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Back on the Mothership - Choosing a Path

Back on the Mothership 

Choosing A Path

Franquoix and Alycia did choose to have a ceremony, and every man, woman and child appeared to honor their union. Franquoix, whose passion had always been spiritual, chose to live in the Temple with his bride to share his vast spiritual wisdom. The other Draconians easily integrated into our community, many of them choosing Pleiadian mates. The war was over in our life and in our hearts.

Mytria and I had completed our mission and would return to the Mothership for a bit of R&R before we begin our mission on the Earth of a vastly different timeline. Yet, we chose to stay in our Pleiadian settlement for a while so that Mytria could assist Alycia in being the Keeper of the Violet Flame, and I could give Almon any guidance that he needed. Almon did not even look like me anymore, as he had indeed become his own version of SELF.

In fact, none of us looked the same as we all glistened with lightbodies emanating from our form. Since we were free of time, now on was confused about Mytria’s and my next mission into what was once thought of as a future timeline. Furthermore Shinarius, the divine complements from what we once thought of as the Pleiadian future, decided to stay with us because they greatly enjoyed our adventure. Also, their vast wisdom would be a great asset to our newly transmuted community.

Those from the village returned to the village to re-establish their lives, and the original group who first came to the site of the Violet Temple remained on the Temple grounds. Everyone could now easily beam back and forth between sites, so the distance was not a problem.  The children bloomed into huge lightbodies and became leaders in both the village and the Temple. Little did their parents know that their children had purposely chosen to be born within an era of transmutation of all form?

As a special treat to us all, the Arcturian Mothership visited our skies. Many of our settlement visited the Mothership and many of the crew beamed down to visit us. It was a beautiful exchange of energy and information. A few of those from the Temple decided, as I once had, to remain on the Mothership and study with the Arcturians.

However, most of our community was happy to assist in establishing our new life on our higher dimensional homeworld. Those that did chose to go to the Mothership would likely return to provide added wisdom and assistance to our newly ascended community.

Finally, it was the NOW for Mytria and I to leave with the Mothership and prepare for our next mission on ascending Earth. There was celebration in our honor, which many crewmembers from the Mothership attended. Of course, the Arcturian and Elohim Alycone were there as well. A great time was had by all, as we shared our many memories and discussed how we had changed.

When the celebration ended, Mytria and I finally said our goodbyes. With a mix of sadness and joy, we beamed onto the Mothership with the last crewmembers. We had wanted to visit the lake, the sacred rock, our cave house, but instead we chose to forever carry those memories in our hearts. As soon as we beamed up to the Mothership we missed our friends and family but knew we would carry them in our heart too.

It would be wonderful to be back on the Mothership, and we looked forward to any instruction we may have to prepare us for ascending Earth. In fact, Alycia and Franquoix joined us for a while so that they could experience the Mothership and receive a few lessons from our beloved Arcturian mentor. They would return to the Violet Temple in the no time of the fifth dimension, as their contributions were important to their newly ascended community.

When Alycia and Franquoix finally beamed back to the Temple, a major cycle of our life closed. Fortunately, a new one instantly began. It had been wonderful for us to share our life on the Mothership with Alycia and Franquoix, but eventually they chose to leave. As soon as Mytria and I had said our goodbyes to our daughter and her Divine Complement we were called to our holoschool.

With huge smiles and light hearts we decided to walk the distance to the holoschool to soak up every wonderful memory. When we arrived, we found that we were alone, but as usual, the Earth nature hologram was playing. We went over to our wooden chairs by the waterfall, and overlooking the valley far below we settled in. With every breath another memory of our many lessons came to the surface of our consciousness. However, this time something was different. Maybe it was that we were different?

As one mind we knew to surrender into that difference, which felt much like diving into a deep pond. We discovered that we were actually within our own multidimensional minds traveling down, down into the molecular structure of what we had known as our physical brains. We were confused by this experience as we thought that our lightbodies had released us from the limitations of our brains. It was then that the Arcturian joined us within our mind and said,

"You will be interfacing with the brains of many earthlings, thus you must remember how to interface your lightbody SELF with the physical earth vessels you will create for this mission."

Yes, we understood that answer, as we had both worked with humans.

"The humans you were guiding,” continued the Arcturian, “have advanced into a higher states of consciousness since you have been away, as did the Gaia’s planetary body of Earth. However, many humans are unaware of this progress because their perceptions are still calibrated to the physical plane. This calibration causes them much confusion and emotional upheaval, as the third/fourth dimensional frequency of Earth’s reality is dissolving into the pure illusion that it has always been.

"Many of the humans do not realize that they are ascended. Also, even the fully aware humans are having difficulty releasing their attachment to physical stimuli to primarily attune to their higher dimensional perceptions. Moreover, humans of a lower density and state of consciousness still hold positions of power and control much of the mainstream media.

“Hence, some people look to the old and dying for advice rather than the new and becoming. One of your greatest challenges will be to re-direct the human’s attention away from old fears and onto the unconditional love that is only perceived through higher states of consciousness."

