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Part Five
Creating Your Reality

I continue my story during a time when our Pleiadian Ascension was entering the same ascension phase as your Earth. This phase is the process of integrating the higher frequency light into your earth vessel, emotions and neural synapses of thought and action. This integration of higher light enables you to awaken your innate potential to be the creator of your reality.

While in your physical body you explored your creativity through art, music, science, and many other expressions. Now, with your Multidimensional Operating System online, you are gradually integrating your Multidimensional System into your physical brain and remembering how to be the creator of your reality.

When Mytria and I spent our time together with the Mother, we were instructed to fully embrace the escalating electromagnetic fields of light that were bombarding our planet. These energies were activating synapses in our brains, which allowed us to absorb new information. Hence, Mytre was able to open the Portal into the Core of the planet, and I was able to steer the Starship with my mind.

In order to come into these initiations, we had to release ALL of our old patterns of thought and emotion. Free of these limiting patterns of thought and energy, we could surrender to the unknown and enter the chaos of immense change. You, our ascending friends on Earth, are NOW being call upon to undergo that same process by: Releasing limitation, Surrendering to the unknown, Entering the chaos, Acting in a novel fashion.

Releasing Limitation
When you realize that you must release old patterns of limitation you are faced with the realization that YOU are the creator of your life. Since you do NOT know how you can make the best choices, you recognize that all you can do is to surrender to the chaos of extreme change.

When your patterns of limitation are broken, you are propelled into great evolutionary leaps of consciousness. Through this higher consciousness you can more easily integrate the higher light and become a Master of Energy.

When I had to leave Mytria at the very moment that our daughter was being born, my heart was broken and my mind was in total chaos. I was faced with an impossible situation. I needed to be with my wife and birthing child, but I also had to make their reality safe. Then, when our Space Craft was attacked and the controls were down, I was able to connect with an innate ability I never knew I had to move and steer the Ship with my mind.

We did make it to the nearest Arcturian Starship, but just barely. Fortunately, they had picked up that our wounded ship was approaching them and came to our rescue. We were immediately taken to their Restoration Chamber. Being in this Chamber not only restored me to my former health, but it also stabilized the new neural synapses that I had activated when I moved the Ship.

My Final Initiation of bilocating myself to visit and assist Mytria during her Final Initiation of opening the Portal moved us both into a higher frequency of expression. From this higher frequency of expression, we can better assist you to remember your innate abilities that have been forgotten during your long sojourn into the third dimension. Just as the Arcturians often told me, it is important that you know that you are NOT learning. You are REMEMBERING.

Learning can cause a fear of failure and doubt about whether or not you can learn. On the other hand, remembering, although frustrating at times, forces you to recognize your higher expressions of SELF, who is a great antidote for any fear. However, there are many emotions that you will need to embrace and release during your deep communications with your true SELF.

Surrendering to the Unknown
The earth vessel that you are wearing was created from the third dimensional elements and the fourth dimensional Elementals that enliven your form. However, Earth is raising Her resonance. Since matching the resonance with a given reality is how you adhere to that world, you will need to match your resonance with ascending Earth to continue your personal ascension.

In other words, in order to remain attached to the Matrix of Ascending Earth, you must surrender to the unknown in order stay in entrainment with the frequency of Gaia’s Earth. Entrainment is the practice of matching your brainwaves to a desired frequency whereby you and other oscillating systems can interact to assume the same frequency of expression.

Therefore, when you match your energy field with the electromagnetic field of Earth, Her rise in frequency will pull you along in Her wake. In the same manner, your personal ascension energy field assists the planetary ascension.  Through entrainment, the higher frequencies of light that are bombarding Earth change not only Earth, but all Her inhabitants, as well.

The resonant frequency of any reality must be matched, entrained, in order for you to experience that frequency of that reality. Many of you have begun your inter-dimensional explorations and are finding that fact to be true. What you may not have discovered, yet, is that you CAN do anything you place your intention on and fill with unconditional love.

Your thoughts are your personal light synapses that entrain your thinking with the different frequencies of your mental light matrix. Furthermore, you can entrain your mental matrix with any possible realty by projecting unconditional love onto that matrix.

