Monday, August 6, 2012




It is not that you are waiting for a certain time for things to happen. Time is a third dimensional illusion. Instead, you are waiting for a certain frequency of reality for things to happen. The many changes that are occurring in your reality are happening because your frequency of reality is rising in resonance. When a reality is moving into a higher frequency, there is more Unity and less separation, less time and more NOW.

What happened in the past, or what may happen in the future is becoming less important than what is happening right NOW. In fact, as you continue with your expanding consciousness, you realize that the real question is, “What reality am I creating?” You may also be thinking, “To what reality/situation do I choose to attach my attention?”

Myriad realities are easily perceivable through your fifth dimensional perceptions that are unknown when you perceive reality through your third dimensional consciousness. Because of the “fall into the third dimension” after Atlantis, many sub-frequencies of Earth splintered off, almost as if they were trying to “put on the breaks.”

Now your consciousness, and hence your perceptions, are moving into higher versions of your reality. It is still your life, as you have always known it, but is a higher resonance of that life.

Remember that you are not having a personal ascension where you see yourself fly off beyond the confines of your physical world. Just as you are all changing bit-by-bit every day in an exponential manner, Earth is changing in the same exponential way. Therefore, your reality is changing because your frequency of reality is shifty.

As the frequency of your reality rises, it moves beyond the frequency of polarity. Polarity is, actually, an unnatural state. There are more inhabited fifth-dimensional worlds then there are inhabited third-dimensional worlds. Third-dimensional worlds are similar to hatcheries where the baby chicks can be born and gradually learn how to fly.  

Once they can fly, the chicks leave the hatchery and go off to a new life. This  “hatchery” planet is now closing. The grounded baby chicks will soon be flying into new worlds. These worlds were always there, but the chicks could not see them because they were too high up. In the same manner, humanity is “flying up,” but up in frequency, not in space. Therefore, your life will change as your resonance changes. Humanity is ready for adulthood.

Finally, after a very difficult adolescence filled with selfishness and violent actions, much of humanity is ready for adulthood. This time is none too soon, for the destruction to the planet in the last 2000 years of the Kali Yuga was extreme. Some children do not move into adolescence because they cannot learn the lessons of cause and effect that are so important during that cycle of growth.

In the same manner, some Earth Beings put out negative causes and, like an adolescent, they were shocked and victimized when the “cause” returned to them as an” effect.” On the hand, many of you were able to learn and, thus, you gained wisdom, power and love. As you have gained this control over your 3D life, you are yearning to fly away and find a new nest.

Fortunately, as you mature in your ascension process, you remember that you are ONE with each other and ONE with the planet. Therefore, you do not feel separate enough to wish to fly-off and desert Earth and Her inhabitants.

Furthermore, because many of you have integrated your multidimensional perceptions into your thoughts and emotions, you are realizing how your thoughts and emotions change your consciousness, and how your consciousness changes your perceptions.

With this realization, you are beginning to have perceptions of other realities from the corner of your eye. However, when you look directly towards them they often disappear. You may need to have many experiences of higher worlds to make them normal enough that they do not create fear. In fact, when you realize that you are actually moving into higher frequencies of reality, which you once believed were “only your imagination,” you can more easily believe that you experience was real.

Also, since the process of ascension has taken you beyond many of the third dimensional illusions, your unity consciousness is being fully activated. You may not yet be able to consciously see the high frequency molecules that connect all life, but you can allow yourself to believe that what you think you see can indeed be real.

What is confusing you is that you still observe many humans who appear to be fully asleep and are still experiencing polarities of darkness and/or fear. Also, back in the “real” world of the third dimension, you are still having challenges. Your old third-dimensional separation consciousness tells you that someone separate from you, someone or some situation outside of you, is creating a problem over which you have no control.

However, your fifth dimensional unity consciousness, which has been newly activated, tells you that nothing is outside of you, and control is a third dimensional concept. Your fifth dimensional consciousness reminds you that you can change your world by changing your state of consciousness.

With a higher state of consciousness you regain your multidimensional perceptions enough to realize that there are many sub-planes within any reality.   Hence, for a minute, you were experiencing a reality in which there is only love and everyone seems to be living in unity.  

Then, in another moment, you are tired, angry, and having to work hard. Is it your fault that you are suddenly upset? Or, has your resonance just dropped out of the fifth dimension and into a lower expression of reality?

Therefore, you have a choice. Is your reality a reflection of your state of consciousness, or are you a victim to the many difficulties that you must face in daily life. For many years and myriad lifetimes, you were a good person if you worked hard and suffered without complaint.

Now, you have a choice to realize that any fear that you send out into your would will return to you as a fearful situation. In the same manner, any love you send out into the world will return to you as love. Unfortunately, when you allow your consciousness to drop, you will forget that you are the creator of your life.

Furthermore, when your consciousness drops you can forget that the quickest way to have more love in your life is to raise your consciousness. The higher frequencies of reality are increasingly freer of polarity and are increasingly founded on unconditional love, multidimensional light and unity consciousness. When you look into your Core, you will expand your consciousness back into the frequency of reality in which you live in Unity with peace, love wisdom and inner power.

In other words, you can choose to attach your consciousness to the outer third dimensional frequency of reality in which polarity, separation and limitation reign?

Or you can choose to look inside your Core and attach your consciousness to deeper and higher inner layers, which will expand your consciousness into the higher frequencies of realty?

Can you choose to refuse to participate in that which you want to move beyond? Can you then choose, instead, to attach your consciousness to the higher frequencies of unconditional love and multidimensional light?

We are Arquelle, a fifth dimensional member of the ONE that you will find within of your Core. We, the higher expressions of your SELF, are here to guide you back to fifth dimensional New Earth.