Monday, July 1, 2013

Chakra Calibration Part2 Consciousness, Perceptions, Actions & Manifestations

July 1, 2013

Shifts in Consciousness, Perceptions, Actions and Manifestation

The Arcturians


We are the Arcturians here to give you more information regarding the recovery of your multidimensional creativity.  Whenever your consciousness expands into the higher dimensions, as well as into the cellular consciousness of your personal and planetary self, your perceptions have a correlate expansion. Since the reality you perceive is the reality you experience, this shift in perceptions creates an ever-increasing alteration in your actions.

Your consciousness is based on the collective energy pattern of your thoughts and emotions. Basically, loving thoughts and emotions expand your consciousness into a growing confidence in your ability to create your own life. Conversely, fearful thoughts and emotions contract your consciousness more and more towards survival. When your consciousness is based on survival, your perceptions are limited to what is vital for you to get through the day.

On the other hand, when your consciousness is expanded into a wider spectrum of possible creations, your perceptions search all reality like a child in a toy store. With myriad possible ways to be creative, as well as the many worlds in which you can be creative, your actions are on joyful alert for the next great expression of your ever-expanding SELF.

This expansion of your SELF calls upon the countless versions of reality available to your multidimensional consciousness. Hence, it is not a matter of how to manifest, as manifestation will be as natural as breathing. The further your consciousness expands beyond the limitations of the third dimensional illusion, the more you return to the infinite creativity of your Multidimensional SELF.

There are many versions of the ascension process, but we will focus on the NOW of Earth’s ascension, as it is unique indeed. Dear Gaia, brave being that She is, is attempting to ascend her planet and ALL its inhabitants with only minimal harm to her planetary body or any of her inhabitants. Humans present the greatest challenge as they have fallen into separation consciousness. Fortunately, humans are slowly but surely returning to unity consciousness.

As the higher light enters the chakras, this process of return to unity is greatly amplified. We have spoken before of the effects of the higher light on your chakras. We will now speak about how the calibration of your chakras to the higher light will transform your consciousness, perceptions, actions and manifestations. We will begin each chakra by reminding you of the transmutations of each chakra that we spoke of in our last meeting.

         FUNCTION AND AREA OF BODY: The higher light transmutes your first chakra to serve as the third grounding prong to ground your changing earth vessel into the Earth.
         NERVE PLEXUS:  As the higher light enters the nerve plexus for this chakra, it is calibrated to the expanding frequencies of Earth. Then you can remain in alignment with Gaia while the people and planet prepare the foundation of fifth dimensional New Earth.
         ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Your adrenal glands slowly become accustomed to a new frequency so that you do not go into Fight/Flight response with every download.

As the above changes occur in your first chakra your CONSCIOUSNESS expands beyond third-dimensional survival consciousness and into the beginnings of unity consciousness. When you are no longer fighting through the myriad challenges of daily life you can take some time to “smell the roses,” and experience yourself as a member of the planet. With this introduction to planetary consciousness, your sense of SELF begins to encompass the world in which you live.

Your PERCEPTIONS are free of the constant vigilance of what you have to do and shift into who you want to be. With this freedom to just be, all your five senses become amplified. Since you are a member of your reality rather than a victim of it, your sensory perceptions become amplified.

Finally, you have “time” to feel the air, smell the flowers, hear the birds, look up into the treetops and speak to your self and others with calm respect. These perceptions were always there, but you were too focused on your survival needs to realize the beauty of your daily life. This amplified experience of unity with your environment creates an inner peace that discovers creative solutions for your encounters with 3D life.

Therefore, your ACTIONS are stepping forward rather than hiding or retreating. You may not know what you are stepping into, but you are feeling the courage to do so. Bit-by-bit you begin to take charge of your life, which increasingly includes the planet which has offered you the opportunity of a third dimensional experience.

As your relationship with all life increases, you become more careful about what products you use in your garden, who you support with your buying dollars and how you are contributing to a new version of reality that you are beginning to believe just may be possible. You may not yet be aware of New Earth, but the seed of renewal has been planted inside of you. Thus you are gaining increasing courage to move forward in your life, not as who you should be, but as your emerging greater SELF.

