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Conversations With The Arcturians Part 2 Through Sue lie

Part TWO

Shawnna and The Arcturians through Sue Lie

SD:  I think that’s an interesting perspective to imagine that the internet allowed this collective unity as well as uniqueness.  And, I’ve always felt that the activity streaming each day – the thoughts, the feelings, the viewpoints – everything that comes into our awareness, which is definitely a broad range of frequency of information.

It is woven to together to create this collective consciousness.  So I think it’s an interesting point that you’ve mentioned because we don’t recognize that this is what it is sometimes.  But, it is.

A:        Yes and before there was the internet and before there was barely television, just a tiny screen with a picture for most of the night with an Indian on it which meant that nothing was going on now, tune in later. 

Now there is a constant flow of media 24/7 from more television channels, more radio channels, more YouTube channels, more webinars - more sources than you can begin to count.  So there is almost an overload of information. 

Through this overload of information, each one must go inside themselves and find this nugget of self that is within their high heart.  This nugget of their own self that knows exactly why they were born in this lifetime, exactly what they need to learn, exactly who they need to talk to, exactly what they need to bring about in order to fulfill the promise that they made before they took this body.

Now do you get all that information at once?  No, you couldn’t begin to.  If you could your 3D brain couldn’t remember it anyway.  But, what you each and all of you can do is that you can tune in. 

Now, there are two places - your multi-dimensional mind which is actually hovers above your physical body.  And, your multi-dimensional mind stores all of this information and sends it down into your physical body whenever your resonance of consciousness is high enough to accept this new information about who you are and this is the ‘now’.  It is the ‘now’ for you to do this.  It is the ‘now’ for you to do that.  It is the ‘now’ for you to go into an initiation.

Now let’s talk a little bit about initiations.  Just as if someone is going to jump up high the first thing they do is to bend their knees down.  Then with their knees bent, they jump up.  Much like a kangaroo – they have big long feet, and big back legs and little tiny front legs – their hands.  They scrunch down and with their huge feet they jump off and push off. 

So, it is the ‘now’ for all of you to jump up and push off.  So before it was just – jump up to get the information.  But, now you advanced to kangaroos.  Now when you jump up you are going to push off into – what are you going to do?  What are you going to say?  Where are you going to go?  How are you going to document this?  How are you going to share it?

SD:     That’s the perfect analogy.  I think you’ve mentioned before going deep within and gathering the momentum to propel you forward and catapult you in to the next experience and frequency. 

The energy is supportive right now.  And, it’s conducive to allowing that flow of information that we’ve never received before.  I think I’ve seen it in many instances where people are starting get really informative, direct and intense messages that it is the ‘now’ for you to actively step into the role that you signed up for in this incarnation.

A:        Yes and it’s everywhere.  You can see it everywhere.  And it can be conversed and you can overhear other people talking about it.  And so that process that Suzille first heard from us – back on the very first webinar that she ever did in person – the theme is to ‘make Ascension normal.”

When Ascension becomes a normal part of life – now people have been able to embrace, not too happy about it, but, able to embrace the fact that death is normal.  And, you are going to be born and have a life and then at some time in that life you will die. 

But, what was not normal is that when you die, you did not have to go ‘poof.’  When you died, you just went back to the higher frequency that you came from when you first stepped in. 

So instead of your being created solely by your Mother and Father, and your being supported and trained solely by your parents, you are now realizing that your parents created the Earth vessel that you were going to wear while you were on that third-dimensional planet. 

But you are not that third-dimensional vessel.  You are a higher dimensional being, likely on your home world or on a star ship.  And, just as you would get into a private shuttle and fly through space.  When you are ‘born to earth’, you move into your private shuttle of your physical body.

Now, for many, many generations, people were completely unable to even imagine such a concept.  But, now people are much more awakened then they think, because people can imagine that concept.  And imagination is fifth-dimensional thought.  So what is occurring is that people are using their fifth-dimensional thought, which is not bound by time, not bound by space, it’s not bound by old rules that have been a part of the 3D world.  It is not limited by those that have chosen to live their lives by power over others. 

It is that power within yourself that you ‘are’.  Not that you gained or remembered – you are that power.  And it is that power that is you that stepped in to the physical body that you are now wearing throughout your multi-dimensional life.

So, just as you leave your Mother Ship by stepping into your personal ship and flying to wherever you wanted to go, you left your Mother Ship and stepped into your Mother who created a physical body for you, which was your Earth Ship, and then you were able to eventually to move out of the Mother’s body,  much as you moved out of the major ship and travel within your own personal Earth vessel throughout your multi-dimensional life.

Now, when Suzille first received that we wanted her to speak about multi-dimensionality there was no concept of that.  This was in the early 1990’s.  There was no concept.  If you looked up multi-dimensional, you would find multi-media.  And the internet was new.  There were very few websites. So within this time from 1990 to 2006 there have been many changes in your reality.  Think about the changes that people have undergone in their ability to perceive; whereas before, they could only perceive exactly who they were, exactly where they were going.

After World War II there was a television set that had two or three shows a day.  And you would have to change your system so that you could be in front of the television when it was ready.

Now everyone can watch anything anytime that they want to.  They save it on their computer and pull it up whenever they want to watch it. 

And, it’s about the information.  In order to get the information in the past, you had to go to a certain place and somehow find a book, if you could even find a book as there were very few. and find a teacher, which there were very few.  Then maybe once in a while you would have contact content.  In this ‘now’ all of you can communicate and get information about Ascension 24 hours a day from the entire globe.

So take a moment and go inside of yourself and realize that you have a gift of knowledge that has never ever existed on this planet – ever before.  Even within the times of Lemuria and of Atlantis, their world was not the Planet.  Their Lemurian world was on the Lemurian Planet, their Atlantean world was on the Atlantean Planet.  Both of those islands sunk.  Their world ended.  It disappeared.

Now, this world is not going to end.  The entire Planet is not going to disappear.  The entire planet, on the other hand, is going to transmute into a higher frequency.  So to those who can only calibrate their perceptions to the third-dimension and to the lower fourth dimension, they might think that the Earth has disappeared, because they don’t have that channel in their brain.  So they cannot perceive it.

However, there are so many opportunities for every single person to gain all the information they want.  It’s right there in front of everyone.

Shawnna, did you want to add to what we’ve been speaking of?

SD:     Yes that’s a lot of information to integrate, and, many valid points to reflect upon.  I think it’s quite important when we stop and take a step back and look at the importance of the time in which we find ourselves and the uniqueness of it where we are connected to everyone and everything and how discernment is always important. 

And when we connect to our multi-dimensional mind and our high heart that’s a wonderful navigation system to allow us to continue to accept the truths that we feel within ourselves.  And that will become continually important.  And, how beautiful is it that we have this information and we have the knowledge and wisdom that you are bringing forth within us, this awareness and remembrance we’re able to live that fact that Ascension is normal.  This is a normal part of human evolution and what a gift it is to be here at this time to be a part of this process.

A:    Yes, and thank you so much Shawnna for joining the Arcturians within this communication and thank you Suzille for allowing your vocal cords to be used.  And we are happy to share this with all of you.  So stay tuned and it will be available to each and every one of you for free.

Blessings be

The Arcturians


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  2. And, your multi-dimensional mind stores all of this information and sends it down into your physical body whenever your resonance of consciousness is high enough to accept this new information about who you are and this is the ‘now’.

    Many thanks Sue

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