Monday, July 29, 2013

Pleiadian Ascension - A Special Guest

The Pleiadian Ascension Part 2

A Surprise Guest
The Moon had set and everyone was asleep, except me. I was concerned for Mytria and Almon in the Temple, but they tell me that they are fine. The Temple finally stabilized to a frequency in the mid-range of the fifth dimension. Therefore, most of the people here cannot see it. Fortunately, I can see it, so I think I will try to enter it. Since I now have a form, I think I will simply climb the stairs and walk in the front door.

However, as I try to mount the first stair, my foot goes right through it. Thus, I am not calibrated to the frequency of the Temple or of Mytria. Since I have intense feelings for Mytria, I set my intention to align my resonance with Mytria’s. Instantly, I feel Mytria also matching her frequency with mine. I feel a sensation almost like the click of a door into the doorway and step onto the first stair.

I am able to stand on this first stair, but I feel the Temple itself, or is it the Elohim Alcyone I am feeling? I hear Mytria confirm that it is both, as the Temple is a manifestation of the Elohim. Yes, of course. This is no regular building. This Temple is a living being who is wearing the form of a Temple. It is for this reason that the Temple could be raised. It raised itself with the help of the members of our community.

I slowly step onto the next stair, asking permission to do so as I take the step. I feel a yes if I can state my reason for entering it. Now, I need to be clear about my deepest reason, which would be missing Mytria and wanting to be with her. Therefore, I say directly to the Temple Elohim,

“I am the Divine Complement of your High Priestess Mytria. I wish to join her and my parallel self who risked his life to raise this Temple.”

I hear nothing, so I decide to slowly step onto the next stair. However, my foot goes through the stair again. How did I lose calibration? Did I lose calibration with Mytria or the Temple? Did the Elohim not like my reason for wanting to enter? I hold these questions in my mind, knowing that the Elohim has heard them and may decide to answer me.

Nothing happens, so I decide to climb that stair again. This time my foot stays on the stair, and I am able to put my full weight onto it. Since I am in Lightbody, I cannot imagine that I have much weight. I stand still for what seems like too long, when I realize that I was allowed to climb this stair because I was being respectful.

Therefore, again I ask permission to climb another stair. In response I see, and even feel, myself embracing Mytria. It is then that the image of my daughter Alycia enters my mind. Of course, the Elohim knows that I want to take Mytria with me. She will only release Mytria if a new High Priestess is brought to her. That High Priestess is our daughter Alycia.

“Alycia, our daughter, will be here in two days. Do you want me to wait outside the Temple until she arrives? It is just that I deeply miss Mytria and she will be of great assistance when the rest of our community arrives. It appears that our people were not in total unity consciousness as those in the village were not even aware of what was occurring by your Temple. In fact, many people do not believe that they are ascended now.

“The members of our community have very different ideas about what has occurred, as only the members of this encampment know that we have expanded our collective consciousness to the threshold of the fifth dimension. Hence, they have created many different versions of our ascended community that are not in alignment with each other.

“I need Mytria to help me discover how to help our people to understand that once they ascend in a flash it can take what it appears as time to BELIEVE they have ascended. If they cannot believe that they are ascended, their consciousness will be too low for them to perceive the Lightbody that they are already wearing or the beautiful reality in which they are already living.

“I have discovered the problem, but I am unsure as to how to solve it. Mytria, and the Arcturian, are my closest counsel.”

“Did you call?” I hear within me as I see the Arcturian materialize into a blazing body of light standing before me.

I am so shocked and jubilant that I almost fell off the stair. Was that a laugh I just heard from the Arcturian?

“It is merely our Joy,” responds the Arcturian as the great Elohim Alycone materializes next to the Arcturian.

Suddenly, I hear murmurs and expressions of gratitude from behind me. As I turn, I see that some of the community that I thought was asleep had been witnessing my adventure. They nodded to me in a reverent manner and began waking everyone before the Elohim and Arcturian disappeared.

One-by-one the members of our small community awakened and stood in reverence of this event. The elderly were assisted to their feet and children were held high so that they too could see. Everyone was very calm, very peaceful and extremely respectful.

I heard the call of my name and turned back to the Temple to see Mytria coming down the Temple’s stairway to meet me. Without thinking to ask permission, I ran up the stairs to meet her and held her tightly in arms. When we finally broke our embrace, Mytria said, “Look.”

I turned to see the crowd parting as my friend, Jackal, escorted my now adult and very regal daughter Alycia to the Temple. Mytria and I embraced her briefly, as we knew that she was to enter the Temple NOW! I heard Jackal say, “I am sorry I did not take two days, but the Arcturian came and beamed us all here.”

I smiled in response, as Mytria and I took our place behind the High Priestess Alycia and followed her up the stairs. I stood like a centaur at the temple door as Mytria escorted our daughter across the threshold. I looked down at our community and saw that the Arcturian had beamed all of the ones left in the village to experience the “proof” of ascension that the villagers needed.

Every one was standing as the sun began to rise above the horizon. It was a new day and a new way of life!
Our first test of living as an ascended community occurred the very next day. We were just beginning to clear all the blanket, supplies clothing and campfires around the Temple from the night before when two Protectors escorted a Drac with his hands in restraint into our site.

When they stood before me, I walked to them and took the restrains off the Drac and offered him to sit at my campfire while I found him some food. An instant hush had gone through the community when the Drac was brought to me, and a wave of shock moved through the people when I removed the Drac’s restraints and offered him food.

In response to their habit of fear, I stood on a nearby rock so they could see me and said,

“We are now an ascended community. If you can all see this being, who stood when I signaled him, then he is ascended as well. A great miracle has happened in that our age old enemy has been taken into the same light of ascension as we have. This is no accident, but the first lesson of our new life. To remain in this new world, we must release all that is past and live ONLY in the NOW.”

I walked over to our guest and asked his name. There were no language barriers, as our fifth-dimensional resonance allowed us listen to the intention of the speaker. With great dignity and not a bit of fear he stood tall and said,

“I am known as Franquoix. I am the Commander of the Fleet that was sent here to destroy your world. We had determined that your protective dome was too week to sustain our attack. In fact, I volunteered to pierce that dome with my ship to further weaken it. I crashed nearby, knowing that my fellow warriors would join me the next day.

“However, there was no next day, as just before dawn everything changed. I am not sure what has occurred here, but this world is no longer on any of the sensors of my ship, nor could I communicate with any of my squadron. You are all safe now and I am dead.”

I walked to Franquoix and offered him my hand as I said, “You are not dead. You are ascended.”