Monday, September 9, 2013

Back On The Mothership Part 2 -- THE VORTEX

Back On The Mothership Part 2

The Vortex

Mytria and I did go to the mess hall after our meeting with the Arcturian and had a wonderful reunion with all our friends. Afterward we settled into our joint cabin for a much needed sleep when our cabin suddenly filled with a light so bright that we could not see. We knew that the light was an actual phenomenon, but we were not sure if we were in our dream state or our fifth dimensional lightbody state. However, it was clear that we were merged into our ONE being of divine complements.

We surrendered into the light and instantly knew that we were traveling at the speed of light. We were unaware of our destination, but had learned to relax into these experiences. It was then that we realized that we were in our lightbody as there was no distinction between the light and us. Therefore, there was no sense of travel, but we knew that we were over-lighting planet Earth. This Earth was very different than the one that Mytria and I had visited.

For one thing, the planet appeared to be much larger and radiated an aura filled with unconditional love and pure joy. We felt that it would be helpful if we thought of an area we would like to visit. We thought of the small town surrounded by mountains where we had last seen Sandy and Jason. Instantly we saw the town beneath us, but it was no longer a sleepy town. It had become a major hub of intergalactic travel. We also observed that many non-human beings were working peacefully and effectively with the humans.

We were aware that this was not the timeline we had left and was some time in the future when the area had transmuted into its higher frequency expression. Since this area now resonated to the no-time of the fifth dimension, there was no time to measure from our last visit to this one. We “landed” on a hill next to the inter-galactic landing area worked collectively with humans. Because we felt the fifth-dimensional, unity consciousness of this location, we decided to remain in our unified ONE lightbody.

As we flowed closer to the landing area, two guards who called themselves “guides” greeted us. We felt no fear or even caution from them and there were no weapons and they were both in their lightbodies. We introduced our self to the guides and told them they we were teleported to this area by a huge flash of light.

“Then you have been invited to our inter-galactic meeting,” said our guides.
We were not aware of any meeting, but were very happy to attend. The guides read our thoughts and said, “Follow us,” as they turned their lightbodies towards a tall building on the far side of the landing area. In a flash, we all arrived at the entrance of the building. Like the Mothership, this structure appeared to be alive with higher dimensions of reality resonating to the higher floors of the building.

“Yes,” answered a guide “I am being instructed to take you both to the twelfth floor,” which he did in the blink of an eye. Before us was a huge vortex where there would be a door in the lower frequency the stories. Our guide instructed us to move through the vortex. We knew that we were to move into our two lightbodies of masculine and feminine before we entered the vortex, so we returned to our two expressions of lightbody.

As we entered the vortex, our consciousness was flooded with our many lives in timelines that were future to the timelines that we had experienced, excepting the future Pleiadian world. However, we only use the word future so that you can understand our story, as timelines are not bound by past, present and future at this frequency of reality. This was the first time that we could remember in which we had a form at this frequency.  Before, we had been beings of swirling light.

The experience of this vortex was very pleasing. We could feel the energy of the unconditional love and total acceptance that only occurs in higher frequency realities. We had the feeling that this vortex served as much as a “consciousness shower” as a “portal.” In other words, we could feel our consciousness being cleared of all residue of every fearful emotion or negative thought that we had ever experienced. Hence, we remained within the vortex and enjoyed our cosmic shower.

Beyond any sense of time, the vortex began to transform into the passageway that we had first expected it to be. As we followed the corridor we felt the resonance gradually return to the upper fifth dimension. We instinctively knew that all the members of this meeting would go through this process to assure that only the resonance of unconditional love, peace and joy could enter the meeting.

We also knew that some members of this meeting had their energy fields raised to the upper fifth dimensions, such as some of the Earthlings still holding physical forms, and other members greatly reduced their frequency to the upper fifth dimensions. Clearly this was to be a very important meeting. Thus, it was important that everyone resonated to the frequency of unconditional love and met within the same frequency of expression.

With that thought, we came to the end of the corridor and stepped through the iris of the portal. We entered the meeting room as two divine complements and saw that many others had done the same. We knew that we held genders because we would be discussing the humans of Earth who were still gender bound. With that realization completed I had a moment to take in the appearance and experience of our meeting room.

We all wore lightbodies that emanated our primary galactic resonance. In this manner, it was evident that many galactic societies had come together to be of assistance to Gaia’s Earth body. In fact, the room, which had no walls or ceiling, was a replica of the many wondrous environments of Earth. At first the room appeared to all be in nature with deserts, oceans, prairies, jungles, mountains, valleys and all the myriad wondrous expressions of Gaia’s Earth. Only a multidimensional mind could understand how this room functioned.

Because the room resonated to the upper fifth dimension, it had infinite possibilities for each of us, as well as for our entire group. For one thing, we perceived exactly what we expected to perceive. Since we had all gone through the vortex, we were calibrated to receive each other’s perceptions, but our perception of the meeting room remained dependent on our expectations. Thus, we perceived our version of the room while we simultaneously perceived everyone’s perception.

