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Suzille & The Arcturians

Love is an energy field, a resonance, a frequency, which functions as a carrier wave to deliver all our messages to our self, others and to the planet.

Unconditional Love is a silent language.

We are all familiar with fear as a carrier wave, as well as anger, for when we come into the energy, frequency and emotion of fear, our hair stands up on the back of our necks, adrenalin rushes through our system, and we become hyper-vigilant to find the source.

We feel fear as a shout because it activates our fight/flight response and puts us on alert. On the other hand, unconditional love is a whisper, a soft cool breeze, a feeling of peace, and a sense of wellbeing. 

Everything in our body alerts us to fear in order to prepare our biological systems for battle, but what prepares us for love? It is understandable why we are afraid of fear, but why are so many of us afraid of love?

In fact, why is our reality so filled with fear, whereas love, especially unconditional love, is far too rare? The answer is “survival.” In our long sojourn through our third dimensional realities, we have learned that if we do not attend to fear, our lives can be endangered.

But who wants to live a life without love? Unfortunately, for many, love is fleeting at best. That is because it is often human, conditional love. Conditional love is filled with fear, anger, sorrow, and judgment.

These “conditions” for love arise from those that feel like they are trapped in the separation and limitation of the third dimension. On the other hand, Unconditional Love resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, Unconditional Love is beyond the third dimensional limitations.

Unconditional Love is a gentle wind on a clear day and a warm breeze.

Unconditional love is a resonance of multidimensional frequencies that can adhere to any person, place, situation, or thing in any dimension in all the Cosmos.

Unconditional Love is the glue that holds all form together.

Unconditional Love is the healing force of Multiverse.

Most important, Unconditional Love is the silent language that can be shared with our self, others, and our planet to create calm, peace, unity, and knowing.

Unconditional Love can heal any communication and solve any problem.
When we love ourselves unconditionally we are so filled with joy and peace that we can easily love others unconditionally. Furthermore, we can love our planet unconditionally.

Remembering that love is a verb, ask your self,
“What can I DO with unconditional love?”

“Simple!” You share it. You share your Unconditional Love by attaching it to your every thought and emotion.

“You share your Unconditional Love by attaching it to our every “problem” and concern.

Then, you can just relax in the glow of Unconditional Love and observe how unconditional love heals you, repairs you, and expands your ability to BE and CREATE all that you love UNCONDITIONALLY. 

The Rose is a symbol for love.

The transition of our love from conditional to unconditional is much like the opening of a Rose. For many eons we have placed our love on the outside of the Rose. The Core of the Rose was a mystery to us. Therefore, it became sacred.

From the outside of the Rose, we prayed to the Sacred Center. Some of us even thought that this Sacred Center was deep inside the earth or far above us in the sky. We had not yet remembered that the Center was not above or below. The Center was within.

The Center of the Rose, the Center of our SELF, was distant and apart from us, as the world was cruel and distrustful. Therefore, we had to be sure that we protected ourselves from outside forces that we believed were “separate.” 
After all, if we were separate from our SELF, then everything else must also be separate. But then…
                                    We were lonely. 
                                                We were isolated.
                                                            We felt unloved and unloving. 

Fortunately, this loneliness and need for love drove us to go “inside” to see what lay within the “Center of the Rose.” And so we began the long journey to the center of the Rose - the center of our SELF. At first, this journey was frightening because we were accustomed to thinking of ourselves as being outside of the Rose, outside of our SELF.

The trek inside seemed long and lonely. 
If we were separate on the outside of the Rose, wouldn’t we be more separate on the inside the Rose?

But, gradually, we discovered that we were not alone inside the Rose. We came to realize that an entire world existed there, in fact, many worlds. It was our own special reality. But was it really just ours? 

Eventually, we became aware that, from the Center of the Rose, the center of our SELF, we could contact the essence of every other Rose that ever was, or ever would be. 

               We found that, in the Center of the Rose, there was no time. 
                        In the center of the Rose, there was no space. 
                                    We were not alone! 
                                                We were not separate!

We knew that we were also on the outside of the Rose, but we kept our SELF on the inside, where life was safe and love was unconditional.

And then it began to happen. 

