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Pleiadian Ascension Part 4 Journey to a Future Timeline


Pleiadian Ascension Part 3

Journey to a Future Timeline

I am determined to release all the fear and conflict of our old third dimensional reality of separation, power-over others and the resulting wars. I can clearly understand why we were given the challenge of having an old enemy within the midst of our ascended world. However, this situation has created a huge challenge for me, who have obviously become the leader.

With the expanded perceptions of my Lightbody I can hear the whisper of fear regarding Franquoix, as well as fear’s best friend prejudice, move through the hearts and minds of our community. I know from my time studies with the Arcturian that it is one thing to move into the fifth dimension and quite another to stay there.

If these fearful thoughts and emotions are not stopped, our consciousness will drop and we will no longer be able to perceive this frequency of reality. However how can I tell all these people that they must stop all fearful thinking NOW or they will leave this reality and sink back into the third/fourth dimension? Fortunately, Mytria and I have the Arcturian and the Elohim Alycone to assist us during this difficult transition.

Also, with this assistance, I will have the opportunity to visit with Mytria and my daughter Alycia. It was before dawn and everyone was sleeping, so I decided that it was a good time to enter the Temple. I could see that the steady fifth dimensional frequency of the Temple appeared to slightly shift, which meant that already the resonance of our community was dropping. Therefore, instead of climbing the long stairway, I beamed directly into the Temple, using the feel of Mytria as my compass.

Mytria had heard my consciousness and stood before me with open arms. We embraced in silence and merged our hearts into ONE. Since the Arcturian had taught us how to merge into our ONE Divine Complement Mytria and I have greatly expanded our consciousness. Now, we can easily merge into ONE androgynous being. I will take a moment to share the experience of returning to the androgynous SELF of united Divine Complements.

To begin with, spoken words are no longer necessary. Our communication with each other is like communication with our self. Each thought becomes OUR thought and each emotion is OUR emotion. As we surrender into this experience of intimate integration, we know that we were merging into one, androgynous form.

At first, it was a bit surprising for both of us, but we surrendered into our surprise to completely intermingle all our thoughts and emotions. We, our united androgynous form, can feel our masculine and feminine expressions merged into androgyny. Communicating with each other is communicating with our self. I know and feel everything that she does, and she knows and feels everything that I do.

This time, as we joined consciousness, we found ourselves rising above the Temple, above the Temple Grounds (the new word for our “camp site”) and into a frequency of our reality that was beyond the timeline of our newly ascended community. Suddenly, we were in a much higher expression of our community.

This community had released all third dimensional thinking and emotion. Hence, there was no sense of separation from other humanoids, beings, plants, animals or nature. We were in the mid-fifth dimension and the entire planet had been inhabited. In fact, we found ourselves floating in the atmosphere of this world and could see a beautiful world beneath us.

We no longer saw the high desert scene around the Temple that we had known. Everywhere we looked was green with verdant life. We could see that surrounding our Temple was a community of houses that were also made of violet crystals. We knew that these structures were homes in which myriad forms of “family” chose to coexist.

These family dynamics were beyond all forms of prejudice and everyone lived in unity consciousness with each other. Also, the “families” we not just Pleiadian, as there was a great deal of cultural integration. These families shared a home for as long as they desired, then if anyone wished a new experience everyone wished them well on their new life. There was no sense of possessiveness within their family systems, and each one’s choices and opinions were lovingly accepted.

As we traveled around the planet, we saw that there were many of these communities, each with a central Temple and crystal homes surrounding the Temple. The homes were all surrounded by abundant nature filled with flying, walking, crawling and swimming inhabitants. We had never seen some of these animals and wondered how they came to live in this wonderful world.

We decided to see if we could land in this frequency of reality and found that our joining had greatly increased our resonance. With our desire to land, we were instantly transported to the surface of the higher frequency expression of our world. Many Pleiadians came to greet us and knew that we were Divine Complements joined into ONE. Apparently, they could read our mind, as they also knew that we had come from their past.

They were so excited to see their ancient ancestors and even called us the “Initiators,” as we had initiated the advent of their transmutation into higher and higher frequencies of reality. They then explained their ancient tales of a small group of refugees who sought peace and freedom on this planet. They told us the story of our ascension, which was pretty much how we experienced it. They also told us of the great challenge we would face when some of our members would be unable to release old fears, prejudice and need for conflict.

