Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back on Ascending Earth Part 3 -- Deciphering the Dream

Back on Ascending Earth Part 3

Deciphering the Dream

Sandy and I stayed in the meadow for a few hours to ponder the mystery of M&M Travel. Perhaps the mystery was actually about the building. We seemed to be getting nowhere, so we decided to go home, get some breakfast and then see what we could find on the Internet about M&M Travel.

After we ate, we turned on the computer and searched for M&M Travel. All we could find was a few obscure websites about the M&M Travel in our area. They did not seem to have any other locations, which seemed quite unusual for a travel company. The websites were small and not attractive enough to draw business in a world in which most people was making their own travel arrangements.

Something did not seem right about this company. We even got the feeling that maybe M&M Travel was a cover for some other business. But what other business would that be? This question made us begin to question our feelings about the office. We needed to go back and look at our joint dreams again to see where we got off track.

We decided to each write our own dream experience to see if we had forgotten anything. Then we would compare and see what we both received in our dream. With this method we began to remember the first part of the dream before we were in the room. The dream began to come in so clearly that we wondered if Mytre and Mytria was telling us the dream or we were making it up.

However, if we were making it up, then Sandy and I were making up the same dream, as our experiences were almost identical. We wrote down what we both remembered in hopes of finding clues about the dream that we couldn’t remember before.

The first part of the “dream,” which we had both forgotten was that Mytre and Mytria were in their cabin on the Mothership. They were just falling asleep when a huge light swept them up, merging them into the ONE of their Divine Complement.  Sandy and I had finally admitted that Mytria and Mytre had to be higher expressions of our selves.

Therefore, if they were Divine Complements who could merge into ONE being, then WE were Divine Complements who could merge into ONE being. This was revelation was so enormous and all encompassing that neither one of us could even talk. However, we could look into each other’s eyes and feel each other’s hearts.

This activity guided us into the bedroom where we could practice “merging into ONE.” Only hunger could drive us from that bed, which occurred hours later. After we had eaten our first meal of the day we were ready to return to our notes. The first sentence that was on both of our dream descriptions was:
When they surrendered into the light it instantly transported them to a different location.

Both of us had forgotten this part of the dream, but when we remembered it we realized that Mytria and Mytre had arrived at the 3D location of our timeline, but it was no longer 3D and was clearly not in our timeline. In fact, they perceived our small town airport landing strip through the resonance a higher fifth dimensional resonance.

This information rang a bell in our mutual brains that maybe the building and would look different if we could raise our consciousness. Hence, without looking at the rest of our notes, we excitedly rushed back to the building by the airport. Luckily the distance was not long, as it turned out that we would be making many trips to that area.

The road we took to the airport provided a turn off lane where we could look down at the scene that Mytria and Mytria saw in their dreams. We had remembered many of the initial images of the dream while we were driving and were aware that we were not in the timeline (or timeless reality) of Mytria and Mytre’s vision.

However, when we looked at the airport this time it was busier and the building didn’t look quite as unkempt. We both laughed nervously. Could we actually be seeing a different frequency of reality? Could it be that easy to shift OUR reality? We had not even meditated, however, we had bonded in a deep manner, and we had also released the worry and doubt that we had during our first visit to this area.

We decided to drive down to the building again and check it out.  When we first arrived at the parking lot, we saw at least twice as many cars. Also, there was now a sign at the entrance of the parking lot stating that this building was A & R Research. Had we missed that sign before? The building was not remarkably different, but it felt much better. Maybe it was just that we were different?

Perhaps we saw the negative before and now we were looking for the positive. We wanted the building to be the one that Mytria and Mytre saw. Were we just imagining that it was better this time? We would need to go into the lobby again and see if that had changed too.

Most of the parking spaces were marked with someone’s name (had we missed that this morning), so we looked for and found the “guest parking.” I parked the car and we tentatively walked to the door. However, now there was a security guard (maybe one of the “guides” in 3D clothing?) who checked our ID before we could enter.

The guard asked where we were going, and we said, “M&M Travel.” He looked on his list and said, “You will find them on the tenth floor, suite 1005.” He let us pass and we again walked into the lobby. The scene in the lobby was very different. Whereas before there were just a few people with a sleepy receptionist, now there was a bustling lobby filled with professional looking people.

“I wonder why the security guard looked at our ID. Were they looking for someone?” whispered Sandy.

“Yes,” I replied. “I wondered that too. Are you ready for the elevator now?” I said with a smirk remembering our last encounter.

We both smiled as we pushed the UP button and walked into the elevator to see a very different scene. The carpet was new and the walls were covered with smoky mirrors. Also, now there was a security cameral watching our every move. I pushed the button for the tenth floor, and we easily whished up to the tenth floor.

OK, they did not have time to change the building since we were here this morning. And, when we stepped out of the elevator we saw a very nicely appointed hallway with clearly marked signs on every door.

