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New Visitors -- Part 3 Another Surprise Visit

New Visitors to the Mothership Part 3

Another Surprise Visit

When Jason said that we needed to let go of the third dimension, we looked at each other knowing he had spoken the truth. However, how can we let go of an entire dimension? We decided that this issue was far too difficult to ponder on an empty stomach.

Therefore, I fixed dinner while Jason straightened up the house. We had a wonderful meal and a bit too much wine. Therefore, by the time we had done the dishes all we could do was relax in bed. Jason watched a ball game and I read my current take-away book. However, after I had only read a few pages and the game had only been on for a short while, we were both asleep.

However, we knew we were asleep because we could see our bodies in the bed as we drifted into an increasingly bright light. Before we knew it, the light flashed us back to the Mothership and into the transmission room. Mytria and Mytre embraced us each warmly and showed us our chairs, as the Arcturian was just beginning It’s transmission.

In order to return to the higher frequencies of reality you will need to disassociate from your animal characteristics. YOU are not an animal. However, YOU are wearing an animal body. This body, this earth vessel, is not YOU. It is merely the form that you must wear in order to engage in third dimensional life.

You do not wear this form when you sleep and enter the fourth dimensional astral plane. You do not wear this body when you meditate and experience higher frequencies of reality. Of course, you do have to protect this body so that you can return to the third dimensional experience.

Therefore, you would not sleep in the middle of the street or meditate while driving your car. Your life involves both the physical and the meta-physical realities. Your lightbody remains nestled within your High Heart and the force of kundalini while you are engaged in the physical.

Even while hidden to third dimensional perceptions, your lightbody radiates out far beyond and above your earth vessel, as well as deep into the planetary core. It is this body of light that allows you to attach your higher consciousness to the meta-physical world even while you are involved in the physical world.

In order to live eternally within your true form of light, you will need to unconditionally love, unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept your earth vessel so that you can transmute it into light. Some Ascended Masters maintain an earth vessel so that they can return to Gaia and assist Her in Her ascension. Many of you will do the same.

Since your lightbody resonates beyond the limitations of 3D time and space, you can connect with your myriad expressions of lightbody in the higher dimensions and return to your physical form a second before you left it.

In fact, many of you are doing just that, which is why you often have a lapse in your short-term memory, experience dizziness or the sensation of disorientation. You are also likely having glimpses from the corner of your eye of something or someone that quickly moved past you, but when you look, no one is there.

These experiences are because the veil between the physical illusion and the higher worlds is thinning. The holographic reality is beginning to blink out for just a millisecond. Therefore, you "think" you see it, but there is no physical proof of that perception.

Calming music can greatly assist you, just as it assists plants to grow and to heal. Calming music ignites your imagination, which is your fifth dimensional thinking and your higher creative force. As you let go of your attachment to the illusions of your 3D world and place your attention on the higher frequencies of reality, you re-route your perceptions out of your physical brain and into your multidimensional mind.

It is through this re-routing of perceptions that you will regain your innate "mind-over-matter." Your mind resonates to a much higher frequency than matter. Therefore, once you place your consciousness in your multidimensional mind, you can create, control and change matter.

However, mind over matter is only useful if you have conscious control of your thoughts and feelings—your personal energy field. Now that your higher perceptions are online you are very aware of the energy field of persons, animals and even things. However, you can only be fully aware other energy fields when you are first aware of your own.

When you are aware of your own energy field, you have constant feedback regarding your mental and emotional state of being. At first you may feel like you are always depressed or anxious. But, what is really occurring is that you are now comparing yourself NOT to your animal vessel, but to your true Light vessel.

In other words, the bar is rising, as you move into the "new normal." This new normal feels much like how you felt wearing those new pants you bought because you noticed you lost weight, but you did not lose as much weight as you thought - yet. However, you WILL lose that "weight/mass" because you are slowly transmuting into your body of light.

The timeline to which we are presently speaking has chosen to have a gentle and gradual ascension. This version of ascension requires great patience, but there is minimal destruction. Of course, the forces of darkness are still trying to distill fear into the masses, but since they can no longer start wars, they are restricted to finding good "Manchurian Candidates" to program to go on a "shooting spree."

These acts of random violence are the expression of the remaining need for violence by those that are so dead inside that they must experience and create fear to feel alive. These people are easily brainwashed to perform violent acts by the remaining forces of darkness. Fortunately, as your civilization continues to ascend these greatly wounded humans will be identified and healed before they act upon their own inner anguish.

On a much lighter side of affairs, more and more people are getting off the fence and choosing to take the risk to believe in a brighter future rather than remaining lost in fearful indoctrination. Furthermore, as more people move into higher frequencies, the fearful indoctrination, horror shows, and violent entertainment will lose its appeal. Only those who have not tasted the glory of the higher light enjoy this violent input.

Once these unfortunate ones have their first exposure to higher frequency energies in their body, they will quickly lose interest in the short-term rush of fearful adrenaline. Adrenaline is meant to give a "move away from" or "prepare for battle" message. But without any experience of the "move into" and "prepare for bliss" of the endorphins and other psychotropic chemicals in your system, adrenaline at least makes them feel alive.

It is a sorry state that a reality has fallen into when fear is the only proof of existence. However, the gifts of higher light, as well as the Galactic and Celestial forces over-lighting your world are slowing entering the consciousness of even those who are not yet aware of this great awakening. We are aware that many of our ascending ones have been experiencing the release of fearful sensations.

Therefore, we recommend that you expedite this process by filling your form with unconditional love. Words and intentions have great power, so all you need do is calmingly say, "I love myself unconditionally." It is that simple. Try to remember to make this statement frequently.

In fact, put aside a day and decide that while you are awake you will remember to say "I love myself unconditionally!" once every hour. We know that sounds like a lot, but think about how many times a day you chastise yourself. Would you say that this occurs at least once an hour?

If you can catch your self EVERY time you say something negative to or about your self and replace that thought with, "I love myself unconditionally" it would greatly expedite your return to SELF.

You have ascended. The fifth dimension resonates all around you, but your perceptions are still calibrated to the third dimension. Hence, you travel in darkness when it is actually high noon. Your main enemy now is NOT the forces of darkness, but your addiction to the habit of being third dimensional.

Once you are feeling free of your third dimensional habits, thoughts and emotions, you will easily "find the time" to connect and remain connected to finer and lighter realms of the higher dimensions. You will no longer need to "escape" there, as you will remember and consciously experience that you are ALWAYS there because you are no longer limited to one reality.

You will expedite your living multidimensionally by reminding yourself that the "higher being" that guides and protects you is YOU! YOU are not the clay vessel you are wearing. YOU are the silent inner call and soft comfort that emanates from within and above.

YOU are the light you seek and the peace you long for. YOU are the puppeteer that controls your earth vessel. Feel these strings of light and surrender into their assistance. Release the ego's need to control and embrace the FLOW of your SELF.

At the close of the transmission Mytre and Mytria told us that the Arcturian had a treat for us and beamed us directly to a room called The Restoration Chamber. We had never been beamed anywhere before, but that experience was mild compared to what occurred in that room. 









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