They told us how an “old enemy” has accidently ascended with us and that we would have to resolve old feelings of victim/victimizer before we could stabilize our new world. They informed us that some of our group was unable to adapt to this higher dimensional thinking, which lowered their resonance back to the third dimensional world, which still remained in the lower frequencies. 

No one ever heard from these people again, but the entire community grieved their loss. They then told us that it was prophesized that the Initiators of that world would someday visit them, so they could go back in time to rescue their lost ones. In fact, there was a Divine Complement couple chosen in every generation who would volunteer to return with us to assist these lost ones before their resonance fell out of alignment of our new world.

Mytria and I were so shocked that our resonance dropped and we returned to two people again. Our ever-growing group of loving greeters smiled, as they were pleased to meet both components of our Divine SELF. Fortunately, there was no attitude of worship, as they also resonated to the higher frequencies of their Multidimensional SELF. Instead, they were extremely honored to meet their ancestors.

They then decided to take us to the Temple so that we could meet the Divine Complement couple that would go back in time to assist us. They did not want to lose anyone and had always known that they would eventually have the opportunity to assist those in greatest need so that none of us would be lost.

The group took us to the base of the Violet Temple. When we instantly thought, this looks like our Temple, they all said, “It is your Temple.” It resonates beyond time and is the reason why we have been able to continue our expansion into higher and higher frequencies of our SELF. They then focused their attention on Mytria and said in one voice, thank you for raising the Temple. They then turned to me and thanked me for being the leader of our first ascended community.

With those final words, the group slowly dispersed, as a beautiful tone began to emanate from within the Temple. Since we had been at the base of Temple and facing the people, we now turned to face the Temple to see the radiant light that accompanied the tone. The tone and light seemed to pull us up the many stairs until we found our self, again joined into one Divine SELF, standing at the threshold to the Temple.

The huge golden door opened slowly, inviting us to enter. We accepted the invitation and reverently crossed the threshold into the Temple. Once inside the Temple we instantly felt the resonance increase. We sensed our one form expand to encompass the entire Temple, as we simultaneously experienced the Temple downloading generations of information into our joint consciousness. The download of light was so extreme that we would have lost consciousness if we were not instantly surrounded by two beautiful Priestesses of the Violet Temple.

They stood on either side of us and beamed us to the Violet Flame located on the ground floor of Temple, which was far below us. It seems that visitors to the Temple climbed the stairs to enter at the top floor, and then they gradually moved deeper and deeper into the living body of the Temple to experience the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

As we stood before the Violet Flame, the information that was downloaded at our arrival was integrated into our multidimensional thinking. Some of the information was specifically for Mytria, as she and Alycia would create the matrix for our planet’s first Temple of the Violet Fire. Other information was specifically for me, as I was to create the matrix for our new fifth-dimensional community. However, we both would receive all the information so that Mytria and I could easily assist each other.

Furthermore, the Elohim Alycone would take a form in the Temple and the Arcturian would take a form in the settlement. In this manner, all the members of the newly ascended reality could have the direct guidance of these two majestic celestial beings. Elohim Alycone and the Arcturian would also assist Mytria and my self to form the matrixes for the Violet Temple and our fifth-dimensional community.

Mytria and I had returned to two Divine Complements, as we were not yet fully accustomed to holding such a high frequency of form. The two Priestesses took Mytria into a nearby healing room, and two male Protectors took me into another healing room. Once in the room, Mytria and I fell into what appeared to be a deep sleep. We awoke much later feeling completely refreshed and ready to return to our version of this reality.

We knew what to do and we each had our Mentors there to assist us. We also knew that we would only remain in that reality until we completed our mission. Then we would be fully prepared to return to ascending Earth to assist our dear planetary friend, Gaia.


  1. so so beautiful ,,,,,,, thank you for sharing <3

  2. Thank you, Sue. I just came out of 20 minutes of meditation during which I was advised to come to your website and I find your latest chapter in the Pleiadian adventure. As I was reading it, my inner voice said, pay close attention, you have already experienced this and are about to experience it again. I will re-read as I know I'm meant to discover more about this experience through your words, but suffice to say for now, I'm so glad you're here, Sue! Love you.

  3. we are very grateful for such an effective heartfelt help
    we share with Gaia ,sentient beings and all life..
    Dear Arcturians i share with all goodwill seekers:
    gazing at Arcturus in the nightsky is another very great help

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