Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Hour With Steve--Downloading the Higher Light

Steve Beckow/Dr. Suzanne Lie
Recorded 2-23-16

Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With an Angel I’m Steve Bekow, Editor in Chief of the Golden Age of Gaia.  And with me today again thankfully sitting in for Linda Dillon who is recovering from shoulder surgery is Suzanne Lie, channel for the Arcturians and a very prolific writer.  That’s what I’ve determined about you I the last two to three weeks is that you are prolific.  How are you doing?

Sue Lie:          Just taking orders from the Arcturians.

Steve Beckow:          Yes right.

Sue Lie:          And that’s really a lot of what we are really being asked to do in this Now is that we are realizing that first off a) We are also Galactics and other higher dimensional beings b) that stream of consciousness goes from us into that frequency and back and c) one of the things that is the most important about this incarnation is that in this life we have been able to connect with this higher frequency of our self.

Then, once we gain information from our higher frequency SELF, we are to share that information with others. We do that because we are in a very important time in which we have the possible reality of experiencing a whole planetary shift.

Steve Beckow:          Absolutely – the word shift, well accurate, doesn’t convey the magnitude of what’s happening.  There are cultures and civilizations from all over this universe and perhaps even others who are watching.

SL:       Yes, absolutely.

SB:       You know Archangel Michael said something interesting to me in one of these shows as a matter of fact awhile back.  I’m sorry; it was in a personal reading.  He said, “You’re right there.”  I didn’t know what he was talking about.  So I said, “What do you mean.”  And, he said, “You’re right there on the door step of Ascension.”  I put that in small brackets but that was what he was talking about.  And he said, “If you are not going to walk over, let me carry you over.”


SL:       Well, what a wonderful thing to know that we are supported in such a complete manner.

SB:       Yes indeed.

SL:       And, part of the reason that we are supported is because we keep that energy going in a circle.  So as the energy comes in we dispense it out into the world or in to the planet or somehow share that energy field with others and then what happens is that “energy out is energy back” three-fold.

So, as we get this magnificent high energy of our own higher dimensional expressions that comes into us and then we share it out into our world.  It goes out and does its good work and then comes back to us amplified.  So then we are replenished and that’s how we can be prolific and how we can do it for so many years. 

Because when we are working within this circle of Light that energy that we put out comes back into us.  And, if you were to look at an energy field of Love and Light it would be circular in fashion as it replicates itself again and again.

If you were to look at an energy field of fear or separation or anger – that energy goes more in a line because it is bound to that third-dimensional time.  It’s a low consciousness, it’s a low energy field, and it’s a low frequency.  So just as if you are running along the ground, you can’t do loop-de-loops.  But if you are in an airplane you can do loop-de-loops and move around because you are in a grander space – a lighter, higher space.

SB:       Yes and I have been experiencing actually a lot of different spaces over the past while and I’m surprised that moving from one space to another that I never had any idea of even what a space was for that matter.  Moving from Love to Bliss to Ecstasy for instance.  I believe they are different dimensions entirely but it’s just totally new territory.  There is no user’s manual for these spaces.

SL:       No.

SB:       There’s no user’s manual for Bliss or even Universal Love for that matter.

SL:       Yes.

SB:       Even when we find ourselves in the space of it we then begin to learn how to operate in the space - right?

SL:       Because we are amongst the beginning of this beautiful cycle of transmutation into a completely higher operating system.  So if you look back at the very beginning computers, they had very different operating systems then the new computers that we have now.  And it’s the same thing with the human brain.  Where the human brain could only experience Alpha or Beta brain waves which are – Beta – your daily life and Alpha – maybe having a nice time, a walk in the park or a great dream - that was all there was.  Those were the only channels.  Remember we’re dating ourselves here.  Remember back in the day Steve, when there were only a couple of TV channels?

SB:  I can remember when the TV screen was round.  I can remember a lot of things.

SL:       Yes exactly, exactly it was great.

SB:       Like a computer.

