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Atlantis Found

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I usually only post what I have written or channeled, but the below article so important that I wanted share it.

Giant Sphinx Discovered Among Bermuda Triangle Pyramids
Before It’s News -Perhaps overshadowing the discoveries of the tomb of King Tut and Troy is the discovery of Atlantis. Now two bold scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, say they have found it. They discovered the ruins of the ancient city submerged off the coast of Cuba. In the distant past the region was dry land, but now only the island of Cuba remains above water. The ancient city is 600 feet below the ocean and the team of researchers led by Zalitzki Weinzweig is convinced that it is Atlantis, the city lost by more than 10,000 years.

Two scientists, Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, working off the coast of Cuba in a submersible robot, have confirmed that there is a huge city on the ocean floor. The site of the ancient city – including several sphinxes and at least four giant pyramids and other structures – is surprisingly within the boundaries of the legendary Bermuda Triangle.

According to a report from Terra Forming Terra Arclein, Cuban Subsea Pyramid Complex, the evidence suggests that the city was flooded simultaneously with the rising waters and land subsidence in the sea. This corresponds exactly to the legend of Atlantis. The disaster could have occurred at the end of the last Ice Age. As the Arctic ice sheet melted catastrophically causing the sea level to rise rapidly around the world, especially affecting the Northern Hemisphere. The coastlines changed; land was lost, islands (including the island continent) disappeared completely. At end of the last ice age sea level were lower than today’s levels of nearly 122 meters. Theoretically, any technology then or now, could have saved Atlantis from its watery grave. The evidence that the earth, in what is now the Caribbean, also sank in the sea seems pretty certain.

Arclein observes: “when large portions of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge also decreased including Lyones and islands and land mass around the Azores. Even if this has not happened, this collapse was big enough. “This would have produced an orthogonal pressure forcing the collapse of East or West. Since the cord between Cuba and Yucatan is the natural point of weakness between the subsidence of the basin subsidence Gulf and Caribbean basin, naturally gone deep. The driver of this was the hydrostatic changes caused by both the original cortical change 12,900 years ago I called the Pleistocene Nonconformity and slowly lift the basin of Hudson Bay prompted by the end of the Ice Age.

Fernandez visits with Pauline Zalitzki regarding Atlantis
Cuban Missile Crisis Halts ResearchAccording to journalist Luis Mariano Fernandez the city was first discovered decades ago, but all access to her was arrested during and after the Missile Crisis. “The U.S.government discovered the alleged place during the Missile Crisis Cuba in the sixties, nuclear submarines cruising structures found (in the deep sea) with a pyramid in the Gulf. Immediately shut down the site and took control of it and objects, so that will not reach the hands of the Russians. “The scientific team of experts from the ocean, oceanographers and archaeologists found ruins of ancient buildings of 183 meters below the ocean. They say the city is Atlántida (Atlantis).

The evidence that the island of Cuba is the remnant of a once mighty culture is supported by the discovery of the island Zalitzki containing symbols and pictograms extremely old identical to those observed in the structures submarines. Utilizing submersibles, they discovered structures, including pyramids, similar (even higher than) the pyramids in Giza, Egypt. They believe that the pyramids of Atlantis are built with stones of several hundred tons. The ancient city also has magnificent sphinxes and “stones which are arranged like Stonehenge, and a written language engraved in stones,” advises Fernandez . Another giant pyramid topped with what looks like a crystal was discovered by divers in the Bermuda triangle [see: Pyramids of Glass Submerged in Bermuda Triangle]

A Discovery That Rewrites History
Could this discovery change the vision of the history of mankind? Yes, it could change everything.
Fernandez writes, “It has been confirmed that the stones were cut, carved and polished to make them fit and form larger structures. In the strange inscriptions, some of them similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics, very little is known, except that they are very abundant and are found in almost all parts of the field. They have also appeared symbols and drawings whose meaning is unknown.

The exploration of Atlantis, called Project Exploramar, is expanding to discover more of the mysteries of the mega-ciudad.Hablando with a scientist about the possibility that the ruins are, in fact, the Atlantis, FernanEdez reports that the expert answered :
“… In today’s Yucatan cultures may even Aborigines are those places perhaps the Olmecs or some very primitive civilization of Yucatan, the northern part of Central America – as they originated on an island that sank by cataclysm. This island is called Atlanticú. “
It also adapts to the stories about the sudden disappearance of Atlantis wonderfully.

Atlanticú. Atlantis. Aboriginal natives still call in its history. The Olmecs and other native peoples all have primary morphology marking the arrival of this continent. This means coming from the direction of Cuba, and had to occur in a very large earthquake where their land sank. Morphologies indicate that they belong to three families who were saved. One of these families came to the coast of Veracruz, which are supposedly the Olmec. Others came to Central America and traveled to the Pacific coast, and these families created the civilization of the Americas as we know it today, because they distributed all their knowledge. When anthropologists saw these underwater carvings, stone monoliths, some symbols and inscriptions, they were identified with Olmec motifs. They were very surprised.

