Monday, August 20, 2012

5D Leadership Groups

Dear Readers,
We would love to have you join one of our Fifth Dimensional Leadership Groups. The groups will have no more than 15 people so that everyone will get a chance to talk. The groups are interactive, I will lead meditations, and we will be visited by the Arcturians and other higher dimensional friends.  If you are interested, please contact me at:

If you are interested in joining our Constant Contact group and receiving those newsletters, please email me at the above email. 

Blessings on your journey,
Sue Lie


  1. The 5D Leadership Groups sound interesting.

    Do some of these groups exist now? Are these internet groups or in person ones? Is there a general purpose or framework for all groups or does each group chart its course? Are people put in groups according to interests, level, perceived missions, or just as they make contact? Any additional information would be useful.

  2. Is there some place to find out more info on these groups?
    thanks so much,

    1. Yes, a group has been established on Facebook