Mytria and I understood this situation, as it was similar to our experience on our homeworld. We wondered how the plant and animal kingdom were doing with their ascension process.

We are pleased to answer that many animals, and even plants, have easily slipped into the fifth dimension resonance, whereas only a small population of humans has been able to fully make the necessary shift in their consciousness. Because you assisted the members of your Pleiadian community to shift their consciousness into the higher frequency of perception and form, you will be of great benefit to the humans of Earth.

First, you will continue to seek out those who are Galactics in human disguise and assist them to remember their true SELF. In that manner, you will not need to train, but only remind, them to connect with their higher dimensional core. It is the NOW for all the members of the galactic away mission to open the many personal, earthly, galactic and dimensional portals that flow into Earth from the fifth dimension.

These portals are much like currents within an ocean or a river. Once these portals are identified, they can be opened with the light codes that the each member of the away mission carries in their fifth-dimensional, galactic consciousness.

First, they must remember that they are their galactic SELF, so that they can remember their mission. Then, they must recognize how their higher dimensional galactic SELF interfaces with their earth vessel. The reason why we chose the scenario of having our galactic away team function through human earth vessels is because we are assisting the planet and not just the humans.

It is the human earth vessel that connects to the 3D/4D matrix of Earth while it is their galactic consciousness that connects them to the 5D matrix of Earth. Therefore, the members of our away team are living portals through which the higher frequencies can:

·  Enter their higher dimensional consciousness,
·  Travel into their physical form,
·  Move deep into the molecules and DNA of their form,
·  And into the quantum world of the all earthly form of the 3D Matrix.

In this manner, myriad portals will be opened between Earth’s 3D/4D matrix and the 5D matrix to facilitate a steady, peaceful transition from the third/fourth dimensional matrix into the fifth dimensional matrix. Once this transition is completed, the 3D matrix will dissolve.

In the meantime, myriad parallel and alternate realities of ascending Earth will simultaneously exist. It is through the unity consciousness of all earth inhabitants that certain realities will gather force, whereas other realities will begin to blend into other ones that have a greater force of unity consciousness.

The problem with Earth is that there has been so much fear during the 2,000 years of the last Kali Yuga that the greatest force of unity consciousness has been based on fear and victimization. This model has allowed the few to lead the many because the many believed that they are victims.

Once the members of the galactic away team remember their galactic roots, they will blend with the unity consciousness of their higher-dimensional galactic SELF. Furthermore, they will become aligned with the immense unity consciousness of the Galactic Federation, which represents the many galactic nations that are helping our sister Gaia.

For example, we Arcturians are working closely with the Pleiadians, those of Sirius A and B, the Andromeda Galaxy, Antares and others. Once our galactic away team, and as many other humans as possible, awaken to their true galactic nature, the power of our galactic unity will be felt by all those in human form. Then these humans will:

·  Regain their ability to channel the light of galactic unity
·  Through the portal of their galactic consciousness,
·  Into their human consciousness,
·  Through their personal DNA light portals and
·  Into the body of Gaia.

Then, the few victimizers will no longer have the accumulated power to rule the many, for humanity will be connected with the galactic alignment. Just as the away team’s personal galactic consciousness connects them to the greater unity consciousness of the galactic alliances, their human consciousness connects them to all unity consciousness on Earth.

Furthermore, their personal DNA portals will also connect them to the body of Gaia.  All of humanity, whatever path they choose, has personal two-way portals of light within 97% of their DNA. This DNA is currently being activated by the higher frequencies of light that are entering Earth from the Galactic Center. This 97% DNA, which we will call “Multidimensional DNA,” holds the secret to transmutation into a higher frequency of form, as it is a two-way receiver and emitter of higher frequencies of inter-dimensional light.

It will be your assignment to remind the galactic away team, and all humanity, that inter-dimensional light and inter-dimensional consciousness are identical in nature.  Consciousness is light and light is consciousness. Additionally, both light and consciousness carry, transfer and manage information. This information is carried in light-codes, which are small matrixes of information.

These light-codes are much like locks that can only be opened by the correlate frequency of consciousness. Hence,

·  As each human resonates to a higher state of consciousness,
·  They can receive and integrate higher and higher frequencies of light,
·  Which can open higher and frequency light-codes of information.
Once these codes are opened they will be free to intermingle with Gaia’s biosphere and body.

On the other hand, if a human resonates to a very low state of consciousness, they cannot open the light-codes, they will not channel light, and they can actually channel darkness. The only difference between light/love and dark/fear is frequency. Higher states of consciousness pull through higher frequencies of light/information, as light is consciousness and consciousness is light. Also, both consciousness and light carry, manage and transfer information.

Love facilitates a higher state of consciousness/light, with unconditional love being the highest frequency of consciousness/light. Thereby, by having unconditional love for their SELF, a human will open the 97% DNA portals in their human form to the highest frequencies of multidimensional light/consciousness. Hence, higher states of consciousness allow access to higher frequencies of light and information that resonate to the highest frequencies of light that is unconditional love.

