Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Messages from Home - Learning/Remembering to Read Light Language

July 22, 2015


Learning/Remembering to Read Light Language

 {Join in the upcoming Light Language and the Human Chakra System 
Online Healing Retreat with Dr. Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians who will help you
prepare to perceive, receive, and interpret Light Language.}

Many of you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience (hearing), Clairvoyance (seeing), Clairsentience (kinesthetic) abilities are coming online. With all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive, receive and interpret Light Language.

In this manner, we (The Arcturians, the Elementals, Angels, & Beings from Inner Earth) will be able to speak to you via Light Language. When someone speaks to you in Light Language, it is a package of information that is whole and complete.

We will offer information for the general population, as well as specific information for you, individually. This creates a leg up for you when you can perceive and commune with your own higher dimensional self.

Once you remember that innate skill that ALL of you have, we ask that you gather with others who can commune with and perceive their higher dimensional selves. Then, when you enter our Arcturian Corridor, which is now encircling Gaia, you will create a collective energy field in which all your higher dimensional selves can bond in unity with each other and with all of your grounded expressions.

The Chakras are part of your interpretation of Light Language. Light Language has certain colors and tones. Each color and tone vibrates to a specific frequency of light. Since each of your chakras also vibrate to a specific frequency of light, your chakras will serve as an “alphabet,” and “translation device.”

Eventually, you will remember how to interpret Light Language through your Chakra System. We say, “remember” because this skill of communicating via your light body systems (your chakras) is common for your higher dimensional self.

Each chakra represents a certain area of your nervous system (spine and brain), your endocrine system, and a major nerve plexus. Your higher dimensional consciousness has already received, interpreted and integrated within the NOW, beyond time.

When you come into alignment with your chakra systems, your consciousness instantly expands into higher frequency brainwaves. Then you don’t just “receive” and “translate” the Light Language, you simply plug into it, let go of your ego self, and “allow” the inter-dimensional information to come into you.

This acceptance of light occurs many times through out your busy day. We are all in constant communication with our Higher SELF, but we get so lost in our 3D life that we become “unconscious” to the amazing Light Language messages that flow into us on a regular basis.

The degree to which the chakras are balanced and in alignment enhances your consciousness and allows you to consciously perceive Light Language. Once you become adept at receiving Light Language, it will begin to come to you from higher and higher frequencies/dimensions.

“Reading” Light Language, actually means that you are choosing to consciously attend to certain bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts that you have learned to identify as a “MESSAGE FROM HOME.”

You will be “reading” your Light Language via higher frequencies than 3D words offer. In fact, Light Language arrives as “bundles of information.” Since you will absorb the information, rather than interpret it, you will BE what you have absorbed into yourself.

When you remember to consistently receive and surrender into these higher frequencies of Light Language, your consciousness follows these energy fields back to their sources, which are increasingly higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Look into the core of your own self and see if you are ready for this information. If you are ready to RECEIVE this information, are you ready to LIVE it?

If so, please join us in this Online Healing Retreat:

Join in the upcoming Online Healing Retreat with Lauren Galey, Light Language and the Human Chakra System, which is a 3-Session Course (2 hours each) with the Arcturians who will assist you to expand your consciousness into the 5th Dimension and beyond as you begin to perceive thought forms and energy packages.

Your Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience abilities are coming online, and with all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive, receive and interpret Light Language.

A 3-Part Series with Lauren Galey
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Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians

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