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Message From Home and Info about our Free Webinar and NEW YOUTUBE with Sue and Nuri


Messages from Home

The Arcturians

Our dearest family and volunteers to Earth,
We are sending a special transmission to you because we want you to know that “It is the NOW” to remember your true SELF who resides eternally in the higher dimensions of reality.

We have shared a long and beautiful path with our human representatives on Earth, and we are here to tell you NOW that the difference between your third dimensional reality and our multidimensional reality is transmuting from a wide crevice into a narrow portal. Therefore, you will increasingly be able to connect with us in the manner in which we communicated before you forgot your true, Multidimensional SELF.

Because you have been downloading the higher frequencies of light into your consciousness, your multidimensional thinking is returning to your conscious awareness. However, whenever you fall into the third-dimensional illusions, you forget your Multidimensional SELF and your multidimensional thinking. Then, your multidimensional family feels far away.

Sometimes you may even doubt if we are “real.” Therefore, we are asking that you, our earthly representatives, fully merge your human consciousness with your multidimensional consciousness, so that you can remember who you really are. We will begin by reminding you how your third dimensional brain has fooled you into believing that your physical life is the only “real world.”

Our higher dimensional messages enter your consciousness via your Pineal Gland, which is able to translate the light-codes of our higher dimensional message into multidimensional messages. Your brain then runs these light-codes through your belief system to determine what is “real” and what is “not real.”

You 3D brain will attend to what it believes is real and ignore that which it believes is not real. Meanwhile, your multidimensional mind sweeps through the many versions of your reality, searching for something or someone that resonates to a higher frequency that feels “real.”

There is a portion of your consciousness that remembers something, but it often feels as though is covered by the 3D veil of illusion, which it is. How do you see through the illusions to find the “real world” you are seeking? The answer to that question is that you remember that YOU are the creator of your life.

What you believe is real is determined by your state of consciousness. And your state of consciousness is determined by the light quotient that is programmed into your human brain. The light quotient programed into your human brain is determined by whether or not your physical brain is connected to your multidimensional mind.

You multidimensional mind receives and stores the higher dimensional messages that are embedded in the light-codes of our transmissions to you, our “away team” on Earth. Fortunately, YOU are the programmer of your human brain. You determine what is REAL by choosing your state of consciousness. Then, your state of consciousness determines what frequency of our multidimensional messages you can consciously acknowledge as a component of your reality.

Your physical brain, which functions much like a computer, will only compute that which you consciously acknowledge. Fortunately, the downloaded information is still in your brain and “saved” in a file in your “unconscious” or “superconscious mind.”

If you do not have conscious access to your unconscious or superconscious mind, you will not know that you have received these important messages. It is in this manner that many of our dear emissaries to Earth become lost in the illusions of the physical reality.

To our dear volunteers on Earth, the physical world appears very loud, bright and chaotic. Since your true SELF is accustomed to a higher dimensional reality based on deep serenity, peace and constant unity with all life, the intensity of your physical perceptions can easily override your higher dimensional perceptions.

Then your physical brain determines that the physical world is your “real world” and your true Home in the higher dimensions as “just your imagination.” Of course, your imagination is actually your multidimensional mind, which is being overshadowed by your physical brain.

Therefore, we remind you, our “volunteers to Earth,” to allow your pineal gland to be the portal through which your multidimensional mind can communicate with you through your physical brain. With this connection, you will remember that your imagination is REAL and that your multidimensional mind can be the creator of your thoughts, emotions and reactions to life.

Dear friends and family wearing earth vessels, we remind you that during your briefing before you decided to bi-locate into your earth vessel, your were warned of the addictive quality of physical life. This addiction arises from the density of your physical form, which echoes your every thought and emotions through your earth vessel.

You, dear volunteers, are accustomed to a body of light that flows with the ONE like a kite in your third-dimensional sky. Because your natural state is that of flowing within an envelope of unconditional love, you are highly sensitive to any fluctuations within your flow.

