Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Answers to your Questions on Ascension--The Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians


Blessings to you all.
We are the Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Arcturians

Through our channel, we will answer some of the wonderful 
questions that you have asked us.

Please remember that EVERY ONE of you
Can ALWAYS ask for our assistance. 

If you can believe that you can receive our answer,
you WILL be able to discover our answer in whichever manner best suits YOU.

Please see the below recording of Suzanne and Shawnna's first meeting
in which we, the Council of the Pleiadians, Sirians, and the Arcturians, have spoken
through them to personally answer many of your thought-provoking questions.

We will return soon, with more answers.
Your Galactic Friends and Family


Stay tuned in. More questions and answers will be up as soon as we record them.


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  1. Thank you for all the great answers.

  2. Another observation about meditation is that we must recognize it's purpose. It clears us so that we may release 3rd dimensionality where conflicted emotions and timelines reside. If we go into meditation only wanting to get messages about higher realities it is like approaching ascension only wanting to get out of here. The meditation is also a place where the work of releasing happens. We may be receiving quiet messages about releasing but are ignoring them hoping for something more "far out". We must clear our vessel of wombats for higher light, return to soul. The third dimension has left a lot of gunk. We have to face that and in doing so submit to the higher light This also clears the planet! so "far out" messages can come in. This is how we help.They are telling us all the time in very quiet ways, we just have to let go of ego/time and more light/messages will take their place. Thank you Sue for your good words and I LOVE!! the picture.

    1. Sophie thank you so much for this beautiful reminder. It is so easy to think we are not good enough as we are and strive for 'bigger and better ' even in our meditation space. Your comment dropped me right back into 'being me is good enough'. If we all remember that it will heal our planet too 😊 Deep appreciation for your comment and to Suzanne for your willingness to play this role that helps so many.
      In open heart ❤️

  3. Dr Sue, I wanted you to know that the link you included to show the types of galactic peoples there are is just a gaming site of pretend galactics. David Wilcock and Corey Goode teach us about many of the types of galactics that are interacting with humans on, or at Corey's website they are honest and trustworthy.

    1. I have read articles put forth by Wilcock and Goode and while they are very entertaining, I put no concrete stock in the information they provide. These are discerning times.

  4. What link did I show? Not sure what you are talking about.

  5. thanks blessings
    ital transl on request to
    cooperation too

  6. thanks blessings
    ital transl on request to
    cooperation too

  7. Do you ever do a transcript of your videos? Its greatly needed for the hearing impaired! ;)


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