Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014


Thanksgiving for the Substance at Hand
Will Duplicate the Substance Indefinitely

For Happiness in NOT getting what we want
But wanting what we have.

I am so thankful to be in connection with all of you, and I wish to thank you all for your interest and wonderful support as we move into the expanded reality which we are creating Together.

Once we will children, but NOW we are AWAKE.

Going Home

The small child longed to go Home, but she did not know the way.

She could remember the sights and sounds of  Home and
she could remember her wonderful friends.

She was lonely here, in this strange and barren land.
She longed so to experience all that was Home

True Love, Complete Acceptance, Divine Beauty,
and Total Union with all life.

Here she felt separate.
There were great walls dividing each portion of life.
And there was a smaller wall around her.

When she first came to this place she was afraid.
She did not understand these strange people or their strange ways.

Flowers, trees, and animals did not speak to her.
And if she tried to speak to them, others laughed.

Therefore, she began to build a wall around herself.
With every laugh and every condemning thought, a new brick was laid.

She could no longer speak to her plant and animal friends,
no matter how hard she tried.

The wall became so heavy and high that she could barely see the sun
or feel the breeze or view the world around her.

She was alone inside her wall, alone and afraid.

One day, when the sun was invisible and the breeze nonexistent,
she decided that it was time for the wall to come down.

Even if they laughed, she could feel the sun.
Even if they condemned her, she could see the flowers.

So she began.

At first, it was very difficult.
The bricks were cemented fast, and it took great effort to
remove even one.

However, the bricks were somehow connected and
as one was released the others were weakened.
With the release of each brick, the process became easier and easier.

As the wall became smaller the sun became brighter
and the breeze more refreshing.

She had forgotten that the world was pretty after all.

She had not realized that for every one who laughed at her
there was someone else who cared.

She had not realized that if she ignored the ridicule of others,
she could then hear the plants and animals hungrily returning her call.

As she gained the courage to begin removing her wall,
she gained the courage to face that which was behind it.

Eventually, the wall seemed very small.
Or, perhaps she had grown.

It had seemed that, as she removed each brick,
she had grown taller.

She wasn't sure of this, of course.
It had just seemed that way.

In fact, she wasn't sure of much.  
She only knew that life was better.

She did not know what would happen
when all the bricks were gone.

But she did know that fear had built the wall
and only LOVE could totally remove it!

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  1. very very lovingly healing true sharing