(If you want more information, just google     paul weinzweig and pauline zalitzki



  1. Dearest Susan, THANK YOU for publishing this post :)

  2. Thank you Suzanne for all the work you are doing, please accept my imaginary hug.
    I was not convinced about the location being as claimed. There are a lot of artistic renderings of what it could look like, but no good photos identifying human made structures. After goggling it, this is what I found:


    Originally posted by lostinspace
    Andrew Collins just e-mailed me a few minutes ago!
    It was very kind of him to explain the situation to me.
    This is what he said.


    There is no conspiracy, simply human necessities. Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig held out as long as possible for the best possible deal on world rights to release pictures and video footage of what had been found. I know, I was involved with the deal from Random House, and was to have ghost written the accompanying book, which would have been accredited to them (I was chosen since the agent working on the project was working with me also, and I had just released GATEWAY TO ATLANTIS, which pinpointed Cuba as the site of the main island of Atlantis). The figure on offer was six figures in pounds sterling (based on a sliding scale of what had been discovered), but Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig refused the offer, wanting even more to fund their future expeditions. They hoped that NatGeo would top the offer. However, when finally the pair released video footage of what they had found it was deemed both of poor quality and not what was hoped, and since Zelitsky and Weinzweig had run out of money, a stalemate ensued. No further footage could be got, so the Random House offer (which they could have taken) was withdrawn. I have no idea what offer NatGeo made, but I suspect it was afterwards withdrawn also.
    Zelitsky and Weinzweig had to go back to what they know best – treasure hunting and vessel salvage, and no one has heard from them since. They have simply vanished off the map.
    Story ends.
    This said, I firmly believe that prehistoric archaeology does await discovery off Cuba, and hopefully within the next year I will take part in a major expedition to identity suspected structures off both the north and south coasts of the island.
    Cuba is by far the best candidate for Atlantis’s flag ship, and one day hopefully we will be in a position to prove that.
    What exactly Zelitsky and Weinzweig discovered remains a mystery. Whether artificial structures, ballast from Russian submarines or natural features, we might never know. All theories are possible.


    Andrew Collins"

  3. While many underwater structures are explained (dismissed) as natural occurrences, this would be very difficult to apply to this instance w/ a huge carved statue. LOL.

    MANY links to ‘ancient underwater cities.’ They are in numerous oceans.

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  5. Wow & Wow ! As I have time, I'm trying to go back in your postings to get acquainted with your channeled messages & this caught my eye....Amazing & this along with a recent event on mine, now is making sense ! Several months ago I was given a series of specific code numbers that I was told I would release into Mother-Earth & low & behold, a trip to Cuba (my 1st time) was given to me in April. I was told it was there in the pure ocean water off Cuba I would release them & now interesting that this information has come to my eyes ! (now it makes sense) I was told that this sacred code is needed to assist Mother's transformation & it will start at the micro level, a shift to a new life strand of biology / alchemistry that would help establish healing & the birth of the New world ! There is also a sacred connection to the Lemurians which I feel a part of them & their presence still lives off the coast of Cuba. In a hint of hope, I thought maybe I would see them there, but I didn't, & when I returned home, after several weeks, it seemed that I did not sense any real change in what I had done, but I was told 'Water' the sacred cradle of life, of Mother-Earth holds much more power than I or most others know (although I always believed in it's power & how most abuse & neglect it ) but the point of release in the ocean off Cuba is a key point of Mother's cycle of life...evaporation to moving clouds than rain falling in other geographic areas, All properties of 'Water', All part of Mother's breath...All now holding the new sacred codes. Sometimes it's difficult to stay strong in my beliefs & purpose as for the most part it is not visable to my eyes, but it is in my heart, mind & thoughts. 'Imagination' is a gift & ever so powerful & necessary in building the New will bring forth is the dream seeds of tomorrow ! You have helped me understand my purpose April 21st & it also was a significant planetary alignment day ! Blessings to You & Thank You !..........Bev~

  6. I would highly suggest this book from Aurelia Louise Jones: Telos tome I ...
    it explain a lot about the sinking of Atlantis and also the lost continent of Lemuria. There is so much light in this book. No doubts you will like it if you are looking for answers regarding Atlantis and Lemuria.

  7. Your article mistakes the depth of the claim. Paulina Zelitsky herself reported that her findings were not 600 feet, but "a depth of about 2,200 feet (700-800 meters)". That's nearly a half mile down. Further, the blue image you used above is a computer generated model of what the sonar images might reveal, with a lot of poetic license. The actual sonar images can be viewed, along with an interview, here:
    If the truth is what you're after, this site shows another, more skeptical review of the story:

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