Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2016 "Year of Love" Card & Populating the Frequency of New Earth

The Year of Unconditional Love

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Advanced Multidimensional Leadership Training

Please join us as we work as ONE
To embrace the wonderful adventure of Planetary Ascension

There are many possible realities that are lining up within this NOW.

These possible realities are populated by humans who have:
Regained their innate multidimensional consciousness,
Embraced unconditional love for themselves and for all life,
And who can direct the Violet Fire to transmute all shadow.
These will be the realities in which you will be able to assist with Planetary Ascension.

Yes, dear ones, there are many realities that are all occurring within the NOW of the planetary ascension. All of these realities are REAL.

Within these possible realities, there is one reality that you will choose. There will be one reality that is your possible reality. You will know it is your possible reality because you will feel it. You will feel it in your heart, and you will feel it in your ever-expanding mind. 

Most importantly, you will know that you are being called to participate in that particular “possible reality,” which you will chose to transmute into a “probable reality.” With your dedication and unity consciousness, this possible reality can become a reality of Planetary Ascension.

Please remember, “The reality that you perceive is the reality that you live.” Allow your Higher Self to remind you that your perceptions are based on the frequency of your consciousness. 

In this manner, all of you, our beloved ones, will and are moving higher and higher into your multidimensional states of consciousness. Then, when you can remember, you will embrace and merge with your own fifth dimensional self.

This higher expression of you, who already exists within these higher realms, is your truest guide, as well as the guide that you are, within you

It is within this energy field of Planetary Ascension that we will conduct our Advanced Multidimensional Leadership Course. We invite YOU and your Higher Dimensional Expressions of SELF to join us. 

Within this course, we welcome:

·       The total merging of YOU and your Higher Self

·       The merging of all the multidimensional human selves

·       The merging of all the Higher Selves within the course

·       As well as the merging of All in All

In this manner, you can rehearse on a personal and group level what you, our beloved volunteers to Earth, will be creating on a planetary level. We hope that you each have a deep and personal experience that you can share and merge with the entire group.

Then, each of you, beloved ones, can find within YOU the inner knowledge and commitment to go out and create your own groups.

Then, just as each individual merged into the Unity Consciousness of People and Planet, these groups will merge into the Planetary Consciousness of People and Planet working as ONE.

Within the expanded perceptions of these emerging groups,

ALL your Multidimensional Selves ~ as ONE being ~ will perceive
The beautiful vision of Planetary Ascension

Sprouting like a field of sunflowers
Reaching up to the higher dimensions

And accepting the Higher Light that has always been there,
But you just couldn’t perceive it.

~ The Arcturians

Now Accepting Applications for
Advanced Multidimensional Leadership Training

Are you and your Higher SELF intending to join in the energies of potential in which the highest possible reality is collectively created? We are pleased to now begin accepting applications for enrollment, so please set the intent to attend this course if you are fully prepared to step into the unknown to begin to populate the New Earth frequency.

Please go within and consider if this is in alignment with your current state of consciousness, level of dedication, and readiness to be of
complete service to the planet.

We look forward to having you join us for this six-week intensive program which is slated to begin on April 2, 2016. Please note that this is a transformative, advanced level course, and we encourage those who are interested to be able participate in all of the live events if possible (4 webinars, multiple workshops, additional team meetings, and a group project.)  All webinar events are online and are recorded, and we also have group workshops that will occur within the small groups.

Additional benefits that the leaders in training receive include ongoing mentorship (from the Arcturians, Dr. Suzanne Lie, and Team Leaders), continuous support, sharing in a safe space, collaborative team-building, personal growth, expansion of creativity, and sense of unity in service to the planet. Lives are transformed in many ways. 

If you are ready, please review the details regarding the course dates and required investment. Once you review the course summary and are ready to take the leadership leap, please submit your application for enrollment. We will gather and review all submittals and follow up with you regarding the next steps.   

We look forward to having you join us as we step into the unknown together!


  1. thank you for the wonderful card, dear Sue
    a wonderful spring arrives

    Love, Great Love

  2. What a beautiful way to start the spring-time month of March! A beautiful poem that reminds us that only love is real. Thank you so much. Now, we have the chance to share it with Gaia as we all live out our personal missions for the planet.

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