Conversely, lower states of consciousness align with lower frequencies of light. Thus, only fear-based information, often coming from the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension, can be received, understood and maintained by a fear-based consciousness. Fortunately, the higher frequencies of light that are entering Earth from the Galactic Center is allowing all humans to experience and accept higher states of consciousness.

As humanity accepts this higher light by opening their consciousness to it, more and more inter-dimensional portals of light are traveling through the Lower Astral Plane. When the Lower Astral is devoid of light portals it becomes a dense wall of darkness between humanity and the higher light/states of consciousness.

This wall of darkness sucks in the fear from the Gaia’s inhabitants then rains it back down onto the Earth. However, with the myriad portals of light opening through the Lower Astral Plane, more and more inhabitants of Gaia are gaining access to the higher light and loving information beaming through these portals. Furthermore, any darkness/fear that enters the portals of higher light is instantly transmuted by the unconditional love that fills these portals.

In other words:
·  Consciousness responds to light.
·  Different states of consciousness respond to different frequencies of light.
·  The state of consciousness is determined by the interaction of thoughts and emotions.
·  Thoughts and emotions create information that resonates to the different frequencies of consciousness.
·  A particular frequency of consciousness gathers more light/information of a similar frequency.

Therefore, there are two primary paths of creation/perception, the path of fear and isolation and the path of love and unity. We say the “path of creation/perception” because the path you take is the path you perceive. Simultaneously, that which you perceive is the path that you take.

Just as consciousness and light carry, transfer and manage information, perception is creation and you create your perceptions by your thoughts and emotions, which create your state of consciousness.

The path of fear and isolation is a lower frequency path and the path of love and light is a higher frequency path. Of course, both of these paths resonate in stages and degrees, but the path of fear leads to isolation, whereas the path of love leads to unity.

The path of fear and isolation:
·  Negative thoughts create fearful emotions, and fearful emotions create negative thinking
·  Hence, negative thoughts and emotions create fear which lowers the state of consciousness
·  A lower state of consciousness attracts lower frequencies of light/information, or even the absence of light, which is darkness
·  This darkness invites anxiety and depression
·  Anxiety and depression continue the cycle of negative thinking creating fearful emotions
·  Fearful emotions make you feel frightened, unloved, unsafe and closed to any new stimuli in case it may be even darker
·  This creates the perception of being alone, uneducated, frightened and victimized.

The path of love and unity:
·  Positive thoughts create loving emotions and loving emotions create positive thinking
·  Positive thoughts and emotions create love, which creates higher states of consciousness
·  Higher states of consciousness attract higher frequencies of light, carrying loving, positive information
·  Unconditional love attracts the highest light which expands consciousness to
·  Receive and understand increasingly higher frequencies of light in which higher dimensional light-codes and information are embedded
·  Higher frequencies of information activate thoughts and feelings based on the resonance of unconditional love
·  This makes you feel positive, loved, safe and opened to higher frequencies of stimuli
·  This path creates the perception of being united, informed, loved and empowered.

It will be an important component of your mission to assist the ascending ones to create and follow the path of love and unity. Once they are on that path, they will easily surrender into the higher information they are receiving because they recognize the feeling of the high frequency carrier wave of unconditional love.

We will continue our lesson when we meet again. We advise that you now seek out your friends, reminisce and have fun.


  1. Thank you! This is so beautiful. Namaste'

  2. om
    incredible,too nice to believe !! for my 3Dbrain and eyes but my heart my soul my essence resonate recognize remember... coming out of illusion,out of time-space divided,,, we are receiving great help of Truth 'and Unity'from our HigherSelves
    We are reminded of the Way of the RealMultiD-Self :'the Way of the Ways leading to Realization and CosmicTruth' , right now already 'here...
    All we incarnated here must become aware and responsible, and honor, respect, magnify, expand so much wonderful help and resonate together 'with the Essence of the Essences, the InfinitSpirit.. .like rays of a infinite sun flowing-beaming inwards/outwards.. interminglingly .............
    let's project and co-create a nice bright glowing holo-environment to offer our heartly joyful "welcome back!" to Mitre-Mitreya and to all good willcooperators of 'of Light-Love who leave their Peace their Rest ,their Loved ones ,their personal aims and pleasure ,they even risk their Life be Unconditional Oneness..
    like you Dearest PhD Dr Suzan Caroll
    we are so blessingly grateful blessed are you from Source........
    if any of you needs italian translation of any part of what is written down in
    send request to
    we'll do our best to try to be of Service for you too

    while we all serve our beloved Gaia ,a ray of Comic Mother,and she helps nourish enlighten us

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  3. Italian translation:
    Love to you all!

    Dear Alex,
    I agree with you, let's create a sacred holo-environment where to co-create our dreams of a flowing current of divine love on earth! Let's do it for Italy, for peace in Syria, for Europe, for us all!

    1. please forgive me :it is COSMICMOTHER and not Comic mother as the 3Dmachines wrongly wrote - we also have to thank Stefania Marinelli for her precious help to Life..we do resonate with her message ..which we share with all of you ..Gaia is waiting....

  4. Thank you Suzanne. Much love and gratitude in Oneness.