Thursday, July 19, 2012


Perceiving Reality from Within

I have awakened the last two mornings with the message of, “Perceive reality from within.” I left the last installment of Mytria’s ongoing story with her saying, “Finally, the day came when I knew it was the NOW to open the Portal.”

Is it my NOW to open the Portal to the Mother’s Womb? Of course, the answer is yes because I AM Mytria in another reality. I do not know that that reality is “real” for everyone, but I KNOW that reality is real for me and for those with whom I share that that world.

As my multidimensional thinking is beginning to over-ride my third dimensional thinking, time is leaving, “must” and “should” are leaving and fear is pretty much gone. At least, fear is gone in this NOW. Also, the firm line that has divided what is real and what is not real has disappeared. If I look through my Third Eye, which I don’t do while walking or driving, I see myriad other realities inviting me to visit.


However, my NOW is HERE on the body of ascending Earth. Fortunately, since there is no time, there is no waiting. There are only choices. Within this NOW I am still remembering how to simultaneously function in multiple realities. In fact, I often have to be careful to not fly out of my body before it’s the NOW of ascension. I have heard form many others that they, too, are having trouble staying grounded in the physical.


When we perceive from within, we view and interpret reality from our Core SELF, which is our Multidimensional Lightbody. On the other hand, when we perceive reality through our 5 physical senses, we view and interpret reality through the 3D Matrix. The 3D Matrix is yesterday’s News to us. We are bored with hard work, conflict, duality and fear. We are ready for unconditional love, unity with all life and living in the Flow.


Another thing that is happening is that my dreaming life, my 4D Self, is flowing into my waking life. In fact, on the night of 7-17-12 I had a long dream about my HSBC credit card. I don’t like that card, so it sits in the drawer. Therefore, I had no idea why I had a dream about that credit card. The next morning, I opened The 2012 Scenario site and found: “HSBC Scandal Hits: Exec Quits. Bank Aided Mexican Drug Lords, Rogue States and ‘Terrorists’”


It was the next two nights that I received the waking instruction of, “Perceive reality from within.” Perhaps the HSBC dream was showing me that the messages in my dreams were a reality in my waking world?


My life as Mytria is definitely within me, and I am perceiving reality through her eyes. I, too, am following my inner guidance and seeking to hear the Mother. Therefore, I guess it is also my NOW to open the Portal to the Womb of the Mother. Since you are reading this, it must be your NOW, as well.



The morning after I felt the NOW to open the Portal I awoke just before dawn. I had not planed to awake at that time, so it must have been my Spirit who made that decision. Instantly, I knew it was to be a sacred day. Therefore, after washing, dressing and drinking some water, I went to my special rock just above my campsite to watch the rising Sun.

As soon as I climbed onto the rock, I fell into a deep meditation. Even when I felt the warmth of the Sun’s first rays on my face, I kept my eyes closed. Then, with my physical eyes closed I saw the Sunrise with my Third Eye. What a glorious vision that was!

Through my Third Eye, I was able to perceive colors that were invisible to my physical vision. Also, I could feel the higher frequency of these rays just above my heart. I remembered an ancient “myth: that we studied in the Temple about the existence of a High Heart just above our physical heart.

Did looking at the sunrise through my Third Eye open my High Heart? I could not ponder that question for, instantly, my body went into a trembling so vigorously that I almost fell off the rock. I felt the energy originate from the base of my own womb and rise up my spine. The energy was hot, then cold, than hot again.

I was shaking so much that I could hardly stay conscious when I heard, “Pull the energy into your Core!” I was not sure how to do that, so I imagined that I could breathe the energy into my Core. Gradually, the energy calmed, like water that had found a place on the land that could encompass its flow.

Now my body began to undulate to the flow of the energy, which appeared to be directed by my breath. I slowed my breathing to calm my mind, taking long slow inhales and making my exhales that were twice as long as my inhales.

It was then that I felt the Rive of LIFE flowing through my Core. However, this was not a river of water. It was a river of light. As the light of the Sun rose higher in the sky, the top of my head began to glow and pulse.

I could feel the sunlight entering the top of my head. Like water from the sea, the Cosmic Sea, the light from above interacted with the Flow of light from the base of my spine. From the top of my head to my High Heart I could feel the two sources of light interact and intermingle.

I was observed the inside of my form as if I was looking through a Portal. Yes, the first Portal I had to open was the Portal to my SELF, my own Core.

I sat there the entire day, without drinking, eating or barely moving. I don’t know how I did it. In fact, I have not been able to do it since. However, on that fated day, I was able to completely surrender. I am not sure what I surrendered to, but it changed my life forever. Perhaps, I surrendered to my Destiny.

As the sun began to set, I could feel that its great light had traveled all the way down into the base of my spine. As the Sun totally set, I fell back onto the rock and slept until the next dawn.

Again, I awoke just before dawn, but this time I was very hungry. However, I was not sure I would be able to walk, much less climb off of the rock, so I laid there until there was adequate light. I stretched my body and tried to remember what had happened the day before. No, I could not remember a thing, at least not yet.

The last thing I could remember was climbing onto the rock and beginning to meditate. Then, my mind went blank. “It will come to you, as you are ready to use it.” I heard the now familiar inner voice. I had learned to trust that voice completely. Therefore, I sat up, slowly stood and carefully crawled down off the rock.