This confidence creates a positive attitude for the life you are beginning to love. You have more love-based thoughts and emotions, which unite to create thought forms based on opportunity and creativity. Since you are stronger within your self, you are more centered within your core. Because of this, you are MANIFESTING versions of reality that you once believed were “too good” for you.

         FUNCTION AND AREA OF BODY: The higher light will prepare your second chakra for your rebirth and the vast changes that will occur due to the transmutation of your self, your family and your society, as well as new concepts of money and systems of compensation.
         NERVE PLEXUS: This nerve plexus represents your core, which is increasingly merging with the core of Earth, as well as with the core of your Multidimensional SELF.
         ENDOCRINE SYSTEM:  Your polarized identity as male or female shifts into the androgynous version of your Lightbody.

Your CONSCIOUSNESS is escalating to include images of a greater expression of your SELF in a world that you have been a part of creating. Your relationships with family either improve, or you forgive and move on from family members who lower your consciousness. You may not know that it is your higher state of consciousness that is making you feel so much better, but you are becoming more and more protective this new “feeling” that is filling your being.

Because you are maintaining higher states of consciousness for longer periods of “time,” you are having PERCEPTIONS of your reality that you never had before. Your flowers tell you when they are thirsty. You begin to understand what your pets are saying, and you can more easily read your emotions and the emotions of others. You are beginning to hear the phone before it rings and your child calling you before a word is spoken. A small inner voice is beginning to whisper to you when you are quiet enough to hear it.

Because you can see the “effect” of a “cause” before it happens your ACTIONS are becoming focused on prevention rather than resolution. Since you are no longer “putting out fires,” you have more leisure time to think before you act. You are also willing to investigate the real reason, rather than the excuse, for your actions. Because you are becoming more reflective, the inner voice is more audible and often advises you regarding your best course of action. Also, your actions are no longer dictated by gender. You are feeling s completeness within your being which encompasses both your male and female attributes.

Actions feel more like MANIFESTATIONS, as you are feeling a growing connection with a greater YOU who is assisting you as you move through life. You are beginning to fully discern the difference between a fear-based thought and emotion and thoughts and emotions that are based on love. You are beginning to feel as if you have an inner partner who is teaching you a greater awareness of your SELF.

         FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: This chakra is the power center of your physical body and functions as either power-over or power-within.
         NERVE PLEXUS: Your solar plexus is your own inner Sun that shines your inner power into your reality. Thus, the higher light will amplify your inner power and free you from the cycle of victim/victimizer.
         ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Since your body will now be focusing on digesting the higher light, lower frequency foods will become indigestible and hopefully stricken from your diet.

Your CONSCIOUSNESS is quickly expanding as you find your power-within. You are increasingly making your own decisions with your primary advisor being your inner SELF. People are beginning to recognize your inner strength, and you are taking on more and more responsibility. You are feeling your innate leadership abilities, and others are coming to you for advice and guidance.

Fortunately, your increasing PERCEPTIONS are guiding you to differentiate those who are sincere in their desire for assistance and those who only drain your energy with their constant complaints. You are becoming increasing telepathic and your thinking is becoming so acute that you can integrate and use huge amount of information both from reading and from your insightful perceptions of situations, groups, persons and situations. Because of your increasing charisma many people want to be with you. However, you often find that you deeply enjoy your own company instead.

Your inner directions are primarily guiding your ACTIONS, and you find that you are less reactive every day. Where as once you would react, you are now able to think first, assess the situation, and respond in a calm, centered way.

Because of this attitude, your MANIFESTATIONS are even surprising you. Your power to manifest your thoughts and emotions is becoming very apparent. Because you do not fall into being a “victim” when things do not go your way, you are able to step back and calmly assess how you are the creator of each “problem.” Because you are able to admit how you have created your challenges, you are now able to fully accept that you are the creator of the positive aspects of your life. Hence, your fear of failure is greatly diminished and you are able to take greater and greater risks with your creative ideas.

         FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: Your heart and lungs work together to feed you cells oxygen enriched glucose. As the higher light continually enters your system, your cell’s bodies begin to crave light rather than glucose. This transition of cellular food is the first stages of becoming Lightbody.
         NERVE PLEXUS: Just as your physical heart runs your physical body by distributing blood throughout your system, your High Heart runs your Lightbody by distributing higher light through your system.
         ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Once your High Heart has taken superiority over your human heart new forms of healing and transmutation will be revealed in your daily life.

The download of unconditional love expands your CONSCIOUSNESS exponentially. However, this unconditional love also accelerates your transmutation process to set you on a roller coaster of mental, emotional and physical highs and lows. You are having these experiences because higher light that raises your conscious also reveals all thoughts, emotions, behaviors and physical maladies that must be healed and released to facilitate your transition into your SELF.

Simultaneously, your PERCEPTIONS of reality are expanding into your multidimensional perceptions. Hence, your vision is becoming clairvoyance, your hearing is becoming clairaudience, your sense of smell is becoming clairsentience, your sense of touch is becoming telekinesis, your communications are becoming more telepathic and your empathy, instincts and intuition are becoming stronger every day. You are also having precognitive experiences, and moments of illumination.
(See link for description of above terms: )
With your new perception of reality more and more of your ACTIONS stem from your higher expressions of SELF rather than your ego. You ego is relegated to the care and maintenance of your physical earth vessel, except when old ego issues come up to be transmuted. Your inter-actions with life are greatly changed as you are no longer the “human” that you once believed you were. Communications with your Galactic, Celestial and Ascended SELF enter your meditations, dreams, imagination and even your daily life.
You are beginning to realize that you are not just your body. Instead, you are the consciousness that enlivens the physical expression of your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, your MANIFESTATIONS are no longer a function of your personal desire, but of your commitment to fulfill the “reason for your incarnation.” Meanwhile, your High Heart is increasingly connecting with your Third Eye to allow mini-miracles to become a common part of your day.

         FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: As your heart and mind become your Heart/Mind, your throat chakra serves as the connecting your opened Third Eye and your High Heart.
         NERVE PLEXUS: As your communications are becoming telepathic and empathic your tone of voice, posture of your shoulders and movement of your arms give a clearer meaning of your communications.
         ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: As the multidimensional light integrates into your physical form, your thyroid gland is called upon to maintain a faster, yet steady, pace for the higher resonance of the physical form you are wearing.

Your CONSCIOUSNESS is returning to its true multidimensional state. Your throat chakra becomes the go-between and connecting force between your opened Third Eye and your High Heart. You are no longer limited to third dimensional consciousness and are daily remembering more about your true SELF. Fulfilling your mission is becoming more important than fulfilling your personal needs. In fact, your personal self is only one small component of your great, Multidimensional SELF.

Your PERCEPTIONS are becoming multidimensional messages in the form of Light Language. Hence, you are constantly seeking to ground these higher frequency communications so that you can translate this Light Language into third dimensional forms of communication that can be understood by humans. As you throat chakra continues to merge your Third Eye with your High Heart, you are beginning to think from your heart and feel from your mind.

Your ACTIONS are no longer arising from your ego-needs but are now being initiated in response to inner communications from the higher dimensions and/or the core of Gaia. You are becoming increasingly detached from the result of your actions, as they no longer arise from your ego. You are beginning to remember your past, alternate, parallel and higher dimensional expressions of SELF, which assists you to release your attachment to the dramas of your third dimensional reality.

Your MANIFESTATIONS come not from you, but through you. You are beginning to realize that your earth vessel is merely an anchor point of your great Multidimensional SELF who is wearing a 3D form in order to better assist Gaia. Hence, your personal needs are allocated to your greater SELF so that you are not distracted from your reason for embodiment. Your physical form is perceived as the vessel through which your Multidimensional SELF can assist with planetary ascension.

         FUNCTION AND AREA OF THE BODY: The pineal of the seventh chakra pulls the higher light into your earth vessel and sends it to your pituitary gland of the sixth chakra to be distributed to your entire body via your chakra system.
         NERVE PLEXUS:  The nerve plexus for these two chakras is the physical brain for the unenlightened and the Cosmic Brain for the enlightened.
         ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: As your pineal and pituitary glands merge to become your Opened Third Eye, you perceive frequencies of reality far beyond the third dimension.