When you resonated to our higher-dimensional world that was infinitely safe and loving, this sensitivity was an asset. However, when you bi-located into your physical body the very sensitivity that was an asset in your true reality became frightening when you were an infant and a burden as you matured into an adult.

Because you are innately sensitive to all life, you are easily wounded by the harshness of the physical world. Then you may comfort your wounded self with a drink, food, drugs, money, anger, etc. The list of addictions goes on and on. Beloved volunteers, we reach out to you with our hearts to ease your pain, as well as with our minds to tell you,

 “It is the NOW” to begin you return HOME to your true Multidimensional SELF.

We feel how much you miss us, as well as your higher dimensional reality. We also miss you, except that “miss” is not the correct term because your higher expression of SELF is with us in the ONE. This is why we said that your “bi-located” to your physical form, rather than you were your “born” to your physical form. You have never left us! You are also with us in your higher dimensional form.

We lovingly remind you that we live in complete compassion and total understanding of your emotions, as we share them within the NOW of our joint reality. We feel your sense of separation, which is the third-dimensional gift that you share with us.

Separation may not feel like a gift to you, but you are providing us with infinite experiential information about how to assist our grounded ones who are preparing for personal and planetary ascension. Through your open portal, everyone that you help shares his or her lessons with us. Also, through your opened portal, we can connect with everyone one that you touch in any way.

Because you have volunteered to be an opened portal to the higher dimensions, we, your higher dimensional expressions, can utilize your portals to personally assist every one with whom you come in contact. Furthermore, when you serve as an opened portal to the higher dimensions, you are showing others how to serve as portals, as well.

Also, the light and love that flows through your portal is eagerly accepted by Gaia’s elements of earth, air, fire and water. Hence, your mere presence on the body of Gaia’s planet supports and assists Gaia in Her ascension process.

We conclude our transmission by reminding your higher dimensional SELF is infinitely HERE with US. Thus, you all open portals of light with your heads in the stars, your feet grounded on Earth and your hearts projecting multidimensional light and unconditional love into your daily life.

Blessings from the Arcturians and all the members of your galactic family

Warm Up Webinar for Module II
and Gathering for the Members of Module I


Saturday, November 8, 2014
11:00 AM Pacific Time
Suzanne Lie and Nuri Akyol

If you are interested please contact Suzanne at:

Our main topics of discussion will be:

A Way to Prepare

Developing a personal, ‘working’ relationship with your
Multidimensional SELF has a very practical component.

We can all create our own individual preparation, which we can then contribute and integrate into our group experiences, such as:

  • Keeping a personal journal, agenda and/or any creative expressions we choose so that our Higher Self can better communicate with us
  • Keeping track every week/day of any stressful, 3D situation and how one consciously 'breathes' their way through it
  • Remembering to document our successful moments and asking for guidance from our Higher SELF to assist us during the not-so-successful moments
  • Using our power of reflection on our past to consciously acknowledge just how far we have come! This exercise instills hope, trust, and self-confidence.
  • Receiving the Yes or No answers via our bodies by using muscle testing or other methodologies
  • Practicing daily to channel your Higher Self
  • Asking our Higher Self a question and observing in which form we receive the answer
  • Recognizing any sensations, thoughts, or emotions that arise as a manner of receiving answers or guidance from our Higher Self
  • Living in the NOW to release all urgency to immediately receive our answers 

Above list contributed by Multidimensional Leadership School Participant, Nuri Akyol 

Suzanne Lie PhD


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  2. Looking forward to this gathering of leaders and teachers...thank you, Arcturian family, as well as Sue and Nuri, for the inspiration to continue this amazing journey of light and transformation!

  3. Thank you Suzanne!
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  5. Thank you for this message. I feel that we are very close to breaking through. My body and its ultrasensitive composite systems feel as though they're barely hanging on, having been damaged due to extreme sensitivity, malfunction, and chronic fatigue to 3D environmental factors, not too mention enough trauma for 10 people and five lifetimes. Instead of despair, though, I feel hopeful as though this "hanging on for dear life" feeling won't be necessary much longer and we will flash into lightbody... Curious to know whether anyone else feels similarly right now.