SL:       And the early computers were green screens with yellow writing on it.  What is happening is that we are now moving in to higher and higher frequencies of awareness.  We are using areas of our brain that have not been used since whatever last time any of us ever had an incarnation when we Ascended.

SB:  Yes

SL:    So we are using much more than that little three percent of our brain and we are learning how to combine our creativity with our daily life.  As we do that, we love our daily life more. Then our consciousness expands because we are living in Love more often.  The more we live in Love, the more we expand our consciousness.

So instead of working so hard, being afraid, getting sick, hating life, dragging our self up, working so hard cycle – we have the cycle of, “Wow, this is a wonderful adventure and I’m so fortunate to be alive in this time. I’m sharing all of this wonderful information and it just gets better and better.”  Then this higher energy cycles up and up instead of down and down.

SB:       I remember last night or the night before,  I was writing an article and saying to myself, “I Love this.  I love writing and I’m having so much fun.”  It’s like conducting an orchestra or playing the piano or something.  It became tremendously enjoyable and it was made that way by the fact that I was in the state of Bliss.  Bliss allowed me to think well, to write well.  It’s not a vicious cycle, it’s a heavenly cycle.  One feeds on the other and the other feeds on the other.

SL:       Yes, and as we allow ourselves to do what we Love and Love what we do – that’s a self-replicating cycle.  But of course we are still third-dimensional so there are certain actions that we have to take.  We have to pay our bills, pay our taxes – whatever.

Hence, there is a challenge of almost like stepping out of that circle into that third-dimension because we don’t know how to bring that circle inside yet.  But we’ll get there.  It’s just a matter of processing and remembering that we can choose - we can choose our state of consciousness by all the things we’ve used so far to keep our consciousness high like: looking at our diets, meditating, praying, having fun, being with people that we love, having a personal mission, fulfilling the mission – whatever that is.

SB:       Yes, interesting.  Boy I’ll tell you – I was holding this thought for the longest time.  I don’t know why I’ve not managed to hold it completely now.  I think I’m going to have to let that question go. 

SL:       It will come back on its own.

SB:       Yes, too bad.  The original intent on quoting Archangel Michael in the beginning is because he said that we are on the doorstep of Ascension.  And I don’t know exactly what that means.  I could pretend I did but I don’t know what it means to be on the doorstep of Ascension.  But, in your response I wonder if you could talk a little but about that. This process seems to predominately be a gradual process.  We seem to be unfolding energies that are rising in indefinite steps – stair steps so to speak.  So with that in mind, how are we on the doorstep of Ascension that we are.

Arcturians:    Well it used to be that people called doorsteps – thresholds.  So we will look at the threshold/doorstep as the same.  And what it means to be on the threshold of Ascension. We cannot answer this question for everybody because everybody is going to be perceived this through their own experience.  But there is a feeling that occurs when one is feeling as if they are on this doorstep, this threshold of Ascension.

This feeling is one of connection with a higher frequency of yourself and also a connection with the Earth.  When you have a connection with the Earth, not only will you be able to ground that energy, because when one is bringing in the high frequencies of higher dimensional beings, that circuitry would be very difficult on the physical body if it were not grounded on a regular basis.

And part of that grounding is being in nature and interacting with the planet.  Another part of that grounding is to share it with others.  When you share that energy field with others, you are carrying it all within yourself.  You are allowing yourself to be an open portal.  So when these blissful energy fields enter in to your physical body, instead of trying to be constrained into the physical body, these energy fields can go all the way through you body and into the very core of the planet.

Remember that this is a very high frequency and it needs to be grounded sufficiently. If you are ironing you need two grounding cords, but if you are going to do one of those movie lights you need to have the third grounding cord.  So the grounding cord is very important.  It’s important for two reasons. 

First, it’s important to ground yourself because the higher frequencies of Light are too abrasive to your third-dimensional vessel.  Second, you ground the higher energies because you are moving out of your own personal needs to say, “I am a person, and I am a member of this beautiful planet. Therefore I am aware that not only are the people of this planet Ascending, but the Planet itself is Ascending.