When I got to my campsite, I fell into the pool, clothes and all, and stayed there for hours. Finally, hunger forced me out of my water womb, as, indeed, I had been reborn. Climbing out of the pond and trying to stand and walk made me feel like an infant. It was as if someone else was in charge of my body. However, that someone else felt so kind, loving and patient, that it was just fine.

When I went to eat, I realized the first way in which I had changed. I could not find anything that my body would accept as food, except for water. Therefore, I drank lots and lots of water. Finally, I found some herbs that I had dried, and I made them into tea. My new body accepted the tea, as well. I was beginning to understand just how important and complete this re-birth process had been.

Within the next few days I found some nutrients that my body would accept. All of them had to be from the land such as certain grasses and flowers. I had to trust my instincts to make sure that I wasn’t eating something poisonous. Fortunately, my updated form was completely integrated with the land and knew what to eat and what not to eat.

I lost all sense of time and I was awake during the day or the night for many hours or only a few. There was no one to care for and nothing to do. Hence, I could completely embrace my process and follow my every inner direction at the exact NOW in which I received it.

I knew that body was changing in resonance because I could perceive things that I could never perceive before, such as the auras around each plant. It was the aura of the plants that told me whether or not to eat it. If the aura was blue to violet, it was fine for me to eat. However, if the aura was green to red, I could not. I enjoyed this new skill of seeing the resonance of all life and walked around my camp observing all the auras.

Eventually, I wandered beyond the confines of my camp and found myself at the Lake where I had met Mytre. I had been avoiding the Lake, as it made me feel too sad to be there. However, now the lake brought me joy, and I spent the greater part of the day swimming and resting by the water. As the Sun lowered on the horizon, I knew it was time to return.

I was walking over the same ledge that I had walked over the evening I met Mytre when I saw a figure standing there. He looked much like Mytre, but I knew that was impossible. Nonetheless, I ran to the where the figure stood to be suddenly embraced by the strong arms of my beloved.

I began to sob for joy, as I felt his physical arm around me. We stood together as one being for what seemed like forever, until I heard him say, “I am not really here now. This is my Astral Projection.” I pushed away from him in disappointment and anger.
            “But you feel so real. How can that be?”
            “Do not be angry, my love, we made this agreement during your awakening.”
            I could not remember any agreement, but I never knew him to lie to me.
            “Oh Mytre, you have become so powerful. I am so very proud of you, my love. How long can you stay like this?”
            Mytre smiled and said, “I do not know, but I have been instructed to take you to the Sacred Rock by midnight.”
            “Did the Mother call you too?” I asked.
            “You have called me, which is why I have learned this skill of teleportation. It was my deep need to hold you in my arms that forced me to open the latent DNA which held this innate ability.”
            “Yes,” I said, “And I would never had made this journey if you were not away from me. That which we saw as a disaster was actually our destiny.”

We walked arm in arm to the Sacred Rock and stood before it as the last rays of the Sun dropped below the horizon. We had several hours before midnight, so we sat arm-in-arm and told each other everything that had happened to us since we had been parted. The time we spent together felt like an eternity, yet, it was also far too short.

When it was almost midnight, Mytre’s image began to fade in and out. We knew that our time together was almost over. He had come to assist me in opening the Portal, my initiation, and I had been his initiation to teleport so far away and for such a long time.

When it was almost midnight, we held each other very closely. His form began to flicker in and out, as if he was loosing a connection. In fact, he said that he was loosing the connection with his physical form and would have to leave now or greatly harm his body. I released him with a final kiss, turned away from him and faced the Sacred Rock.

I knew that he had left, but our heart connection had been strengthened. I could feel it in my High Heart that he had given me the courage and confidence that I needed to open the Portal. With my mind at peace and my heart filled of love, I bent forward and touched the Sacred Rock with the palm of my right hand.

Instantly, I felt my connection with the Portal. Keeping my hand on the Rock, I moved closer and closer until I standing just inches from its surface. I slowly dropped my hand and inched forward until my toes were touching the Rock. Then, I leaned forward until my heart was touching the Rock.

I hear a whirling noise and felt a light breeze that appeared to come from the Rock. I waited as the breeze became a wind and the wind became a torrent. The sound was so loud that it almost hurt my ears, but I did not move.

I closed my eyes to better see through my Third Eye and discovered a light coming from the center of the Rock. I touched this light and felt my hand move into the Rock. With my hand before me I took my first step into the Rock and through the Portal. It was then that the noise became so loud that it hurt my ears and the light so bright that my Third Eye ached, but I continued my forward motion. 

Suddenly, I was pulled through a swirling matrix of light and sound. I was totally disoriented and could not tell up from down. In fact, I think I was spinning around. I used all the mind control I had learned to avoid nausea and called to the Mother to pull me through this Portal and into Her Womb at the Core of our planet.

It seems forever before the swirling stopped. Then I was almost pushed out of the vortex and landed on the cool earth in total darkness. I slowly rose to my feet and awaited the Mother. Slowly I acclimated to the dimer light and the denser atmosphere, until I could see that I was in the same cave in which I first met the Mother, Elohim Alcyone.

“Dear Mother, I have come to you,” I whispered, almost to my self.
In a sudden flash of white light the Mother appeared before me with outstretched arms and a warm heart.  
“Congratulations my dear. You have opened my Portal.” 


  1. I relate directly to SO much of this post. Thanks for sharing your experiences, as it helps others KNOW that we are not the only ones having these feelings and experiences now, AND that we (those of us experiencing these things) are indeed on the 'fast track' to ascension at long last!

  2. More information about this portal would be interesting when you have the time to write about it.

    Thank you for sharing this.