The unconditional love both opens the Portal into that reality and binds you to that reality. Unfortunately, a forgotten program is an unused program. Therefore, many of your higher frequency mental programs have been forgotten. Auspiciously, it is during this phase of ascension that your multidimensional memory returns.

Embracing the Chaos
As I said at the beginning of my message, you reality is in the same phase of ascension as our reality was when I opened my mind to my innate powers. There are many extreme changes that must be made during this phase of ascension because the old, third/fourth-dimensional patterns are in juxtaposition with the incoming, fifth-dimensional energy patterns. These conflicting energy patterns create the chaos that precedes great change.

In order to entrain your energy with the fifth dimensional energy, you must release all your third dimensional thinking, emotions, habits and behaviors. If you choose to ignore what is going on around you rather than surrendering to the chaos of radical change, you will remain entrained with the third dimension and will not stay entrained with the fifth dimensional energies of ascending Earth.

When you must adapt in order to survive and/or stay the course of ascension, you find the courage to enter the chaos. Happily, leaving the familiar allows you to begin the activation of long forgotten matrixes within your brain. Fortunately, when you are faced with a new challenge, you can find the courage to enter the unknown with an open mind.

It is the open mind that is so vital. If you judge a possible shift in your thinking, you will close that door and remain stuck in patterns of thought that have become obsolete. You ascending ones are in the same situation that I was on the Ship. If you do not find a way to call upon your forgotten resources, you will not be able to experience the long awaited “take off” into new territories of reality.

If moving into the unknown frightens you, think how afraid you will be if you miss this moment. Fear is very illogical and can be contained by logical thinking. As soon as you speak to your fear, you are in a superior position to that emotion. This is what I had to do on the Ship when I was afraid that I could not move the Ship with my mind.

First, I had to calm my fear by telling it, “Thank you for sharing that we are in a dangerous situation. Listen to me Fear, I need you to calm down NOW so that I can take charge of this situation.” Once you talk to your fear in an authoritative manner, your consciousness rises beyond the unconscious reaction of Fight/Flight and into the consciousness of mastery of your energy.

Also, if you continually monitor the thoughts that you allow to stay in your mind and the emotions that fill your body, you are already becoming the authority over the energy field that you hold in your body project out into your world. In fact, becoming the Master of your Energy is the basis of activating your multidimensional perceptions and abilities.

Acting in a novel fashion
This chaos forces you to adapt by engaging in deep introspection so that you can call upon forgotten resources. Through this deep inner inspection you will re-connect with your multidimensional thinking. You multidimensional thinking is coded to receive the Light Language of the higher frequencies of reality. Then, via Light Language, you will receive all the assistance that you need in order to act in a novel fashion.

Your first novel action will be to project your consciousness into the Core of any person, place or thing with which you are interacting. In order to project your mind into the Core of that which you wish to interact or alter, you must first go into the Core of your SELF.

It is through your own Core that you enter into the NOW. Your Multidimensional SELF lives in the NOW, and is in constant connection with your third/fourth dimensional expression serving as your anchor into Earth. TIME is your anchor to the physical plane. Time, as you know it, only exists in the third/fourth dimension. It is your attachment to time that pulls you OUT of the NOW of the ONE.

Within the NOW, you are also within the ONE. When you are ONE with all life, you can commune with every particle of reality and request that it agrees to follow your request. In other words, the effort of guiding the Ship with my mind was, primarily, the effort that it took for me to calm my fears and enter the NOW.

Once I was in the NOW, I was ONE with the multidimensional matrix of the Ship. Therefore, I could ignore the portions of the Ship that were offline and activate the fourth dimensional matrix, which was beyond any physical destruction.

Within the NOW of the ONE, which is best accessed through your own Core, you can connect with the higher frequency matrix of any manifestation to repair, activate and/or enter that matrix. Also, within the NOW you are free of time and can easily move along the time spectrum to make changes in the matrix.

In fact, entering the time matrix of Earth has often been used to correct a course of possible destruction. Unfortunately, this skill can be, and has been, misused to control and dominate. This misuse of Earth’s planetary timeline matrix is a primary reason why we Galactics have been given permission to assist a free will planet.

I will return soon discuss the process of Mind over Matter in greater depth.
Mytre of the Ashtar command

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