Then you move from a personal consciousness, to a group consciousness, and all the way to a planetary consciousness.  When you are holding that extended consciousness, you can pull in even more bliss.  You can pull in even more information, more directions, and more writings.  Then,  you can pull through higher messages because you have adapted to your own multi-dimensional expression of self.  Then, you have moved beyond just being one person to being one with all person and into ONE with the Planet.

SB:  I have used your exercise of grounding to Gaia and I notice that very consciously and with a lot of determination you can imagine a little cord I can imagine myself having an energy that is quite wide and sending it right down to the heart of Gaia and then fastening it there.

What I found is that previously when I was in bliss I would be flying around the rafters and I’d be all over the place and happy and joyful.  But I wasn’t able to buy bread and be here.  When I anchored, as you suggested, to Gaia in that manner and came up to the surface again, I felt substantial and blissful. 

I didn’t lose out on being blissful.  I was blissful.  And I also felt substantial and really stable. I wanted to give you that feedback.  So I really benefited from that exercise.  I can see now how one would want to anchor to the core of Gaia.

Arcturians:    Yes, it does really make a difference for your personal self because then your personal self expands into your planetary self, and as you expand into your planetary self you are getting feedback from everything around you.  So you are already in the experience of having that inter-dimensional relationship with this higher being.  Then as you ground it into the planet, you ground that energy field so that you have become this open portal so this energy can pass through you to be shared with Gaia.

Then, as the higher energies are shared with Gaia, the energy of Unconditional Love and higher frequencies of consciousness go directly in to the planet to heal the body of Gaia.  Hence, as each person opens the portal through themselves and into the core of the Planet, then they are assisting to heal the planet up from the core of the planet and onto the surface of the planet.

It is humanity’s job to clear that damage done to the Planet Earth. Of course, the ones who created the damage will NOT do the clearing, but it is the ones who can expand their consciousness in preparation for personal and planetary ascension will we be clearing their Mother Gaia.

SB:       How significant is one person’s efforts?

A:        What happens with one person’s efforts is that when that “one person” takes this energy and grounds it into the core of the planet then the planet moves that energy field up to the surface of the entire planet.  So when one person grounds this higher entire energy field in the core of the planet, that grounding, that energy field, is shared with the entire planet all over the world.

Once a person has moved beyond the limitations of their third/fourth-dimensional consciousness, or at least beyond the sense of separation of those states of consciousness, then, their consciousness expands into the higher fourth dimension and fifth-dimension where separation no longer exists.  This is why many monks don’t want to step on a bug or harm an animal or harm a plant because they do not see that separation within themselves and these other expressions of Gaia’s life force. 

We the Arcturians, and all of the other higher beings who are encircling beautiful Gaia, are seeing that the Higher Light is going into the core of the Planet from all different directions.  Within the Core of Earth all these different energies, from the directions intermingle and intertwine. Therefore, what is being sent from one person, merges into what sent from all the people. 

Then this integrated energy field that was sent down by one person at a time becomes integrated into ONE energy field. Then, this ONE energy field travels up to the surface of Gaia to be fully integrated so that all of the beings, all over the Planet are all within this ONE energy field.  We say “beings” because beings other than just humans, such as the plants, the cetaceans, dolphins and whales, who are so important to the oceans and the water element, as well as the birds and the insects that are so important for the air element, as well as all of the different forms of Earth beings are moving into this Unity Consciousness where there is no hierarchy of needs. 

There is NO being that is “better than” another being and everything is within the Oneness of Unconditional Love.

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Hello dear readers, I suggest that you read this meeting, as it was quite special. Also, your wonderful comments would be great appreciated. Perhaps you could discuss how YOU are downloading the Higher Light into the Core of Gaia.


  1. I found this to be interesting as I feel waves of energy that come thru me at times making my body feel as if its burning. Taking me to the point of feeling that I can pass out. When I am outside in nature these episodes pass with ease and grace. Inside even when grounding my body doesn't fair well.

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