Fortunately, we intuitively knew that the moderator of this meeting would align us into unity of perception once the meeting began. While we waited for all the members to arrive, everyone perceived whatever they expected to perceive. Many of us shared our experience with others to better to assist us to understand how our personal perceptions intermingled and merged many different versions of Earth.

We all came from many, vastly differing worlds, however we easily communicated with each other by merging our multidimensional consciousness, which served as a universal translator. It was a very enriching experience as we heard the language system of everyone that we met, but understood exactly what they said.

Of course, we did not need to use any language at all and could have communicated telepathically, but the language was a means of introduction. Each language held the history of that world, as well as that reality’s culture and spiritual connections. We all made sure to connect with everyone in the room via this type of multidimensional communication.

By the time everyone had arrived and mingled with our group we were in total unity consciousness. It was then that the moderator entered the room. He/she was an androgynous being of immense light that had greatly lowered its frequency to the upper fifth to assure that everyone resonated to the same frequency.

When the moderator entered, he/she created a core vision so that all of us could perceive the same version of the meeting room. We knew this occurred because we had created such unity consciousness that we were all aware of each other’s perceptions. Now, the room was free of all walls or ceiling, with a floor of beaming light. The walls and ceiling were huge projections of light that traveled off into infinity.

That was when I realized that the room was a huge hologram created specifically for this meeting. My thoughts were then interrupted by the voice of our moderator. I say voice rather than words because he/she sent out a tone that exactly matched the frequency of the light that created the room. Instantly, our consciousness was in alignment with each other’s and with the moderator’s. When the moderator telepathically spoke, I was fully aware of his/her message as well as all the mental and emotional responses of every member of the room.

We were, indeed, ONE Being. The best example would be to say that are one forest with many trees that constantly interacted in a deeply intimate manner. It took Mytria and me a moment to adapt our selves to this amazing and, almost overwhelming, experience. We knew to surrender into the sense of overwhelm and allow this high frequency interaction to slowly merge with our core. As we did so, we realized that many of those in the meeting were doing the same.

The moderator waited patiently until he/she knew that we had all adapted to this wondrous capability. The moderator then divided into its male and female expressions, then returned to its androgynous self. We all understood to merge into the androgynous expressions of lightbody. Once Mytria and I merged we understood that allowing our Divine Complements to wear different genders allowed us all to meet and merge in a male and/or female energy pattern, which we instantly shared with our Complement.

Once we had all returned to our androgynous expression of ONE being, we felt yet another sensation and an even deeper feeling of unity consciousness. When we were united within our SELF, we could be more deeply united with the SELF of all the members of the meeting.

I must share here that since we resonated beyond time and space, everything that took me so long to describe happened in an instant of unity. In fact, it happened within the NOW and HERE of the higher frequency worlds. Mytria and I had briefly visited these worlds with the Arcturians, but this time we were on our own. We were, of course, fine with this challenge and were greatly enjoying our adventure.

With that said, I will translate into human language the message that we received. Remember that we all received this message, as well as everyone’s thoughts and emotions of the group, within a flash of the NOW. I will now break this message into separate words.

“Greetings all,” the moderator began. “I am to be your moderator, but as you know, you are simultaneously in communication with each other. Yes, emissary is the best way to describe your role. You are all to be the interfaces between ascending Gaia and the reality that Her united multidimensional consciousness expects to perceive, and thus will create. You also understand that the higher frequency realities exist beyond time and space. Thus, they have always existed.

“Because you are all calibrated to unity consciousness that resonates to the upper fifth dimensional Gaia you can easily relate to this information. However, it will be your great challenge to relate this means of creation via perception and acceptance of that which has always been to the humans who are still lost in third dimensional thinking.

“It is our plan that all work directly with humans who are receptive to our message. When they fully understand the process of transmutation into higher frequencies of reality, they can work directly with other humans. We have been making our galactic presence very obvious to humanity for many of their year and have stepped up our interactions in the last seventy years. Nevertheless, there are still many humans who are unable to imagine that there is a huge galactic world that is ready to welcome them into our alliance.

“We have no desire to persuade those who live in denial, but we no longer wish to ignore the call of those who have known of us and interacted with us for most of their current incarnation. The energy patterns of Gaia have greatly shifted and will continue to do so while they are in alignment with the Galactic Center. It is their NOW of ascension into the fifth dimensional frequency of resonance. All of Gaia’s inhabitants, except for a large percentage of humans, are ready for this transition.

“Many ‘extinct’ plants and animals, as well as ‘dead’ humans have transmuted their forms to the fifth dimensional expression of Earth. There are also many brave humans who have waited and worked tirelessly to awaken their fellow humans who are ready to be the first group to transmute into what they are calling New Earth or Nova Earth.

“It is for the above reason that you will all be aligning your selves with certain human individuals and groups to assist them in their service. You will also assist these humans to remember the process of expecting, perceiving and accepting the frequency of New Earth into their daily consciousness. With your guidance, these ascended one in human costume will be able to carry on their physical commitments to Gaia and humanity while they, also, live within the frequency of New Earth.