With the merging of your Crown and Brow Chakra, your CONSCIOUSNESS has expanded from Planetary Consciousness, into Galactic Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness. You are in constant contact with higher expressions of your SELF, as well as the Commander on your Starship, Galactic Beings such as the Arcturians, Pleiadian, Sirian etc., as well as Ascended Masters, Elohim and members of the Angelic Kingdom. In fact, you are realizing that all these beings are expressions of your Cosmic Consciousness and Multidimensional SELF.

Hence, your PERCEPTIONS are becoming increasingly multidimensional, which can be quite challenging. “Which reality is the real reality?” you ask. Your Higher SELF lovingly replies, “All of them!” Hence, reality becomes a choice of perception and the life that YOU have created.

Your ACTIONS are a reflection of your expanding consciousness, and you seek to “Live your Mission.” Your actions are no longer defined by what you have to do. Instead, the community of your Multidimensional SELF determines your actions and passes it on to you, the pilot of your earth vessel. You still hold a physical form so you must take care of daily chores, pay your bills and go to work. However, these obligations are merely things that you perceive as a component of the 3D Game that you still play and are learning/remembering to master.

MANIFESTATION is constant and ongoing, as you now know that every thought and emotion will be manifested in your daily life. You are remembering to be a Master over the illusions of the third dimension. You see your physical reality as an assignment that you volunteered to take. You are wearing an earth vessel just as other beings are wearing the form of a dolphin or a tree. Hence, your world is alive, and no creature is of more important than the next.

You may think that people with this degree of SELF-realization would live in eternal bliss, but that is seldom the case. You are all transmuting your body, your consciousness, your society and your planet while living, working and playing in an ever-changing world. Since you realize that you are the creator of your reality, you have no one to blame for your problems. You are living on “an island of your SELF” and acknowledge that every “problem” is a lesson that is vital for your personal and planetary ascension.

You can share your true SELF with only a few, if any, of your friends and family. Therefore, you often feel isolated or may often doubt your SELF. Fortunately, when you take time to meditate and commune with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF you are able to feel unconditional love, bliss and joy. These moments reaffirm your identity and give you comfort and information for your continued journey back to myriad components of your Multidimensional SELF.

Meanwhile, your physical form is continually transmuting while you are living in it. Hence, you suffer symptoms of transmutation every day,
and your planet is undergoing great physical, political and cultural changes. Fortunately, you are working closely with Gaia and are deeply connected to Her planetary consciousness.

However, if you are looking for safety and security you will only find it within your own heart and the hearts of your loved ones. In fact, living in a state of unconditional love, which must be continually replenished from the higher dimensions, is the secret to finding peace and happiness in this time of chaos that precedes great change.

We remind each and every one of you that you are ALL multidimensional beings in different stages of awakening. You are immensely courageous to take on this mission, and we of the higher frequencies of reality are guiding you and cheering you across the final stretch of a very long adventure in polarity and separation.

Remember, you do not have to become any one. You only have to return to who you have always been,
Blessings to you all,


  1. OM namaste’
    Dearest Suzan Caroll
    Dearest Ones
    This post is
    a historical masterpiece, a perfect multidimensional description,

    it describes perfectly what is a conscious reconnection to the infinite OnenessTruth
    for a being on Gaia in this timeline2013 and beyond…….before………..tomorrow………..

    provides access to a wave of frequency information and 'multidimensional
    but above all healthy real cosmic unifying connecting

    here we find the spatial focal points of our current experiences
    expressed so wonderfully useful,effective
    nothing new for me and
    at the same time all new to me
    for us
    for all
    and we are ONE NOW!
    blessed and is the Absolute in all its Potential and in all its Manifestation
    we received great help in the dimensions treated in this post and in general, from/by
    5th healing retreat on line: an explosion of life truth 'infinite consciousness

    Namaskar ………… nama om……………

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