There was a great change on the outside of the Rose. It occurred slowly at first, and then the change became faster and faster. The petals that had been so soft, yet firm, were beginning to change. They were not as solid anymore, nor were they as separate. The outside petals of the Rose were moving away from the Core and pulling the other petals with them.

Now, we could not hide as easily within the Core of the Rose. The outside petals were becoming very unsteady. They were threatening to all fall from the Rose and land far, far away from the Core, away from the Rose, and away  from the Core of Ourselves.

We could not stop the petals from falling. And, if we became attached to them, we, too, would fall away from our Core.  Now everyone had to journey to the Center of the Rose because the changes outside were happening faster and faster.

But we were safe deep within ourselves. We were no longer alone. We were with everyone else who had found their way to the Center of their Core, the Core of their Rose. 

But were we protected from the outside? 
Could we really hide from what was happening outside of us?

All the petals were falling away now, and we were no longer protected from the “outside” because there was no ”outside.” 

As each petal fell from our Rose, our Essence, our SELF, we began preparing ourselves for the “new world” that awaited us.
       In this NEW world
               There were NO petals,
                        There was NO outside,
                                    There was NO separation.

And then, all the petals were gone. 

We were no longer IN the Center. 
We WERE the Center. 

There was no longer a place to hide, nor was there a reason because there was NO separation. There was no OUTSIDE or ABOVE or BELOW or WITHIN because there was NO measure of distance or space. There was no fearful future or sorrowful past because there was NO time. 
There was NO core because there was NO exterior.
               There was only NOW.
                        There was only HERE.

As we looked around us, we could see that there were still Roses that appeared to be independent from us. However, when we placed our attention upon them, they lovingly and willingly opened their Core to us, as we did to them. 
There were no secrets, 
                        There was no fear, 
                                    There was only Unity and Unconditional Love.

We were HOME within
The core of our true, Inter-dimensional SELF!

We Are Now Accepting Applications for

Advanced Multidimensional Leadership Training

Are you and your Higher SELF intending to join in the energies of potential in which the highest possible reality is collectively created? We are pleased to now begin accepting applications for enrollment, so please set the intent to attend this course if you are fully prepared to step into the unknown to begin to populate the New Earth frequency.

Please go within and consider if this is in alignment with your current state of consciousness, level of dedication, and readiness to be of 
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We look forward to having you join us for this six-week intensive program which is slated to begin on April 2, 2016. Please note that this is a transformative, advanced level course, and we encourage those who are interested to be able participate in all of the live events if possible (4 webinars, multiple workshops, additional team meetings, and a group project.)  All webinar events are online and are recorded, and we also have group workshops that will occur within the small groups.

Additional benefits that the leaders in training receive include ongoing mentorship (from the Arcturians, Dr. Suzanne Lie, and Team Leaders), continuous support, sharing in a safe space, collaborative team-building, personal growth, expansion of creativity, and sense of unity in service to the planet. Lives are transformed in many ways. 

If you are ready, please review the details regarding the course dates and required investment. Once you review the course summary and are ready to take the leadership leap, please submit your application for enrollment. We will gather and review all submittals and follow up with you regarding the next steps.   

We look forward to having you join us as we step into the unknown together!


  1. What an exquisite and beautiful complete coherent description of unconditional LOVE! Thank you for sharing Suzanne!! Love and light to you! So blessed to have you in my path.


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    very kind of you
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  4. Hi
    Just want to say that the "love frequency" upon my understending is a spiritual frequency and not electromagnetic frequency,furthermore I think that the energy field of love/awareness transform part of itself to create the big bang - our lovely univers.
    Happy day for evreyone

  5. Hi
    Just want to say that the "love frequency" upon my understending is a spiritual frequency and not electromagnetic frequency,furthermore I think that the energy field of love/awareness transform part of itself to create the big bang - our lovely univers.
    Happy day for evreyone

  6. I love the story of the Rose, any analogy helps me to understand the process better. This is lovely and very clarifying. Thank you Sue.

  7. I miss Mira the Pleadian.

  8. Very powerful observation and practice to attach unconditional love to every thought, emotion, problem, and concern. Thank you!

  9. Thank you Dr. Suzanne Lie, your words have been such a bright light in my life lately. I'm truly grateful for what you do. Sending you light and love!

  10. This is so nice, Sue - thank you!

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