“These humans who have awakened to their multidimensional galactic and celestial SELF will be the vanguards of their new world. However, they will need your assistance, as the battle between light and dark has not completely ended and many humans are unable to even consider a new perspective of life.

“This meeting room, which resonates to the HERE of the NOW, will remain continually open. The higher versions of your Multidimensional SELF who are with us NOW will merge with this reality to continually commune with each other and me. From this upper fifth dimensional frequency you can maintain the calibration to this reality, as well as to each other. Therefore, no matter where or when you hold a form or awakened consciousness you will remain attuned to this multidimensional conference room.

“This holographic room is where you can gain any necessary assistance for your self and for any grounded-human versions of your SELF that are ready to travel here in their multidimensional consciousness or astral dream body. Actually, the first thing you will teach is multidimensional travel and bi-location, which are important keys to surrendering into ascension.

“With the advancement of Earth’s timeline into 2013, earthly laws of freewill have changed. Now the fear and domination of the few will no longer have the ability to stifle those who are ready to remember their SELF. Furthermore, it is important that the away team and third dimensional expressions of SELF on ascending Earth are free to openly reveal their true SELF. In order for them to do so in a reality still largely ruled by darkness, they will need your assistance.

“I know that all of you are eager to assist these brave volunteers and have within you all that you need to guide those who have taken an earth vessel—our ‘away team.’ This particular gathering is concluded, but will simultaneously be open within the NOW. Please feel free to bring any of your human friends here whenever they are ready. We can all feel what these brave ones deal with everyday and how much they long for a visit home to their true vibration. Blessings to you all!”

With the moderators final words we found a version of our multidimensional SELF, “copy” to this hologram to remain in this room. We, also, experience how each of us had that same experience in a slightly different way. Unity in diversity is a wonderful thing.  


  1. om
    Although i am everywhere in anytime and world,in the Now of the Only-One-unlimited-Here and also partially harmonically calmly detached…..
    I now reading this message I am full of nice deep emotions ,somehow aware of like being there way.......
    Now tears spring out ,down thru' my eyes when He/She/They remember us who are still here also in this 3D timespaceline,also trying to help, along this wonderful experiences………
    My individual heart chakras(anahata&highheart) are vibrating in a golden vortex,flowing to and from all other chakras and realities in a symphony of bliss..we are linking again the Infinite to the Finite…bringing life and Its Essence-Truth,where It had been forgotten ….i share this Energies with all Life ..
    My human is uplifted and again
    ……….has tears of pure joy..
    I am ispired intensely to be Truth……… be our Selves…… be One…. To be our Essence……….
    the least i/we now/here must do ......... do my/our best............

  2. Thank you for this, Suzanne!
    On 12/12/12 while in Mount Shasta I had a highly powerful vision that was very similar to this intergalactic meeting. There were many different languages but we could all understand each other. During the meeting, I remember feeling insistent that we hold to an "end date." Later, when I heard that the delay of full ascension on 12/21 was to await the rest of humanity, I connected it to this meeting.
    I am holding the vision that the "deadline" is 9/21 - the Fall Equinox. I am SO READY for us all to be fully anchored in the 5th :)
    Much love,

  3. Thanks Suzanne,

    I had a dream this morning that didn't make much sense to me. Now after reading today's story, my dream makes more sense, and I am feeling more strongly than ever, that I am part of the away team.

    I am so ready to start remembering and to get on with the mission at a new, higher vibration. Let our light and love shine!

  4. Yup, it IS happening. NOW! Everything shall change this month, no doubt -- but what 'form' it will take is still a bit . . . obscure, at least for those who shall not be physically moving into the no-time of New Earth. Us 'vanguards' shall apparently be moving back and forth between worlds after the equinox to continue to help and guide those who are still working to raise their vibrations sufficiently, though those who are not yet 'there' yet (most of humanity of course), who cannot yet 'be' in 5D with their current physical vessels, shall NOT perceive our movements 'out' of their reality at all, as our 'time' in 5D (minutes, hours, days, no matter) shall pass in but an instant 'here' in upper 4D -- a batting of our eyelashes in linear time. Should be FUN no matter what 'form' it takes!!!

  5. Thank you Suzanne...... I love the above comments and the deep sense of us becoming ONE in a way I didnt even dream of once upon a time! Am loving your postings and feel my SELF expand when I read your ' stories' . How wonderful that you take time to share with us........ in gratitude & appreciation,,,,,,
    With Angelic love & light
    beverley x

  6. :) Beautiful ~ Mytria and Suzanne ~ GFL ~ Thank U for this Wonderful Message.. Radiance Divine ~ Cosmic Blessings of the Light of Love Divine on Y-Our Way..

  7. Translation in Japanese

    with Love,

  8. Translation in Italian:
    This post was what I have always wanted to read! It gives joy and hope for the best! Thank you so much Sue, I almost cried last night!
    Love from the deep of my Heart and Mind,

  9. How wonderful it is to once again experience the blessings of higher light and unconditional love. How happy I am to be part of a team of brave warriors!!! What a blessing to feel the warm greetings of the galactic federation...

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