“How can this be possible?” Sandy whispered.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Are we still asleep? I mean did we take a nap after we went back to bed,” I said with a smile, “and now we are dreaming?”

We pinched each other, laughed and walked down the hall to Suite 1005. When we opened the door we gasped. Even though the rest of the building was so different, this room looked just as it had this morning. We heard the receptionist say, again, “Can I help you?”

I stammered a bit about being in the wrong room and was surprised to hear the receptionist say,
“You took the wrong elevator.”

I half-smiled, not knowing the receptionist was talking about, and Sandy and I left the room. To our greater surprise, now the hallway looked like it had this morning. As we came to the elevator and pushed the down button, the doors opened to the same scene as this morning. Carefully, we stepped into the elevator and listened while it creaked and worried its way towards the first floor.

“What do you want to bet that we get the old lobby?” said Sandy.
“That would be my guess,” I replied.

We were not surprised to find the same unkempt, mostly empty lobby as this morning. For some reason, we did not want to talk until we got into our car and started home. As if it was suddenly safe, Sandy said,

“Did you just experience what I did?”

“Do you mean that the reality changed once we stepped into M&M Travel?”

“Yes,” Sandy replied. “The building could not have changed that much since this morning. Also, why did the entire building change because we went into the wrong room?”

“Elevator,” I said.

“Yes,” Sandy replied. “The receptionist said we had taken the wrong elevator. What did that mean?”

“Wasn’t there something on our dream notes about an elevator?” I said. Sandy quickly dug into her purse to retrieve the notes we had brought. Sandy looked through the notes and read,

“A guide was instructed to take them to the twelfth floor, and they were beamed into an elevator. When the doors opened at the twelfth floor there was a huge vortex. I wrote that we both had the impression that something very transformational happened in the vortex, but we could not remember what that was.”

“We had no vortex in our elevator,” I said.

 “Because we took the wrong elevator,” we said in unison.

“We have to remember what happened in the vortex,” said Sandy. “But I am tired now. Can we just eat a bit of dinner, relax and go to bed early? I think we need to sleep on this.”

“Good idea, maybe Mytre and Mytria will come to us in our dreams,” I said jokingly.

As I closed my eyes to fall asleep I saw an image of a huge web of light with strands of DNA sparking on and off within the web. However, the excitement of the day turned into fatigue, and I instantly fell into a deep, seemingly dreamless sleep.

When we awoke the next morning Sandy said, “Wow, just before I woke up I had this amazing image of a web of light with DNA strands blinking on and off within the web.”










  1. Wow. I'm sooo enthralled by this unfolding saga!

    I've been following your posts since around about the time Mytre 'accidentally' piloted the ship with his mind and I've been gripped ever since!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Miss Suzanne !!

    Your work is a great inspiration, especially because it takes the concept of Ascension out of the realm of theory and gives one 'real world' perspectives on what it's actually like from a first-person perspective.

    Profound !!! Can't wait til I've expanded my consciousness enough to start communing with my own 'other selves' and the Arcturians and the rest of the galactics too!

    Please do keep up the AWESOME work!

    Rusty Barrz

  2. om
    i dream(?) a spherikal halfdome it has 12 basic main dimensions
    it is actually somehow like a ball,
    a sun :round:half in a "Ground"below...
    the floors aren't physical but frequency waves......after several defeats,
    i enter 12th layer .i perceive a strong dimensional Vortex of Lightconsciousness,so various ,so bright,sparklin'
    i feel the presence of Higher selves and many different galactik and Extragalactik beings,intermingling waves of consciousness
    they all aware of Truth,Sensitivity,Unconditinal Love,Oneness .They are out of divided time and awareness .
    i translate their waves into 2013 gaia timeline
    they say
    we are Galactik Federation and More resonating to 12DSource and beyond
    are you ready to be yourSelf ?
    do you remember who you really are ?
    do you want to help or to be helped ?
    can you see your ego?
    can you merge with your/our MultiD-realSelves?
    can you see your real total intents and not the top of the iceberg?
    have you been deep within and as far as possible enough?
    can you tell a reality from an illusion?
    we love you unconditionally anyhow.......

    if you choose to cooperate
    keep on cleaning,preparing,attuning ,yourself so that when you are ONE
    with your realSelf(wich is multiD)
    you can merge with IT,With Us
    WithSource(slowly in 3D, but consciously and surely)
    than you dance with us in the NOW of the One
    prepare yourself for you have chosen us and we have chosen you
    and Source enlighten us all.
    now in 2013 timeline upon Gaia many changes are occurring and there a lot to do ,do you feel like resonating to our frequencies?if so be ready ,
    first of all you have to know that.............

    what a dream! difficult to translate in 3dlanguages!

  3. Thank you very much! They are really helpful!

    I read Chinese version of your story at the link below:

  4. Translation in Italian:
    Love to you all,