phases, the collective energies.  You are going to have variation even if you have that regular time which we highly recommend for every single person, every single day.  This should be a part of your regular agenda for the day.

SL:  Yes, and that’s a good point to bring up because there are things that are happening outside of you and things that are happening inside of you.

SD:   And, trust the process and state the intention.  You’re ready to connect, and it will build each day.  And there’s no need to feel alone and always know that the connection is always with you innately.

SL:   Yes.

SD:   We have our next question.

Question:  And it resonates with those who feel we are in service to humanity.  The question is about, "How can we help those who are suffering – who don’t even have enough food to sustain a healthy life style, or clean water, or the resources or safety or shelter for a quality life?  How can we impact people who are suffering in that way?"

Answer: Well beside the places that you already know about – giving money and contributing, the best thing is to work directly with Gaia, work directly with the planet. Because, most of the people that are in such sorry shape now – they’ve spent many, many generations interacting with the planet.  And, so what happened is that the forces of darkness have harmed the planet.  So, therefore, they are unable to take care of themselves the way that they have in the past. 

So if you directly work with Gaia, and send her lots of Love and Light, you will assist her to regenerate herself and then once she is regenerated that will go to the people that live there.  And then also there are many types of groups that you can contribute to financially or with your time to assist people that are basically victims of the illuminati.  This was not an issue with them.  They were always able to live off the land but Gaia has been harmed.  And, unfortunately many people don’t realize how Gaia has been harmed until it affects humanity.  We NEED to start by looking at how it affects the planet.

SD: And I think this is something we’ve spoken of before and how we become overwhelmed by just connecting with the hardships that others may have and feeling like we are powerless to assist.  But, when we recognize that innate connection within and come back to Gaia and send our healing and unconditional Love and Violet Fire and impacting the collective in that way, I think that eventually we raise the frequency, and you see a little bit of resolution at a time. 

And it’s a long process.  So, we must be patient, and do what we can each day to have a positive impact.  Think of them in our prayers and our meditations.  And, like the Golden Ones just mentioned say, “Good morning Gaia, good morning Golden Ones” and send thoughts of sufficiency and health and comfort to anyone and everyone on the planet.

A: Yes, remember, thoughts are things.  Thoughts are energy fields and they waft throughout your environment.  And they return to you.  So, the thoughts that you put out come back in a circular pathway.

SD:  That’s a good reminder.

Question:  And finally, many people are curious to understand their Galactic heritage, their Galactic connections and finding out who we are and what our mission is.  How can we best find those answers?

Answer: The best way is to ask the Galactic’s because we are the Galactics.  Now, we speaking as the Arcturians – we would say, “we are the humans.”  And the humans would say, “We are the Galactics.”  Because, what is occurring within this Now more than most people can realize,  is that the frequency of the planet is going more and more into the fifth-dimension.  And, in the fifth-dimension there is not time nor space in the manner of the third and fourth-dimension.

So that separation that was so obvious in your lives before – if you stay away from the television and if you stay away from the commercials and stay away from the indoctrination and tune into nature and tune into the people that you love and tune into doing what you love to do, you will realize that the energy fields are different. 

But, there are those that do not want humanity to realize that the energy fields are changing.  And so they are spewing out information to frighten you.  Do not read frightening information.  All it does is frighten you. 

Because, you are the creators of your reality and yes,  all of you are going through major initiations now because you’re resetting the frequency of your consciousness. 

And, when you reset the frequency of your consciousness you’re going to find that certain things that used to work in the past just don’t work now.  Therefore, it is that process of creating that meditation schedule, that process of educating yourself.  There are so many wonderful articles that are all over the internet and all over the different blogs.  So take responsibility for educating yourself and meditating yourself.

SD:   And, also know that when you see the stories that others share about their connections and what they’ve discovered about themselves, know that each person is unique.  Their awakening schedule is unique.  The information that they are intended to receive is unique.  We are all here to contribute to a larger puzzle.  And, when the time is appropriate, you will receive the information that you are intended to receive.

And that is part of your pathway, and it all occurs at the right time.  Just trust that knowing.  And, set the intention if you wish to know a little bit more.  State that in your meditations.  Enjoy the process.  State, "If it’s for my highest good, then I’m open to hearing more about who I am and why I’m here."

A:  Yes, absolutely.  If you think in terms of Gaia.  Why am I here on Gaia?  Why did I choose to leave my home world, to leave my star ship?  Why did I choose to wear this Earth vessel?  Help me to remember exactly what my mission is that I chose before I took this embodiment.

That puts you in the driver’s seat.

SD:  And you’re creating that enlightened reality.

A:     Yes, absolutely.

SD:   Well, that concludes our three next questions.  And, if the Arcturians or the Council would like to offer any additional insight, we welcome that.  Otherwise stay tuned, and we will get back to more questions next time.

A:   Yes, well let’s just have a little good bye to all of you that are or will be listening to this message.  From our perspective our, did, will – does not occur because we are not bound by time.  And as you can remember to set your consciousness to live within the Now you will find that it is much easier to collect Peace and to feel connected.  And, if you think in terms of service to others – that expands your consciousness.  And, the more you expand your consciousness, the higher frequency of answers you will be able to receive.

Thank you so much.  We see you all contributing, meditating, loving and transmuting. And we thank you for your great contributions to planetary Ascensions.  Have a Great Day!

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